Redskins facing ongoing opposition to team name when on the road


When Washington’s football team plays at home, not much is said about the team’s name — other than “hail” to it.

When the team has gone elsewhere this year, the controversy regarding its name has followed.

It continues today in Denver, with a combination of radio ads purchased by Oneida Indian Nation and a protest at Sports Authority Field from the American Indian Movement of Colorado.

“We want the players and the coaches to be aware there is national attention on this,” American Indian Movement of Colorado organizer Glenn Morris said, via the Denver Post. “We want to pique their consciences to get them to start pressuring owner Dan Snyder from the inside out.”

The radio ads will be aired in Denver, a week after two CBS Radio stations in Washington opted not to play the commercials, for reasons that still don’t make much sense.

“If they want to buy advertising on our radio station to share their side of the story I’m all for it,” Denver’s 102.3 FM general manager Tom Manoogian told the Post. “Why should I stifle a group that has strong feelings about a topic that hits very close to their hearts?”

The ads likely will be played in Minnesota when the Redskins play there on Thursday, November 7.  An effort to persuade the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission to ban the term “Redskins” from being used at the Metrodome recently was made, but failed.

24 responses to “Redskins facing ongoing opposition to team name when on the road

  1. Sheep like to follow. Most people “offended” by the name are just trying to get attention. The team will be forced to change it just to shut these idiots up. Just shows how easy it is to plant a message in the sheeps head, and they run with it blindly. Most have no real issue with the name, they just feel like they need to be involved.

  2. Get off your soapbox, this is so obnoxious. Anyone that thinks the n word is the same as redskin is an idiot.

  3. I’m offended that this Glenn Morris is running an organization using the word “Indian” in reference to the Native American people. It is ignorant, racist, and shows a complete lack of geographical knowledge.

    Also, it is offensive that they would try and use “the R-word” to censor the Redskins name when there is an ongoing battle for the real “R-word” against mentally disabled persons.

  4. This is the dumbest on going issue. It was fine for how many years and now they see other races crying over issues and are trying to get a piece of the puzzle…..and air time. If they switch the name of the Redskins it is ridiculous and will never be looked at as the same team again.

  5. If you are a fan of any other team, maybe you won’t have a chance to step out on the field to help your team, but the more pressure you can put on the R-team and their owner and the players that are part of it can be some small way for you to make an impact. Just scream those messages loud enough as the players walk by and put the pressure on them and hit them hard and make them understand exactly how offensive this word is.

    Forget about trying to convince Snyder, just bury the players with your pressure. Let them be the ones to take your message to the owner for you. It’s more effective that way and that’s how you get your point across. You hit them where it hurts and you kick them while their down and you twist that knife and don’t stop churning it. If they can endure it, then just make sure it’s as painful and lousy of an experience as possible.

  6. Cardmagnet,

    That other “r-word” use to be the WIDELY ACCEPTED word for people with mental disabilites. There are books of “r word” medicine. DOCTORS and scholars used it.

    The word only got offensive because people started using it as an insult and others started taking it as such.

    It was meant to describe people with mental disabilities (and did for years), not insult them. You could change the name to “pineapples,” and you bet they’d get offended by that too. People are offended by any categorization you give them, even when none is meant…

  7. “You hit them where it hurts and you kick them while their down and you twist that knife and don’t stop churning it”

    Calm down and seek therapy.

  8. Get off your soapbox, this is so obnoxious. Anyone that thinks the n word is the same as redskin is an idiot.


    Just ignore him. I realize the irony/hypocrisy of me posting this, but just ignore him. There are so many great stories in the NFL right now. Let’s all focus on those.

  9. The word Redskins (notice capitalization) is a team name, not an insult. It identifies an American football team in the NFC East division of the NFL. The word Redskins (proper noun) is only used as an insult by other NFC East fans. Never has the word Redskins (Capitalized) been used to denigrate or offend Native American Indians, NEVER.

  10. First, your team sucks.

    Second, your QB used t0 be a runner who could sometimes throw. Now he’s neither.

    Finally, Redskings = N word.

    It was meant to be racist when first used and it still is.


  11. There is no groundswell of opposition. This is a trumped up story by leftists and the leftist media.

  12. I expect that the forces that are against the name b/c it is offensive will lead by example on this issue and start protesting the tribal high schools that use the nick name for their team moniker.

  13. And another thing… this picture was not taken in Denver yesterday… it was sunny and no rain.. matter of fact it was down right HOT there yesterday. No rain… These people probably are NBC employees.

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