Giants win their second straight, beat hapless Eagles 15-7

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There was one touchdown scored in Sunday’s 15-7 Giants win over the Eagles and it came late in the fourth quarter when Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie launched a snap way over punter Steve Weatherford’s head.

Weatherford didn’t kick the ball out the back of the end zone, allowing Najeh Goode to fall on it for a touchdown and briefly give the Eagles reason to hope that the day could still go their way. Alas, the defense couldn’t hold the Giants without a first down on the ensuing drive and they got the result they deserved.

The offense wasn’t good when Michael Vick was in the game and it wasn’t good when Matt Barkley was in the game, which added up to 201 total yards, three turnovers and four sacks. The defense was stout in the red zone, limiting the Giants to five field goals, but they couldn’t keep the Giants from milking the clock on the majority of their possessions and they couldn’t force any turnovers.

That the Giants were able to do that represents a major win for the offense, although it was far from all roses for Eli Manning and company. As mentioned, they couldn’t find the end zone with a GPS and they committed a slew of mental errors (delay of game, illegal formation) that led to penalties that made it easier for the Eagles defense to keep them out.

They can try to work that out over the bye week while taking solace in Eli Manning showing better chemistry with both Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. The Giants also showed a willingness to throw more quickly, keeping the Eagles pass rush from being an issue and taking advantage of their matchups on the outside. It’s a building block they’ll try to add to against the Raiders in Week 10.

49 responses to “Giants win their second straight, beat hapless Eagles 15-7

  1. Lets start Barkley, target a top 5 pick, land a franchise qb that actually fits this offense. Beats the heck outta trying and getting a middle of the pack draft pick.

  2. Someone needs to rent a few dozen billboards around New York and plaster “FIRE KEVIN GILBRIDE” on them. This guy seriously should been gone 3 or 4 years ago. This garbage he does with run 2 yards, run 3 yards, screen pass 3 yards, punt, makes me want to bash my head into a wall. 3rd and forever and you’re going to cal a draw play? Last year Wilson rips a something like a 30 yard TD, but no! let’s put Bradshaw and his leg brace back out there and have him hobble into the defensive line for a 3 and out. You want to fix the problems on offense, start by swinging the axe at Gilbride.

  3. As a Philly fan, watching the Philadelphia Eagles play football has been quite laughable for a few years now, but now my feelings for them lean more towards pure disgust…and to think that these players and coaches are in fact “professionals” at what they do…

    I’m not calling for Chip’s head just yet, I still think he has a place in this league if Philadelphia can provide him adequate personnel. Obviously it starts with the QB position, so I think the Eagles need to do whatever it takes to get their hands on one of the top quarterback prospects coming out of college in the next few seasons.

  4. Insides kick with 4:00, 1 timeout & the defense coming off a great previous series…???

    Great head coaching executive decision their Chip making the desperate choice when you didn’t need to & giving Giants a short field…

  5. Everybody still impressed with this high-powered Eagles’ offense that I have been making fun of? You guys still want to tell me I’m wrong and explain again how this is elite football?

  6. Chip Kelly easing toward the door from this mess. How much money do you boosters want to pay me?

    Lol, at Eagle fans who thought they crushed Andy Reid when they fired him. This rebuild will be long and painful, something he won’t be going through in Kansas City, and I am sure he was aware of when he was getting run out of town by ungrateful Eagle fans.

  7. You guys still want to tell me I’m wrong and explain again how this is elite football?

    Sure ,

    This is Andy’s mess . . . He doesn’t want Vick / Foles to be his QB . . see 2014 Draft rd #1.

    Kelly is in total-rebuild-mode.
    Kelly wont go . . Until he gets HIS players.

    It starts in the 2014 Draft:
    ie: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

    probably will be open to dealing most players on this team . . will take 2-3 years.

    like it or not – learn to love it,
    that is the plan.

  8. It is funny to me that Foles has one bad game and the fans abandon him.
    But Vick can have dozens of bad games and these same fans give him a pass. They always blame the o-line, coaches etc.
    Foles is a second year player.
    Vick was a second year player in 2002.
    Do you see the insanity?
    Trade Vick. Play Foles and Barkley.

  9. Terrible game on both sides. As an Eagles fan I’m disgusted. I didn’t expect them to win the SB or even make the playoffs, but I thought they’d be entertaining. I still don’t think this is Kelly’s fault…he doesn’t have a QB, and the line is not as good at protection as it was advertised to be. That said, I don’t get some of the play calling, slow pace and conventional looks. Maybe it’s just too much for Barkley?

  10. Where are all the Eagles fans that still think this is all Andy’ Reid’s fault? I think Andy Reid is getting the last laugh on this one. Same ole Eagles.

  11. Man..what an awesome football game… Epic…
    The best part was when they cut to the last five minutes of Detroit not on side kicking… Twice stopping the Cowboys and stuffing them with a fake spike TD…. part of that epic Eagles/Giants extravaganza.

  12. We’re in the beginning phase of the Giants secret plan to win the Super Bowl again this year. Its clearly apparent they’ve been sandbagging just to lull the NFC East to sleep. LOL!

  13. Oh they’re “hapless” now? That’s rich.

    But as I told Eagles fans, and they were handed a FG by awful officiating last week and an equally awful special teams play by the Giants today, the Eagles are WORSE than the Giants. That should have been two straight GOOSE EGGS by that team.

  14. Giants are still in it after destroying the birds. Didn’t know 2-6 could feel so good after watching the cowboys choke. Jets blown out for cherry on top.

  15. They were destroyed. Scoreboard doesn’t always show how dominant a performance a team had, particularly when their settling for FGs were their own unforced errors and NOTHING that the Eagles did.

    The Eagles offense did absolutely nothing, as they were GIVEN a TD late on special teams.

    So yes, he is right, the Giants dominated them. They did whatever they wanted all game. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

  16. to bad the giants couldnt of just won 1 game during that 6 game skid bec we would be looking decent.. but 2 games down isnt bad at all. will be a big viking fan next weekend lol.

    assuming dallas wins next week. down 3 with 8 games to go and 1 v dallas..anythings possible.

  17. LOL PFT doesn’t want to give the Giants any credit, last weekend the Giants win over the Vikings the title was Giants get first victory easily over hapless Vikings. Now this article is called Giants win their second straight, beat hapless Eagles 15-7. Either the writers have no creativity or they really dislike the Giants.

  18. Gee, they played a bad game. Why is that a surprise, they are a bad team. At the moment, we have players starting for us that wouldn’t even make many other teams rosters. Judge this team in two years or so when Chip Kelly has assembled “his” team through free agency and the draft, when the offense and defense are established and not in a rebuilding phase. This season is for the coaching staff to see who fits into this teams future plans. Winning a few games would be nice, but realistically, was anyone expecting more than 4-5 wins ? Enjoy the growing process, we get closer to our future franchise quarterback each week.

  19. Eagles fans cheering when Cruz got hurt pretty much says it all about Philly.

    Dance in the endzone, then act surprised when this happens….

  20. Mr. Wright 212, you must be kidding. Dominant? They didn’t score a touchdown! Eagles did nothing on offense and had a 3rd string rookie playing QB…and they lost by 8. Come on, man.

  21. Chip Kelly is nothing but another stubborn, know it all, genius in his own mind college coach. We get it. You want to show the world how smart you are with your ozzy Osborne poster boards and no huddle.

    How about opening your eyes and recognizing that you,re playing with a green 4th rd rook that’s still trying to get his bearings. Any normal coach would have slowed down the pace. Especially with the giants tripling your t.o.p. the loss is on chip.

    By the way….giants handled the eagles. Not a crushing but not a game that was in any doubt.

  22. What happened to running 80 plays a game. I was excited after the Washington win on opening day, now I see no trace of that offense. Stop screwing around. 1. Name Barkley the starter, you need to see if he if the future QB of this team or do you need to draft someone I think he has it in him to get the job done. 2. Get back to the spread option, every week it seems we are moving farther and farther away from it. The defense is playing better each week, it’s up to Chip and his offense to step it up. Season still sets up well to make a run to win the East. 8 – 8 or 9 – 6 could get it done. I still BELIEVE, GO EAGLES

  23. A lot of good comments and assessments regarding the team. It’s just unfortunate that the team and it’s officials don’t listen to us fans.

    The offense still, as their achilles heels have been, cannot seem to find the end zone. The D held up and I think performed quite well. Now, the special teams, I think did their job up to the point of the whole errant snap from DeOssie.

    But this is Giants football this season.

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