Dez Bryant flips out on the Cowboys’ sideline


The Cowboys took a 13-7 lead over the Lions late in the third quarter, but Dallas receiver Dez Bryant was not happy.

Bryant flipped out on the sideline, screaming at quarterback Tony Romo as well as receivers coach Derek Dooley and anyone else who crossed his path. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett tried to get Bryant to calm down.

It’s not clear exactly what had Bryant upset, but it may be the fact that he only caught two passes for 22 yards in the game’s first three quarters. Bryant said last week that he can do whatever Detroit’s Calvin Johnson can do, but Johnson has nine catches for 221 yards so far. However, Johnson also has a fumble, one of four Detroit turnovers.

The Cowboys’ offense, which lost guard Brian Waters to a triceps injury, has struggled all game. Bryant isn’t the only one on that offense who has a reason to be upset. Still, the Cowboys lead 13-10 in the fourth quarter.

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  1. It’s not clear only because Billick has no clue what he is watching.

    There were TWO plays on that last drive that got Dez mad. The first was he was wide open on a crossing route with a lousy Romo pass that Dez tipped and was lucky it didn’t get intercepted, and he probably felt he could beat Delmas one-on-one for a big gain. The 3rd down play he was wide open with a nice inside route and he even called for it before the snap because he wanted that ball and liked the matchup. He did get wide open and Romo through a lousy ball into tight coverage. He was pissed at Romo and the coaches for not helping Romo get those 2 basic simple plays done.

    I agree with Dez wholeheartedly for getting pissed and challenging the people who are running this show and failing miserably at doing basic coaching stuff and simple execution. Romo needs to get his head into the game and so does the coaching staff, and Bryant was right to light a fire because he did his part but nobody else did.

  2. thestrategyexpert says: Oct 27, 2013 3:33 PM


    Because flipping out and acting like a baby is really helpful. Works so well in every profession.

  3. I think Bryant needs to get over himself. He still hasn’t proved much, other than the fact that he likes to run his mouth.
    The guy isn’t very bright…

  4. Even if he has a legitimate case, Dez has no right to go berserk like that. Garrett should have chewed him out and then sent him to the locker room, a la Mike Singletary.

  5. He’s the only guy on the Dallas sideline, other than Lee, showing any kind of fire. This whole team is just flat today.

  6. Mr. Strategy above has it right. It was not a tirade. Sure he was pissed. But it sure looked like an attempt to light a fire under everyone’s butt.
    As for Garrett trying to calm him down, the body language I saw was more along the lines, of “I got it and I agree, you’ve made your point.” I guess you can call that trying to calm him down, but the phrase used in the story brings up a much different picture than what actually occurred.

  7. bender4700:

    This is NOT acting like a baby. He acted like a professional and he got in the faces of people who weren’t. I would have done the EXACT same thing. He was right and he stood up for what was right, and that IS productive. That’s how you wake up, when you are too ignorant and oblivious to figure things out and somebody shouts in your face so you can be clear.

    If you can’t handle the screams, then get you goddamn job done next time the right way because there is NO excuse for this crap. He told them and he told them good and I loved watching Dez chew out all of the people who disrespected the game with their effort and lack of thinking. They got better than what they truly deserved.

    Dez just explained it to him, and like a MAN!

    Also funny how Billick specifically says he has NO IDEA what set him off. Why would he, he’s only an ex-coach and I’m just a nobody on my couch with 0 NFL experience. Amazing. Well not really because I know how to pay attention. Billick doesn’t.

  8. “Calvin doesn’t freak out on the sidelines, because of his lack of targets”

    Mainly because Detroit’s offense is a one-trick pony, and he always gets a lot of targets.


    True story. :p

  10. classyjacklambert:

    Exactly! It will embarrass them to improve, or embarrass them right off the team in place of better people who should be here if they can’t get the job done.

  11. @thestrategyexpert, One diva’s fragile ego is never more important than the team. Maybe if your diva had kept his mouth shut instead of bragging that he is as good as Calvin Johnson, he would realize that the game is between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, not Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson.

  12. thestrategyexpert says: Oct 27, 2013 3:43 PM


    Posting from the sidelines huh?

    He has a history. So he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt when behaving that way.

    Nice to know you can read minds.

  13. “Maybe if your diva had kept his mouth shut”

    Do you think maybe somebody asked him a question about Johnson?

    Then again maybe if your diva weren’t directly responsible for two turnovers…

  14. bluebongzilla says: Oct 27, 2013 3:49 PM

    Because Singletary was such a great coach?

    No, but he did get the attention of Vernon Davis and I’d imagine it has helped Davis to be a better part of the team.

  15. azarkhan:

    I agree. But he wasn’t playing for ego. He was playing to berate players that needed to be berated and jolted because that’s what they deserved and to stay quiet or talk about it calmly was not what was needed there. You have to look at the ENTIRE context of the situation rather than just tossing this into a tantrum or diva moment which it was not about. It was about leadership and TAKING CHARGE FOR SMART AND PROPER FOOTBALL. That’s respectful, what Romo and the coaches were doing was garbage and Dez made sure they understand and that’s a good thing. They can either get it and learn from it, or go away!

  16. To further my point:


    You have NO clue what Dez was saying, and the body language of EVERYONE else suggests he wasn’t doing like you are just trying to sell us.

    He’s selfish and immature. And stupid enough to compare himself to a guy NOBODY accuses of those traits.

  17. That ball came loose in Bush’s hands too just prior to the goalline and he never got control of it re-established until the very end when the ball squirted back behind the line. Not indisputable on video though that he didn’t punch through the plane before that ball became un-gripped, so even if the replay people didn’t notice the fumble they wouldn’t have been able to reverse it. But close and likely within an inch or two separating a TD from not a TD.

  18. At Bigben;

    Larry Fitzgerald? Yeah, Larry is better. Dez is not the 2nd best receiver in the league, not even the 3rd. Andre Johnson.

    There is one thing Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz, and Megatron ALL share, that Dez never will. Read the other comments, most people know what it is.

  19. Dez may be a head case, but he is also a beast. Not quite as good as Calvin, but IMO 2nd best wr in the league. Although he may be turning into TO 2.0

  20. Remember when Jerry Jones said he was more worried about Reggie Bush then Calvin Johnson? Bet you he feels differently now!

  21. bender4700:

    Yes I have a clue, I spotted BOTH plays. I didn’t hear what he said but I have a great idea of what he said. Hopefully he will comment on it more but I doubt he will. They will just give us the standard lines of well yeah you shouldn’t do that and everybody is cool and there’s no story to tell here.

    And you don’t get it. He’s not trying to make friends with them, he’s trying to embarrass them and put heat on them as punishment and incentive to wake up. It’s a different agenda than what you might think, but I am on the same page with Dez and I understood what he was trying to do. He was just trying to beat up on loser football people and tell them to get their act together or he’s going to treat them like the garbage they have been playing like!

    And that’s hardcore taking charge when you don’t have a good Coach who can get this stuff right from the get go let alone manage it as it is happening. Again, fantastic job by Dez, and perhaps that helped Romo pay extra attention to Dez such that he made that huge play in the 4th.

  22. thestrategyexpert; no you don’t have a clue. What should the Cowboys do if they have 2 people acting like Dez trying to “show” the others what they are doing wrong? What about 3 people ranting and raving? How about everyone going around acting like morons, guess that will teach those idiots, usually referred to as coaches, what they should really be doing. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and find people acting like that, it is such a great motivator. Seriously, Dez should have been sent to the locker room. There is no room for crazy people on the sideline behaving like that.

  23. Now Jason Witten wants to run his mouth at Dez? Stupid move Jason. You DIDN’T have your right to run your mouth at him the way he did at the QB and coaching staff that blew this game.

  24. thestrategyexpert says: Oct 27, 2013 4:27 PM

    Now Jason Witten wants to run his mouth at Dez? Stupid move Jason. You DIDN’T have your right to run your mouth at him the way he did at the QB and coaching staff that blew this game.

    Wrong. It is time someone chewed Dez out. The veteran Witten is the one who does it (Ware didn’t look too pleased either).

  25. thestrategyexpert says


    Sorry, but you are a sad sad apologist and trying to save face.

    Dez made you look really stupid. Blame him. Not EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

  26. Can you believe Ware getting angry at Dez?

    What a jerk!

    How many teammates of Dez need to come up and clearly be mean to him.

    Poor guy. Victim. Never to blame. I feel sooooooooooooo bad for him.

    Said no one who is smart EVER.

  27. leapryman:

    Yes I do have a clue and I fleshed a backup to that already so don’t waltz in here and say something that is palpably untrue, that’s not how you have a productive conversation with somebody.

    For your question, get a new HC, because sounds like the HC has already failed. Or get rid of the 2 players, unless they are Dez-like players because you have to be careful about how you banish superstars from your team, or cut them slack if they had a valid reason to be upset. But if you have a great HC then none of this becomes a problem because the coach is on top of things. This coach hasn’t been on top of things.

  28. bender4700:

    I’m not blaming anybody else in the world, I’m only blaming lousy Cowboy football people, and those people shouldn’t be respected because they shouldn’t be Cowboys. Especially if one is going to be a supremely overpaid QB. No slack for loser football people is my policy. If you get good people and winners before the game starts, then none of this can even become an issue.

  29. thestrategyexpert says:


    You and Dez have a lot in common, refusal to accept when wrong.

    You were flat wrong, now you can’t find an escape other than to pretend like what we all saw didn’t happen.

    Dez literally is killing this team. Owens did it, and it’s happening again.

    Dez Bryant isn’t “good people”. He’s a bad teammate. Still waiting for you to admit you were flat wrong. (everyone knows it and saw it).

  30. bender4700:

    Well you are flat out wrong, because I am not wrong! It’s my opinion for one thing, so I’m void of being categorized of wrong, so you are automatically wrong by default.

    JERRY JONES is killing this team, this is on him, as he picked Romo to be overpaid and chose a lousy HC in Garrett. If you can’t figure that out, then you just can’t match football wits with guys like “thestrategyexpert”.

    Dez is good football people because he has elite skills and he tried to take charge when there was NOBODY in place to take charge. But I don’t care for Dez on a personal level, so not sure how ‘good’ he is as people, but more importantly he is a ‘winner’ because of the supreme talent he possesses. I just got done saying you should ONLY have winners AND good people on your team.

    Garret as the HC and JJ as the GM is not ‘good people’ or ‘winners’. The Cowboys problems are THIS simple.

  31. Most likely he forgot to pack his “medications” for the trip to the Motor City. That made him a bit edgy.

  32. i bet Dez is out Cheezing right now with Gerald and Kenny to get into that bizarro world where he thinks he is as good as Calvin

  33. I will side with Dez on this.

    Jason Garrett is the most failed coach according to his expectations.

    This guy was offered the Baltimore job before John Harbaugh. I’d pity the Ravens for an offensive mind mired in such mediocrity.

    Also, when the score was 10-7 on 1st and Goal they decided to not pass the ball. They had to settle for a FG after 3rd down.

  34. This isn’t rocket science. Calvin Johnson was having a career game. Dez was embarassed being out shined so badly that he decided to throw a tantrum. End of story.

    He’s not a team leader. He doesn’t have the right to try to show up his QB and HC during a game.

    One of the real team leaders (Ware) put him in his place.

  35. Not our year yet. Still too many holes to fill. We’ll finish 9-7 and win division, but probably go out in round 1:

    Minnesota – W = 5-4
    New Orleans -L = 5-5
    New York -W= 6-5
    Oakland -W = 7-5
    Chicago -W= 8-5
    Green Bay -L = 8-6
    Washington – L = 8-7
    Philadelphia – W = 9-7

  36. thestrategyexpert says:

    Dez is good football people because he has elite skills and he tried to take charge when there was NOBODY in place to take charge. But I don’t care for Dez on a personal level, so not sure how ‘good’ he is as people, but more importantly he is a ‘winner’ because of the supreme talent he possesses.

    leapyrman says:

    Aaron Hernandez has elite skills…..want him on your team if he is ever acquitted of the murder charges?

  37. These two players have vastly different skill-sets, but anyone who thinks Dez Bryant isn’t at least as productive as Johnson needs to spend 10 minutes at

    Over the same amount of game, its not even close–Dez blows Calvin out of the water. QED

  38. leapyrman:

    I have been more vocal than ANYBODY on PFT about not liking Aaron Hernandez. That was a terrible GM decision because he was not worth the contract extension and the smart play was to dump him in a trade since they already had other TE assets and AH wasn’t leveraged as an efficient move at the time they extended him, plus he had so much other baggage that they were in a better position to see that should have scared them away. Even with NO BAGGAGE it was a STUPID DEAL and they did it despite that and the knowledge of presumably some identifiable baggage!

    Again, MY POLICY IS ONLY GOOD FOOTBALL PEOPLE AND WINNERS ARE ON MY TEAM! That’s the rule. You either fit the rule or you are a loser that belongs on another team instead.

    But if he was acquitted theoretically since you ask, well that’s a scenario that we don’t know how it plays out. Suppose somebody else confessed to everything and somehow there was even iron clad proof that AH had nothing to do with this or any crime. Far fetched sounding perhaps, but if we are playing hypotheticals let’s look at the one that is most favorable for AH and ones that are less favorable while still garnering an acquittal….

    So if he’s acquitted because of obvious innocence and other teams are scared to heck of him and I can sign him for the minimum and have a way to use him as a player to help win a SB better than I can without having him on a MIN contract, then yes I would sign him. Hard to find a circumstance to want to sign him at this point without the info or knowledge, but it is possible for a scenario to exist where I would sign him. Just highly unlikely. But it would only be done if I was convinced that my odds to win the SB are significantly going to increase enough.

  39. Never gets old watching Dallas and their fans melt down. The Dallas Cowboys are the gift that keeps on giving.

    I guess “Thestrategyexpert” went the route of George Costanza when picking his name and went the route of the complete opposite. You know if it was an opposing team’s receiver doing that he’d be front row center on the hate train. Witten earned his place in this league long before Bryant came along. Ware looked ready to knock Bryant’s block off.

  40. 2jivecrew:

    It was the opposing team. I’ve lived in the Detroit area my entire life and am a lifelong Lions fan.

    The Cowboys are one of my least favorite teams in the NFL, probably the bottom 5 but Dez deserved defending here because he stood up when nobody else on Dallas would and he said things that needed to be said. It’s not his fault he is surrounded by an overpaid QB and horrible coaches that allowed him to even be put in that situation. And he dealt with it, like a hardcore PROFESSIONAL!

  41. This is for the strategyexpert: it’s ok for Dez Bryant to do it, but you run guys rub T.O out of town for it!

    And yes t.o is better

  42. And if Jerry has a problem with Dez then he can just leave him here in Detroit and save some money on airfare by completing a trade with us. I bet Dez could stay a lot cooler playing opposite CJ knowing 100% of the passes come to him or CJ!

    Oh and you remember how I mentioned how they would play this off as a non-story? Well did you see Tony Romo’s press conference? Wow! I was so bummed because I wanted to come back here and trounce Romo for saying all the wrong things, but boy did he deliver the performance of a life-time.

    I give Tony Romo a C- for the game (bonus points for dang charming he his and that SMILE!), and an A+ for his playing of the media. If only he could have played the Lions like he played the media!

  43. i would trade every receiver on my Panther’s roster (i mean the whole group) for this kid.
    (i mean including Steve Smith and Greg Olsen) All of Them..and play out the year with Dez and guys from various practice squads and go straight to the playoffs.

  44. It’s clear that the Cowboy fanboys have loaded this board with pro-Dez statements. Let’s call a spade a spade, okay? Dez popped off about being better than Calvin Johnson (which is laughable). Because he popped off, and his numbers didn’t match Calvin’s numbers, he flipped out. Dez is a me-first diva. If he had monster numbers, I assure you – Dez is not yelling if Dallas was losing in a blowout. Furthermore, what do you think the owner and his teammates are going to say after the fact? Naturally, they will defend Dez when it’s over. It’s bad business to throw your teammate under the bus after the smoke clears. Romo and Witten toe the company line and say the right things to avoid the drama. Off the record, they would admit Dez is only worried about Dez.

  45. How bout Dez do his job and the coaches boss do his…Oops! I forgot Jerry Jones doesn’t care Dez acted like a fool…I’m sure the “TEAM” really got fired up being screamed at like kids from a brat, so fired up they lost the freaking ball game. All of you who applaud this calfbaby need to find your own bottle!!

  46. Go ahead Rikki…personally I wouldn’t trade not one of my Who Dat Saints…no very confident in your team heh? I kinda like them Detroit Lions too…not a big Cowboys fan either…no team needs that kind of crybaby.

  47. Dez’s little temper tantrums on the sideline are a perfect illustration of why he is NOT Calvin Johnson. As a Lion’s fan I couldn’t be happier with CJ because not only does he have ELITE talent, but he’s hardworking, HUMBLE, he has character, and he’s focused on the game. Hell he’s even straight up said he’s a homebody in his off time. He’s a perfect example of everything a professional player SHOULD BE.

    So go buy another $180,000 in “ice” to show off if you want the attention Dez, nobody believes you’re better then CJ other than you.

  48. Jerry Jones—the gift that keeps on giving.

    Which will come first–Dez crying crocodile tears about people criticizing “his quarterback”, or changing his name to Ocho Ocho ?

  49. Tell em Dez. I get so tired of seeing the cowboys play so flat.

    As for Ware speaking to Dez on the sidelines, Ware needs to show up for a big game sometimes. Ware needs to get on the field, period. None of these guys, outside Romo seem to be able to play with the slightest pain.

    As for Witten, the guy is a HOFer, but he disappears in the redzone.

  50. He can’t be as classy as Calvin. He can’t be as physically gifted as Calvin, ever. He can’t have as good a mind as Calvin. He will never put up 329 yards in a game ever. He will never be able to take the punishment Calvin does in nearly every game as defenders try to destroy his body to prevent him from making the catch.

  51. Well I have to say that this is the FIRST game in a LONG time that I can honestly say that I’m happy with Matt Stafford. And that’s saying a lot if you follow my diary on him. I give him an A- for this game which is a pretty high score considering he did throw 2 picks which cost us a lot, but I still do remember that last play of the game where he had the FOOLISH idea of risking everything for a silly play to trick the DL and go over the top at risk of being called down by progress and letting that clock bleed away. There were still a few ways the Lions could have done better to save-shave a few seconds, but nevertheless the fact of the matter is Stafford’s play WORKED and it scored the game winning TD, and that just puts points on the scorecard of his performance. Plus he did a brilliant job of exploiting CJ.

    It’s possible we could go 3-5 and finish 8-8 and have an outside shot for the playoffs. If we go 4-4 only that would almost be a certain clinch with the way things are shaping up. The division win could be right around 4 or 5 wins depending on if the Packers can stay healthy, but if they lose one more weapon or OL, or essentially any player on offense they could be a tight bind.

  52. @thestrategyexpert, win 3 more? The Lions will easily beat the Bears next. They won’t lose to the Steelers, Bucs, Giants or Vikings either. They should also beat the Ravens at home. It’s within reason they could be GB at home. Then, the Eagles away, sure.

  53. This was not about leadership or lighting a fire under anyone. This chump is just a whiny baby. Plus he used to beat up his mom. Trash, trash, trash.

    He also has ball security issues.

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