Four-for-four 49ers rolling Jaguars 28-0


Greg Roman, the 49ers offensive coordinator, always said it didn’t bother him that the Jaguars didn’t wait to interview him for their vacant head coaching job last offseason.

He’s taking it out on them anyway.

The 49ers have scored touchdowns on all four possessions, racing out to a 28-0 lead over the Jaguars in London.

Colin Kaepernick’s rushed for two touchdowns and thrown another, and the 49ers have outgained the Jags 245-40 midway through the second quarter.

If it looks easy, it’s because it is, as Kaepernick has open receivers to choose from, and plenty of room to run. Roman’s calling a good game, arguably more of a game than he needs to call against an overmatched opponent.