Dolphins think Brandon Gibson is done for season


On their way to losing a game to the Patriots, the Dolphins lost wide receiver Brandon Gibson to a left knee injury on Sunday.

It doesn’t sound like they’ll be getting him back any time soon. Gibson will have an MRI to discover the extent of the injury, but Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the team believes it is a season-ending injury. Gibson indicated the same after the game.

“They said it doesn’t look too good, so it doesn’t look good,” Gibson said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I’m going to keep my head up and try to have the best attitude.”

Gibson, who joined the Dolphins as a free agent this year, had 30 catches for 326 yards and three touchdowns in seven games this year. The third of those touchdowns came as the Dolphins built a 17-3 lead over the Patriots that they were unable to protect in the second half of the game.

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  1. Bad luck. Another disappointing season for my team. Been a fan since I was 8 years old in 1970. The losing crappy seasons are making it hard to remember the good years.

  2. cwk22 says: Oct 27, 2013 7:34 PM

    Bad luck. Another disappointing season for my team. Been a fan since I was 8 years old in 1970. The losing crappy seasons are making it hard to remember the good years.
    Have to agree. We are about the same age and this is getting old. Frankly, I think there is some coaching issues here. Our inability to handle the pressure late in games, the O-line falling apart in the 4th quarter and poor play calling.

    We didn’t get helped today by some really bad officiating, but that happens to everyone. We had an excellent chance to beat the Ravens, Bills and today’s game and blew it each time. Frustrating!

  3. .

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the Dolphins that a couple of solid offensive lineman couldn’t cure.

    The defense is sound and Tannehill’s turnovers will decrease if he has more time to throw.


  4. This season is unraveling, but like a few posters here I’m a life long fan and they are turning it around. Three bad calls, shoot maybe 4, it would have been a different game. The Pats got 17 points after they should have punted. Losing Gibson is a loss. Blaming Tannehill for fumbling after getting smoked from the blind side is crazy. Everything was looking good until Sherman starting going to the pass none stop. The Qb needs to stop forcing the ball deep to Wallace and they need to use his speed on some read option plays.

  5. Fins should spend at least 2 of their first 3 picks on Olinemen in next year’s draft and at least one more lower round pick on top of that.

    Their Oline was a revolving door all 2nd half today, and imagine if the Pats still had Wilfork and Mayo in there, and Talib for that matter. He might have been sacked another half dozen times.

  6. The slow train wreck that this season has become is so disappointing. 3-0 to 3-4. Horrible calls this game but not scoring any points in the second half is all about coaching and execution.

  7. Just like the TUCK rule the same Referee aided the Patriots again in this game! C’mon three horrendous calls all on third down to keep the Patriots drives alive!!!How much is Bobby paying these ZEBRAS!!

  8. Maybe I saw it wrong but he didn’t really have a play on the ball and just jumped up in the air and started flailing around like he was trying to draw a PI. I hate to see anyone get injured, no matter who they play for. But it’s tough to feel bad for the guy if that was the case.

  9. That game was totally winnable they lost the game because of the head coach and offense coordinator unwillingness to run the football in the third quarter of the game. Purely the only reason why they lost that game, purely on poor coaching.Sad Sad

  10. The dolphins offensive needs to get more creative but this team is just cursed! Tanehill got another weapon injured and can’t read were the blitz is coming from and can’t audible. They sure do need better o-line , Wallace & Tanehill need work! Sherman did better play calling today but then offense just went flat in the 2nd half. With all that said the Miami offense sucks but the defense is playing good. Been a dolphin fan for over 25 years and I’m getting close on giving up. Not to jump on another team just not have a team.

  11. We will miss Gibson, he is a very good WR and he was just getting in sync with Tannehill. I hope he will heal quickly and not be lost for the season. I saw certain hopeful signs in the Dolphins first half performance today. Better blocking for the running game, better pass protection, better play selection. I don’t know why the momentum shift occurred in the 3rd quarter, but the officiating was piss poor, and obviously favored the Patsies(as always). The NFL should be embarrassed by this display today. Dolphins need to concentrate now on getting McKinnie up to speed, getting good blocks from tight ends, and things like the end around to Wallace were good. Wallace needs to practice catching the ball better, so far, he is a huge disappointment because of all the dropped passes.

  12. The Dolphins have had far less of the injury bug than many other teams – including the Patriots.

    I thought they did a great job in the offseason and on paper, the Dolphins had one of the best teams in the league. The Patriots, on the other hand, had once of the least productive offseasons.

    Yet one team is 6-2 and one team is 3-4

  13. I been a fan since forever and im 25 but just because im a fan doesnt mean im naive. I predicted before the season we would win between 5-7games. And this season success would only be determined by the progress of tannehill. Right now he is failing. This draft class gets a pass because of injuries and the coaching staff weak game plan. Now the free agents signings, besides gibson and grimes no one else is living up to their contract, but iblame tannehill/coaching for 75% of wallace’s failures. Letting jake and bush go really is hurting us, clemons stinks at SS, misi should of nevrr got a new deal and hartline either. If im ireland im trading two 1st rounds and a 3rd round and hartline for larry fitzgerald save your season and your fan base……

  14. Its all play calling week after week with Miami during this losing slide. Best way to protect your quarterback is to run the ball.This coaching staff refuses to be discipline and run the football at the end of the game. The refs blew major calls in this game all in favor of the patriots Shermans poor playing calling helped the pats equally as much.
    QB B

  15. The Dolphins won the Superbowl during the of-season, unfortunately those rarely translate to real live winnings.

  16. Too bad for Gibson.

    One of the worst games of NFL officiating I’ve seen. After watching this game I’m really suspicious at the integrity of this league.

    At least four really bad calls that kept NE drives going instead of ending. A total BS game.

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