Denver shrugs off two-TD deficit, leads Washington in fourth quarter

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For a brief window in the second half, Washington looked like it might be capable of giving Denver a real challenge on Sunday.

Then, that window slammed shut.

After falling behind by 14 with 11:34 left in the third quarter on Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall’s 26-yard interception return, the Broncos scored on each of five of their next six possessions to pull away to a 38-21 fourth-quarter lead.

First, Montee Ball’s four-yard TD run cut Washington’s lead to 21-14 close to midway through the third quarter. Then, after a Washington punt, the Broncos strung together a 16-play, 83-yard drive ending in a Peyton Manning-to-Joel Dreessen one-yard TD on a fourth-down play to tie the game.

On the next series, the Redskins went three-and-out, and punter Sav Rocca’s 15-yard punt set up Denver on the Washington 35-yard-line. On the next play, Manning hit running back Knowshon Moreno a little screen pass, and Moreno did the rest, rolling to a 35-yard TD to give the Broncos a 28-21 lead with 14:29 left.

Then, the Broncos’ defense made a big play, with Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller sacking Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and forcing a fumble recovered by Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe. The Broncos would capitalize with a field goal, taking the 10-point lead.

Later in the quarter, after a Chris Harris interception of Griffin, Manning would connect with wideout Demaryius Thomas on a 35-yard TD pass to give Denver a 38-21 lead with 6:43 left.

35 responses to “Denver shrugs off two-TD deficit, leads Washington in fourth quarter

  1. Washington is not a good football team. Their defensive lineman, especially Orakpo, overpursue every single play and manning just dumps it off. They leave the check down guy open every play, and manning just makes the easy throw. Moreno in my mind has been the best option for manning all year.

    Oh. And rgiii is extremely overrated. And they have no receivers.

    Aikman was talking about how the broncos secondary is back to its elite level…are you kidding me? They never were good. An easy schedule last year inflated their stats and then they get destroyed by the ravens. This year it just continued. Rgiii is just throwing the ball right to them now.

    I don’t see the redskins winning more than five games.

  2. There must be a contest among NFC East teams to see which defense can give up the most 4th quarter points. Dallas gave up 24 earlier to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and now Washington has matched that. But, can they give up more?

  3. This is the third time this year I’ve seen Bob3 play. My honest opinion is that he’s not a very good quarterback. All media hype.
    Even the broadcast team is trying to make him out to be Joe Montana every time he happens to complete a pass.
    In all fairness, I’ve seen a few drops. But overall, he’s below average.

  4. Rg3 is in the process of taking away “the most overrated QB in the league” title, now currently held by Vick…

  5. You have just been ” Shanahan ‘ ed ” . . . Again !

    and don’t forget to purchase your Kool-Aid before going.

  6. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 27, 2013 7:19 PM
    The game was over when the NFL banned Merriweather. Thanks Roger. #AnotherRedskinsSeasonhasbeensabatogedbytheNFL


    RG3 wishes he were Kaepernick after that hit. RG3 can’t take an NFL hit.

    Voiceoflillogic……Hail All Other Teams!!!!

  7. How do you spell REDSKINS ?



  8. No surprise here.

    This is exactly why Manning, Brady, Marino, etc. are far better quarterbacks than a scrambler like RG3 could ever dream of being. Even with bad ankles, Manning has his typical day passing, 300+ yards and multiple touchdowns.

    On the other hand, if RG3 isn’t making plays with his legs, he isn’t making very many plays at all.

  9. Logicalvoicesays: That’s funny you weren’t talking like that an hour ago. Your back and forth talk is a disgrace to fans everywhere.

  10. Logicalvoices is making more and more lame excuses for his disappointing Deadskins. He’s depressed because he’s finally seen some real teams play (Packers, Lions, Broncos)

  11. And Kirk Cousins just threw a pick six to extend the Bronco’s margin of victory. I guess turnovers is just the trend in Washington nowadays.

  12. The second best qb in the league (right logical) just threw a pick 6. God must really hate your illogical boasting.

  13. RG3 was talking about how running QB’s are the future, Peyton will never be confused for a running QB.

    Let’s compare his career with any running QB you chose – shall we?

  14. anyone else watching this game think the broncos need to show a little bit more class at the end there? up 17 with 4 minutes left, game clearly in hand why is manning dropping back in the shotgun? Aside from injury potential shouldn’t they hand it off and not try to rub it in?

    Or when Rodgers-cromartie picked that off and show boated to a 2nd string qb? I mean I know its the NFL but come on have a little class.

  15. IRG3 is an amazing talent that is to injury prone. Baylor in 2011, wash is 2012, wash in 2013. It’s becoming a pattern and inarguable. I mean it’s not like the NFC east is this elite division this year. U can win the east at 8-8. Wash just doesn’t have the skills.

  16. I never ever want another RG3 vs. Luck debate again. It is over. RG just collapsed like a cheap tent against the same team Luck beat last week. And stop with excuses. Luck has consistently shown “clutch” and is headed for greatness. RG is showing why the Colts made the decision they did

  17. The few games I’ve seen RG111 play, I haven’t been impressed either. I’m not saying he sucks or anything, just he’s not Elway with the way the media talks about him. Last week against the Bears, Tillmans pick he should’ve never thrown, the one long touchdown was double covered when he through it, and 9/10 it’s picked off but the safety tripped. There was a guy wide open for a 25-30 yd gain that he never looked at, along with other numerous bad throws and decisions his receivers saved him on. He’s obviously very talented, but he’s still a 2nd year player. In the media’s rush to declare someone a superstar after a game or two, these things get overlooked, and IMO, can hurt a players career.

  18. Denver is not as strong of a team as the media would like you to believe they are. They have played some lousy teams I mean lets be honest. Philly,Washington ,dallas ,giants,baltimore and the lowly jags come on those teams have what 12 win between them

  19. That trade is going to hamstring the Redskins for years. Giving up that many top draft picks just eats away at the core of a team-especially one in Washingtons case where they have no cap room to make up for it. The worst thing, all of it for what appears in hindsight to be a marginal (at best) QB.

  20. RG3 is looking for the ” big hit” because that’s what Kyle wants him to do. They are teaching this kid wrong.Last year RG3 got rid of the ball quicker. Kyle sucks. His play calling sucks. Can anybody deny that D Hall is playing at an elite level right now?Nope.HTTR

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