Marcus Lattimore thinks he’ll start practicing soon


The 49ers have several players on the physically unable to perform and non-football injury lists that they hope will be able to contribute to the team in the next few weeks.

Rookie running back Marcus Lattimore is one of those players. Lattimore is coming back from a serious right knee injury suffered during his final year at South Carolina, an injury that was expected to make this a redshirt year of sorts. That’s the way things have progressed to this point, but the 49ers have until Week 11 to let Lattimore practice and assess his condition. Lattimore expects that to happen in the next couple of weeks.

“They haven’t cleared me yet, but these next two, three weeks, I think they’re going to look at it,” Lattimore said, via the Columbia (S.C.) State. “They really haven’t given me an indication or anything set in stone. I know I’ll most likely get a chance to practice.”

Lattimore is less optimistic about playing in a game, which makes sense given the long layoff and the 49ers’ depth, but practicing would be a step in the right direction even if he wound up riding out the year on the NFI list.

7 responses to “Marcus Lattimore thinks he’ll start practicing soon

  1. They seem to let the local media watch the first 10 minutes of practice one day a week so we will never know what he looks like.

  2. Seattle. You may have that opportunity, then again Marcus may put up some incredible runs on you as well. Sick back field options in the near future.

  3. Free LaMichael James! Waive him since you have no intention of ever using him, and since obviously you value Lattimore more for the future than him. Why hold the man hostage, let him at least get a chance to play somewhere, this is just hateful, hurting him for no point whatsoever.

  4. Seeing how explosive D.Rose is on a years rest should be enough for the 49ers to not rush Lattimore back

  5. @ezwriter69 I get what your saying about James however, you need to look at past players with his type of size and ability. Sproles for example really wasnt anything until about year 3 he just needed time to get in the flow of the NFL. Plus when we get back our WR back it very possible, he than becomes more of a focus in the passing game. Simply cause he was in right now they know he is a catching threat but once we got our boys back it than becomes much harder to cover everyone. Finally with williams getting benched he may now be our return man which is were i think he needs to have been playing for most this year anyway. than with Lattimore i truly think this guy might be the steal of the draft, he can be the Gore 2.0 there diffrent runners but I am talking adversity wise. I truly dont know how many fans out there remember just how great Lattimore was before he got hurt. If he can be 80% this season with him Gore @ hunter that is very impressive.

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