Ndamukong Suh: “I’m playing within the rules, for the most part”


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was invited to a meeting at the league office to discuss playing within the rules, but Suh isn’t so sure that meeting is necessary.

Suh said that despite his history of fines and a suspension, he believes he generally plays the game the right way.

“I feel like I’m playing within the rules for the most part, without a doubt. I think every defensive player, the game is so fast, so quick you can’t be 100 percent right on one assignment and that’s what you have the athletic ability to make up for those things,” Suh told the Dearborn Press & Guide.

Suh hasn’t decided whether to agree to the meeting at the league office, saying that he’s just focusing on Sunday’s game against the Cowboys before he considers anything else.

“I’ve had brief discussions with my agent and GM, I’m really just focusing on Dallas, been really concerning myself with that until the bye week comes,’’ Suh said.

If Suh commits another personal foul today, the league office may tell him that the meeting is an order, not a request.