Patriots storm back, lead Dolphins

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The Patriots, who struggled through a forgettable first half against Miami, are back in business.

First, quarterback Tom Brady hit rookie receiver Aaron Dobson for a 14-yard touchdown, cutting the Dolphins’ lead to 17-10 with 8:28 left in the third quarter.

Then, on the Dolphins’ next series, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill fumbled after being hit by Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan on a blitz. Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich recovered, setting up New England on the Miami 13. Three plays later, Patriots running back Brandon Bolden scored a two-yard TD run off left end, tying the game at 17.

The Patriots made it 17 unanswered points with a Stephen Gostkowski field goal with eight seconds left in the third quarter, giving them a 20-17 lead as the teams switched ends for the fourth quarter in Foxborough.

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  1. Man, I used to think those people claiming that the NFL and game refs ‘protected’ the Patriots were nuts, but watching today’s game with all those obvious BS calls and penalties for the Pats, I’m starting to think they’ve got a point.

  2. I completely agree with @fordmandalay. I thought those people were paranoid, but this is just ridiculous. I have literally never seen a player penalized for “batting the ball backwards”, and I’ve been watching football for 10+ years. That was a 35 yard turn-around and basically ensured the Pats would score. It was unreal.

  3. “Funny things ALWAYS happen in NEW ENGLAND for their favor. Wonder why that is.”

    What about last week? Do you really think these supposed Patriot loving refs would really care where the game is played?

    In any case I’m going to enjoy reading comments like this today. Stew on it Patriot haters. 6-2 never felt so good.

  4. I’m stunned that Miami blew that lead.

    Congrats on Brady for forcing 3 Tannehill turnovers and blocking a FG and sacking Tannehill 6 times. That’s pretty much what the media is going to imply when they talk about this game rather than reality which is that Tom had a horrible game.

    I guess the reason he had the bad game is because of his hand which must explain his entire season so far being similar to how it was today. The excuses keep on rolling…

  5. patsfansknowitall says: Its sad because miami outplayed them.

    Yes – Miami outplayed the Patriots by allowing 24 unanswered points.

    That’s pretty typical for teams that outplay others isn’t it? 0 points put up by the offense? 24 points allowed by the defense?

    Clearly Miami is the better team. Dolphins fans should keep repeating that to themselves.

    Patfans don’t know it all – but I doubt Patsfans would be claiming they outplayed another team if they were outscored 24-0 in the second half.

  6. Amazing ppl are saying the dolphins outplayed them.

    By doing what? Not scoring in the 2nd half? Turning it over twice? Missing a field goal and then having one blocked? Or by getting sacked 6 times?

    It’s amazing the pats haters…I am by no means a fan but seriously grow up. Everyone told them to suck it up last week after that call and now your whining about the refs?

  7. Lol!!! It is so pitiful that people are using the refs as an exuse for why they win! haha Its so funny to me. Yall hate the Patriots so much that you have to resort to posting stupid comments about spygate or BS calls! Follow your own team and comment on the games your team plays (or loses) !! well, i guess haters gon hate!

  8. “Its sad because miami outplayed them.”

    Miami folded like a tent, not because of the officials, elements, or injuries but because they could not handle adversity and because the Patriots picked up both their intensity and their willingness to use schemes to get to the quarterback in the second half. The officials didn’t hit the goal post on a field goal, didn’t have another failed goal blocked, didn’t get sacked continually, didn’t fumble, didn’t throw a pick, and didn’t let the Patriots run the ball down their throats in gut check time. The only touchdown taken off the board by the officials was a pass from Brady to Gronkowski. The Patriots are 6 -2 and the haters that told us Brady was over-the-hill, the Patriots were in decline, and the other teams in the division had caught up to them must be smok’in some of Colorado’s best.

  9. “I guess the reason he had the bad game is because of his hand which must explain his entire season so far being similar to how it was today. The excuses keep on rolling…”

    Brady played bad and has played badly all year. Yet the Patriots are 6-2. I could care less how Brady plays as long as the team wins. He’s still a future hall of famer and is bound to play like it eventually.

    The excuses for the Patriots haters keep on rolling….

  10. Marquice Cole was one-on-one with Mike Wallace during much of the second half and what did Wallace do other than the great screen pass on third and 20? The major free agent signing of this summer was up against a street free agent that is on and off the NE roster and the Patriots survived. Brady and Belichick just keep winning even with a depleted roster and when Tom is not at this best. Why? Because they play to win the game not placate fantasy football fans.

  11. jrcoop says:
    Oct 27, 2013 4:00 PM
    Difficult to beat the Patriots and the officials.

    But Dolphins fans loved it last week when the officials took their direction from Rex and called a first ever, game deciding penalty, in overtime, despite not calling the Jets for committing the exact same infraction in the game…which the NFL has admitted to as of this morning. You loved that. No problems with that at all.

    But somehow now it’s a grave injustice for the officials to NOT be able to look into the mind of Vernon and discern his intent when he pushed the ball upfield with his hand.

  12. vaphinphan thought Pat White was the answer. Though he does have as many Super Bowl titles as Danny boy. Same porpusses, different day. Forty years of ineptitude and counting.

  13. Pats fans have been hearing for years that Belichick is a terrible coach and he can’t win without Brady. Then Brady was out for a year in 2009 and Belichick only won because of a weak schedule. Now that Brady is having a terrible year, Belichick is apparently only winning because of the officials. The excuses keep on rolling for the haters. Meanwhile Belichick has ridden this string of conspiracies to being one of the 3 or 4 best coaches of all time. Keep looking for excuses, or imagining them, whatever it takes to avoid reality.

  14. jakec4 says:
    Oct 27, 2013 3:14 PM
    I’m willing to guess that anybody who watches the NFL knew that Miami’s lead wouldn’t hold up.
    I have long grown to like when the Pats go into halftime trailing.
    They come back out with an attitude.
    When they go into halftime with a lead as they did last week, I worry.
    With good reason I might add.

  15. Hats off to the Patriots, they made plays in this game. And I’m sure that half the fans in the league don’t blame the refs, basically because their team won. I recall the Patfans not happy with the refs last week, right?
    That being said watching the NFL is becoming as hard as watching the NBA. Sure the Patriots made some plays but the momentum of the game and several scoring drives were totally controlled by the refs. Hats off to the Pats, they definitely made more plays then the Dolphins did just not as many as the refs.

  16. patsfansknowitall says:
    Oct 27, 2013 4:09 PM
    Its sad because miami outplayed them.
    It’s a 60 minute game. Each game on the schedule goes for a minimum of 60 minutes and they keep score for the whole 60 minutes. I suspect that the Dolphins next game will have a 60 minute clock too. Thing is, in American football, even if a team has a really good quarter, like the Dolphins did in the first quarter today – they don’t necessarily win the game. That’s part of what makes playing the game worthwhile, because the whole thing counts.

  17. vaphinfan says:Oct 27, 2013 3:56 PM

    Funny things ALWAYS happen in NEW ENGLAND for their favor. Wonder why that is.
    Funny things are happening in NEngland, I’m reading your stale, excuse making posts. Must have been the refs, or the cameras, right? Go take a nap old man, and dream about 1972.

  18. fatsolio, I’ve been a Pats fan for 38 years and your right about everything you said. jax9113, I’ve seen the batting the ball backwards call many times before, although it’s not common.

  19. I have literally never seen a player penalized for “batting the ball backwards

    I couldn’t see the game, but it had to be forward from the perspective of the defense, right?

    Thank Ken Stabler.

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