Patriots shake off poor start, roll past fading Dolphins

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Led by a strong pass rush and a productive running game, the Patriots rolled up 24 unanswered second-half points en route to a 27-17 win vs. Miami on Sunday afternoon in Foxborough.

The victory moved the Patriots to 6-2 at the midpoint of their schedule. The Dolphins, meanwhile, fell to 3-4. They have lost four games in a row after a 3-0 start.

The Patriots’ offense sputtered in the first two quarters, gaining just 59 yards. However, the attack perked up after halftime. The running game played a big role, racking up 111 yards and two scores on 22 second-half carries. The Patriots needed their ground game to step up, what with quarterback Tom Brady throwing for just 116 yards on 13-of-22 passing.

Still, Brady, who appeared to have a right hand injury, did his part on a 14-yard third-quarter TD pass to Aaron Dobson, cutting Miami’s lead to 17-10.

Then, the Dolphins’ problems started to mount. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was sacked by Patriots rookie cornerback Logan Ryan, with the Patriots recovering deep in Miami territory. The Pats would cash in on a Brandon Bolden two-yard TD run to tie the game.

The Patriots would take the lead for good on a Stephen Gostkowski field goal late in the third quarter, then add to their margin with a Stevan Ridley three-yard TD run with 7:14 left.

The Dolphins struggled on numerous fronts in the final two quarters. Tannehill was sacked six times and committed three turnovers in the second half, though the final turnover was a desperation heave with the game decided. The Dolphins’ special teams also had a tough half, with rookie Caleb Sturgis missing a 45-yard field goal off the right upright and having a 39-yard attempt blocked.

The Dolphins host the Bengals on Thursday night, with the Patriots playing the Steelers on Sunday afternoon.

55 responses to “Patriots shake off poor start, roll past fading Dolphins

  1. No Dolphins fan, but they were victimized by some of the worst officiating this side of replacement refs. (And Phil Sims, you have every right not to change your opinion, but that only means you are being pigheaded. The “batted” ball was obviously not batted to anyone with an open mind).

    Dolphins didn’t help themselves in the final minutes, either. If that is their “sense of urgency” speed, I would hate to see their “deliberate” speed.

  2. You left out some horrible officiating. One of those Pats TDs shouldve never happened.

    Yes, Tannehill still has issues giving the ball away, but this may have ended differently if you take away some horrible officiating.

  3. The Dolphins loss wasn’t helped by 3 terrible calls from the biased refs. Maybe they should learn what pass intereference is sometimes. Also trying to retrieve a fumble and calling it forward progress of the ball. What the hell do they think a big guy is trying to do on the ground, he’s trying to retrieve the ball. Terrible calls.

  4. Dolphins fans are already crafting conspiracy theories but when you are out scored 24-0 in the second half you don’t deserve to win.

    Gutsy win for an injured Patriots team – including Brady’s swollen throwing hand

  5. The Patriots battled for this one. I’m sure the lame excuses about the refs will be heard by some delusional fans but the Patriots outscored Miami 24-0 in the second half. That’s why they won the game.

    Talib should be back next week and hopefully the passing offense starts to pick up for the Patriots with everybody staying healthy week after week. I truly do hope that Belichick and McDaniels will decide to give Ridley who is by far the Patriots’ best running back the ball more going forward.

  6. Awesome, the only trash talking Dolphins fans to show up, that claimed before the season they would win the division, are the ones blaming the refs. Maybe y’all and last week’s Saints fans can arrange a mutual pity party. I would nominate vaphinphan the chairman, except he’s probably tossing Gillette looking for cameras. Never mind, Saints at least are probably going somewhere.

  7. Not a Dolphins fan, and in fact I was rooting against them because I want my team to claim an AFC Wildcard spot (and I know the Pats will win the AFC East again).

    The officiating in this game was terrible, and the vast majority of bad calls went against the Dolphins. Not even close.

  8. carolinadude7 says:Oct 27, 2013 5:26 PM

    Hey patriots….ready for a real defense??

    Hey carolina, remember SB XXXVIII? Hopefully the team has cleaned up the steroids thing.

    Looking forward to catching Belichick and the Pats in prime time, coming off a bye? Good luck with that.

  9. The “batted” ball was obviously not batted to anyone with an open mind

    The guy hit the ball and it went forward. It doesn’t matter what the player “wanted” to do, it matters what he did.

    The delusion of Pats haters is unbelievable. Every week, it’s “teh wefs” who lost the game for the other team.

    Never mind that the Dolphins gave up 24 points in the second half and scored 0. Never mind that the Pats had a touchdown called back by a holding call, and lost a game on another call, nope, the refs are all in for the Pats.

  10. So . . . to all those folks who hammered me for saying the Fins were lucky to beat the Falcons five weeks ago , . . . for their most recent victory . . . . . . . . . . . . (crickets)

  11. So last week the pats fans were crybabies and you shouldn’t blame the refs for losing a game and this week it’s ok to blame the refs. Got it

  12. tedmurph says: Oct 27, 2013 5:44 PM

    Hey carolina, remember SB XXXVIII? Hopefully the team has cleaned up the steroids thing.


    And hopefully the Patriots aren’t recording signals in violation of the rules anymore.

    I’d hate for them to lose yet another draft pick and have another asterisk attached to all their wins.

  13. It’s so comical to read how the refs are biased whenever the Pat’s win a game! You people sound like my 3 eight year old grandsons making excuses when something doesn’t go their way. It would be cute if it weren’t for the fact that we assume you are adults.

  14. The NFL should be ashamed of its referee crew at Gillette stadium today. Two flagrant terrible calls which favored the Patriots at the Dolphins expense. I will grant you we got outplayed in the second half, but any fair minded individual should be shocked at this unhidden bias. What are your employees doing Roger Goodell? Do you approve of this?

  15. The Dolphins won the first half. The Dolphins also won a Super Bowl 40 years ago, no joke, look it up if you don’t believe it. 29 years ago they won an AFC Championship. Belicheat. Spygate. Dan Marino. We got Mike Wallace.

  16. Awe lil teddy I do! I just hope there’s no recording devices in our locker room! Remember that???? I’m sure you do, everything has been stacked against us since the release of the schedule but we’re underdogs so it is what is. The more hate the better

  17. Don’t worry Fins Fans, the league will issue an apology tomorrow for the officiating and everything will be all better.

  18. I like Philbin. He’s a class act but his team didn’t execute in the second half and he didn’t make any significant adjustments. The teams that win the summer free agency signings never seem to win and I doubt that is a coincidence.

  19. The definition of envy is a painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage. In the NFL, envy is defined as a painful or resentful awareness of the success enjoyed by the New England Patriots, in particular Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, joined with a desire to possess the same success and (with very few exceptions) falling far short. The realization that one suffers from such envy is so debilitating that sufferers often deny not only the envy itself but the reality of the Patriots success. It is psychological disorder very similar to what Freud called “small xxxx syndrome”.

  20. That’s why they don’t award trophies after the first three games of the season. How many people remember when the Dolphins were a relevant team in the league. It’s been years!

  21. God every team was videotaping because it was legal. Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to every team in the NFL, not just the Patriots. If the Patriots were the only team videotaping, then why did Goodell send that memo to every team in the NFL? Because every team was videotaping. Too bad the Pats had to take the hit for the bogus Spygate non-issue. People always try to take down #1 because I guess they’re jealous of the Patriot’s success.

  22. If reviews and replays can be completed in a matter of seconds in game time for scoring plays and turnovers, it’s worth taking the time to review crucial penalties called that ultimately effect the outcome of games. Those calls killed the fins and any chance of rallying back.

  23. For that batted ball penalty, it was certainly debatable, but also look at his posture after he hit the ball. If he had honestly been trying to grasp the ball, he wouldn’t have just stopped moving after hitting the ball, he would have continued trying to get it.

    I’m thinking he thought he would either get it or bat it out of the way of Cannon or whoever was coming up right next to him. Add to that the simple fact that he did indeed bat the ball like 20 yards down the field, regardless of intention, that was the right call. Just like last week when the Pats lost after that 15 yard penalty for pushing his own guy on the line.

    Neither one is a flagged play very often, but the rule is there, and needs to be enforced when possible.

    As for that holding that negated the Gronk TD, I really feel like that was payback for the defensive holding that happened like a play or two ago that wasn’t really anything. I thought that might have been the ref giving one back to the Phins after he realized his previous call wasn’t very good, heh. I mean, it happened, but really, both Lines hold every play, and can be called at the ref’s whim, unless it’s really blatant or directly around the ball in play.

  24. So funny seeing the same commenters saying the Pats were crying about a bad call last week our on here crying about bad calls. Just as the Pats lost last week because they got beat in too many areas, Miami lost because they got out scored 24-0 in the second half and we’re helpless against the Pats blitz parade.

  25. Everybody knew NE was going to win today so the blatant assist from the 12th man was completely unnecessary Roger Goodell. So much for integrity of the game Goodell.

    And yes I know what you gonna say about excuses. So I I’ll say it first, the Dolphins laid low in the second half so it’s not just the refs. It the coaches and the players, so it’s on them mostly.

    And Steven Ross, please sell the team. It is obvious you have no clue about the business of football, you employ a bumbling GM who has no idea what he is doing. The coaching staff is amateurish and the players never progress in the NFL.

    Finally, much has been said about Miami fans. The battering has been going on for years when it comes to football and that fan base does not reward mediocrity with attendance and blind loyalty. Miami fans will show you what an empty stadium really looks like. And next year, Miami fans should think about borrowing those fire Schiano signs for their own Fireland party. They are perfect.

  26. metintodd says: Oct 27, 2013 6:30 PM

    God every team was videotaping because it was legal. Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to every team in the NFL, not just the Patriots. If the Patriots were the only team videotaping, then why did Goodell send that memo to every team in the NFL? Because every team was videotaping. Too bad the Pats had to take the hit for the bogus Spygate non-issue. People always try to take down #1 because I guess they’re jealous of the Patriot’s success.
    Typical cheater or someone who co-signs one, always pulls the “everyone does it” crap. Stop it.

  27. j0esixpack says: Oct 27, 2013 5:28 PM

    Dolphins fans are already crafting conspiracy theories —————–

    You mean like Patriots fans did all week, and Red Sox fans last night? Boston fans are the KINGS of crafting excuses and conspiracy theories.

  28. Clearly going after the ball, wasn’t trying to bat it away. Subjective reasoning by the refs. Goes from 4th and 27 to FIRST AND GOAL. And Patriots fans who were whining all week about a proper call think people are crying about a MISAPPLIED CALL. Amazing.

  29. Oct 27, 2013 5:49 PM

    The “batted” ball was obviously not batted to anyone with an open mind

    The guy hit the ball and it went forward. It doesn’t matter what the player “wanted” to do, it matters what he did.
    If this were literally true, then every time a player tries, but does not succeed, in gathering in a fumble the first time he touches the ball, he would be guilty of batting. You know that’s not the case because most fumbles are not gathered in on the first touch.

    It looked to me like the lineman was stretching out his hand to try to capture the ball, and just couldn’t reach his hand far enough. No different than a player trying to corral a bouncing ball, unsuccessfully.

  30. Yeah, the six 2nd half sacks? The refs.
    24 unanswered points? The refs.
    Blocked field goal? Yup, refs again.
    McCourty’s interception? Refs.
    Everything bad Miami did? Refs helping New England.
    Everything good the Pats did? Yup..refs again.

    So when Miami got another chance at 3rd down for a delay-of-game? Refs, just making it look good.

  31. You people are such hypocrites: last week
    you’re applauding the refs for making a great call against the Patriots, and this week you’re complaining about how awful the refs were and how you got screwed…how about this? Maybe the Dolphins aren’t a good team? Nice splurge on Mike Wallace; always entertaining to see him drop five passes and then sulk on the sideline…enjoy the long flight back to Miami and enjoy being under .500

  32. Hypocrites? It was the PROPER CALL last week. Today it WAS NOT. And I’m not a Miami fan.

    Them being good or not good has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that it was a horrendous call that benefited New England.

  33. Whether it was a bad call or not, the pats recovered the ball, and the game “tying” fg was missed. Who cares? The dolphins looked bad in the second half. I’ll admit I didnt know the rule, but it looked an awful lot like he was trying to bat it away from that pats lineman. I could be complaining about the gronk td that was taken off the board but im not.

  34. So the Pats and their fans were being told not to blame the refs and to stop crying about bad calls. But this week the same people that said that are crying about the refs and making the same excuses.


  35. It was a absolutely the proper call if you read the damn rule as it’s written; the same way the proper call was made last week as everyone went out of their way to point out…so those turnovers and sacks were all because of blown calls by the refs? One field goal blocked, one missed, and those were because of missed calls? 24 unanswered points were because of biased refs? Take a dose of the medicine you people were dishing out last week and stop complaining, Dolphins fan or not

  36. With the Fins doing their fade thing early and seeing the can the Bengals just opened up on the Jets, I wonder how this game on Thursday is going to go for Miami. Jeff Ireland might want to get the real estate agent on the phone. Mike Wallace, too. No way the next GM is keeping that contract that he can dump for just $3 million next spring.

  37. Wilkening you censored me before calling out shoddy work on your behalf. I have a question. Who actually ever spoken the words what with? Also instead of being lazy on that paragraph with the Logan Ryan sack, is it too hard to give a detail such as Ryan sacked Tannehill resulting in a fumble? Love the 60% effort slacker.

  38. Jimmy Wilson PI, bad call. Dimitri Patterson holding, bad call. (Yes the holding call on the Patriots on Gronks TD was also a bad call but was probably just a ‘make up’ call as they call it. And the end result was still a TD) Vernon batting, bad call. Do me a favor. Tell me the last time the Patriots had to ‘overcome’ three game changing horrible calls. And that’s even leaving some out. Dolphins didn’t play well sunday, but the refs were worse.

  39. And there was no way he was going to recover that ball and he knew it! He just was coached to act like he wasn’t batting it.

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