Four-for-four 49ers rolling Jaguars 28-0


Greg Roman, the 49ers offensive coordinator, always said it didn’t bother him that the Jaguars didn’t wait to interview him for their vacant head coaching job last offseason.

He’s taking it out on them anyway.

The 49ers have scored touchdowns on all four possessions, racing out to a 28-0 lead over the Jaguars in London.

Colin Kaepernick’s rushed for two touchdowns and thrown another, and the 49ers have outgained the Jags 245-40 midway through the second quarter.

If it looks easy, it’s because it is, as Kaepernick has open receivers to choose from, and plenty of room to run. Roman’s calling a good game, arguably more of a game than he needs to call against an overmatched opponent.

10 responses to “Four-for-four 49ers rolling Jaguars 28-0

  1. Here’s a great idea, since we want to sell football in London, why not send one of the worst teams in the history of the league there?

    Even better, lets do it over and over.


  2. In the spirit of playing in europe, when do the jags get relegated out of the premier league? Its been long enough…

  3. Seriously, they may as well just cut gabbert and henne and try out some other list of prospects. Neither will be with the team beyond this year anyway

  4. Down four touchdowns, it’s time for Henne and Shorts to pile up the garbage time stats. It’s the same every week. They wait until the game is out of reach so they don’t have to earn their stats the old fashioned way.

  5. Jaguars to London, Raiders, Rams, or Chargers to Los Angeles, Bills to Toronto… Get it done Goodell.

    Adding three massive cities to the NFL is great for the long term health of the NFL. Anything that’s good for my favorite sport I’m all for.

  6. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Oct 27, 2013 2:25 PM
    The NFL wants the Jags to eventually move to London, hence the four-year deal there and the Khan ownership (also owns Fulham FC).


    They could change there name to the london silly nannies.

  7. The last two times Roman ran up against Gus Bradley, his mighty offense was limited to thirteen points in each game.

    Now that he’s at a personnel disadvantage, he must be made to suffer.

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