NFL admits Jets should have been flagged for field goal push


The NFL has admitted that Patriots coach Bill Belichick was right and the officials on the field were wrong about the Jets breaking the rule against pushing a teammate into the line while trying to block a field goal.

Belichick complained after his own team was flagged for breaking the field goal push rule last week against the Jets that the Jets had violated the same rule and hadn’t been flagged for it. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the league confirmed that Belichick was right when it distributed a video to all the NFL coaches, showing the Jets’ Quinton Coples pushing a teammate into the line on a Patriots field goal. On that video it was explained that Coples should have been flagged on the play.

So why were the Patriots flagged and the Jets weren’t? It’s likely a simple matter of New England’s Chris Jones executing a blatant push right in front of umpire Tony Michalek, while Coples pulled off his push more subtly, and in the middle of a mass of linemen where Michalek didn’t have a good view of it.

Of course, that’s not much solace to the Patriots: An official saying “I didn’t see it” after the fact doesn’t erase the fact that the penalty wasn’t called against the Jets at a time when the Patriots might have used the 15 yards and automatic first down to score a touchdown and win the game in regulation, and then the penalty was called against the Patriots at a time when the Jets used the 15 yards and automatic first down to score the game-winning field goal in overtime.

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  1. I’d like to think all the patriot-hating trolls would now admit that this was indeed an unfair call…… But I doubt their IQ will permit. While a game shouldn’t be decided by one call, this one directly impacted the outcome.

  2. When will the refs admit they allowed the Patriots to hold on the last play of the Saints game, and the correct call would have given N.O. the win?

  3. None of this changes the fact that the call on the pats was indeed the right call.

    They could have called that penalty on the jets, they take points off the board and the snap is fumbled the very next play and the jets win in regulation…

  4. I really don’t like the expectation that every penalty should be called correctly every time. It’s just not possible.

    I think the officiating was actually better before instant replay, and I can’t stand the delays it causes.

    One of the best life-lessons playing sports taught me was that not everything is fair. I guess things have changed.

  5. Maybe the Pats coaches should’ve alerted the refs before the play like the Jets coaches did. Of course Belichick didn’t know the rule so that would’ve been kind of hard.

  6. Whatever.

    We lost because we got penalized fair and square for a foul.

    That doesn’t change the fact that the Butt Fumble Clown College that is the Jets is still full of immature, unprofessional children.

    And their fans are about the same.

  7. What did the calls against the Patriots in OT last week and the Sox in WS game 3 have in common? Both were obscure calls that gave the game to their opponent. The Patriots did not play well and neither did the Sox so we are not blaming the refs/umps but facts are facts.

  8. Even the raiders let the tuck rule call go.. The pats show true colors here pi$$ing and moaning over one call last week!

    In the game last week the pats were 1 for 12 on third down conversions .. Brady threw zero Td passes.. And gave up a pick 6, that leads to a loss for every other team.. But because it’s the pats.. Must be because of a bad call

  9. Tired of this hoopla. Pats fan here who has watched every game since 1993. Pats got worked in the 3rd quarter and had the ball to start over time and punted. Refs caught us on a penalty on a field goal. We lost. The end. On to Miami.

  10. The tuck rule wasn’t called inconsistently. It was called correctly but was just a bad rule plain and simple.

  11. A missed call on something like this isn’t a huge deal for me, happens every game. My problem is the Jets crying to the officials, making sure the officials were closely watching the Pats for the very thing they were also doing.

  12. broncobillie says: Oct 27, 2013 12:12 PM

    For the Patriot family uunhappy with inconsistent calling of obscure rules, two words: tuck rule.

    Funny story … earlier that season, the tuck rule was called against the Patriots in the Jets game, which contributed to them losing to the Jets. Had they not lost to the Jets, they would not have even played the Raiders and then all the haters would only have the Spygate drum to bang.

  13. yeah only spygate…

    video taping opposing teams practices, matching the tape to the def signals, and sending them to brady..

    only spygate..

    pats can say only spygate because the league destroyed the evidence

  14. gotta love all these fans who keep saying Pats fans should “get over it” for a call made last week when they are still bring up spygate that happened YEARS ago …. talk about stupid

  15. seadan1973 says:

    video taping opposing teams practices, matching the tape to the def signals, and sending them to brady..

    Keep trying to profligate the myth that the Pats taped opposing team’s walkthroughs. Huge corporations like the Herald don’t withdraw stories as untrue if they find there to be the slightest bit of truth in them.

    As far as the sideline taping you seem to think it was some sort of magic telepathic system when all it did was make it a tiny bit easier to collate the info as opposed to having an offensive assistant sitting on the sideline keeping track of the signals being used by written notes. The info was available to anyone in the stadium who wanted to keep track of it and any coach stupid enough to use the same defensive signals over time was quite stupid.

  16. Bring back replacements How can NFL have these guys control a billion dollar business week after week they screw up

  17. @harrisonhits2: So if it only made it a tiny bit easier, why do you think Belichick continued to do it, even after the memo sent to all teams explicitly stating it would no longer be overlooked? Don’t you think it was a horrible move to conitnue (and in the end give everyone else a reason to point fingers) for such a small advantage?

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