Report: Jared Allen could be traded by Tuesday


Add another name to the list of players who could be traded by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen could be traded “for the right price.”

While that sentence generally applies to any player, there’s reason to believe it particularly applies to Allen.  He’s in the final year of a contract that pays him a base salary of $14.2 million, which means that he’d be due to make $7.5 million over the rest of the year.

Glazer says the “right price” is more than a third-round pick, which could be more than a new team would want to pay for a guy in the last year of his contract — unless a new deal would be part of the trade.

The real question, in our view, is whether Allen wants to be traded.  As his one-handed sack of Eli Manning proved, Allen still is an elite pass rusher.  Perhaps he’d like to play for an elite team, too.

50 responses to “Report: Jared Allen could be traded by Tuesday

  1. Makes absolute sense.

    But someone will have to offer better than a 3rd round pick, as the Vikes can get that in compensation if he were to leave at the end of the year.

  2. Better be at least a 2nd round pick or there will be a huge negative reaction from the fans. Why not re- sign Allen / Griffen and let Robison go?

  3. makes sense for the vikings to move him for what they can. if he’s not in their plans for 2014 then don’t let him walk for nothing. counting on a comp pick in 2015 is kind of foolish

  4. An hour ago, I would have said trade Hakeem Nicks for Jared Allen straight up.

    But Nicks is having a pretty good game.

    Neither one will be around next year though.

  5. These players get paid. Then they get asked to take a pay cut. Then they are released or traded. And we’re talking about the best players on the team. Something is wrong with this system.

  6. fyi. any comp pick for allen wouldn’t be awarded until 2015. and those picks would be based on total free agents signed/lost not just on individual players. chargers were in a similar situation with vjax a few years ago and came away with nothing.

  7. If the Falcons beat Arizona today don’t be surprised if they are interested. Atlanta has a need and a ton of cap space next season even after the Ryan extension. They could afford to franchise him.

  8. Why would anyone trade a pick for him. Am I misunderstanding something, he is a free agent at the end of the year right? Why would there be any compensation for him unless they tag him with something?

  9. A great player and a true American patriot but he played for the vikqueens way to long so he’s tainted. Bringing him into your locker room would be like a gross beer fart in a stuck elevator.

  10. His cap number really limits what teams can trade for him, plus a 3rd round pick for 8 games is way too high of a price unless he re-signs, and even then he’s already 31.

    I say Dolphins or Panthers for a 5th, and a swap of a 3rd for a 4th.

  11. gb4mn0 says: Oct 27, 2013 2:32 PM

    A great player and a true American patriot but he played for the vikqueens way to long so he’s tainted. Bringing him into your locker room would be like a gross beer fart in a stuck elevat

    I’m a Queens fan & I find this comment completely hilarious. Go shot Cheddar Head, hopefully we’ve got something for you tonight. SKOL!

  12. If Allen is traded, it would be to a team that is in the playoff hunt. At this time, Allen would give that new team the player who would help that team THIS year. We are not talking about next year. His contract would be renegotiated and Minnesota would be off the hook for his salary. Besides, Allen has a higher trade value for this particular moment.

  13. squrlmoos1 says:
    Oct 27, 2013 2:07 PM



  14. Makes sense. Their offense blows, might as well have a matching defense. Money’s tight on the new stadium right? Here’s the answer. Make the team so crappy you only need to build for 20,000 seats!

  15. GenXJay says:
    Oct 27, 2013 3:07 PM
    what would the gb trolls say if cheese bay took Allen?

    1 0
    Report comment..probably do the same thing the Viking trolls did when after 16 years of bashing Favre..he now forever walks on water in Minnesota

  16. You have to remember that Minnesota is trying to go young. So, they will be looking for draft picks. Oh, forget the QB circus. They could use those picks to move higher up in the 1st round and get a decent QB who was not created as a Ponder lookalike. Just saying . . .

  17. This makes sense. Vikings have already signed Robinson to an extension; and have been in contact talks with Griffin. Only way Allen resigns next year with Vikings is if he tests free agent market, and it flopps. Also no compensation of draft picks if he leaves (only applies to a team’s original draft pick, Allen was traded from Kansas City). Wouldn’t be shocked if Denver already has called.

  18. vegasgreek says:
    Oct 27, 2013 3:51 PM
    Belechick wants him . but will they pay the price?
    Bill “I didn’t know you couldnt push” Bellyache won’t deal for him.

  19. He’s good, but too expensive. If he was the same age as Watt, he’d be worth more. It’s the law of diminishing returns as he gets older. A lot of players understand this and restructure. He seems too egotistical to go that route. He’ll languish in Minnesota side by side with the Minnesota Father of the Year and split the first chance he gets. His next team will not get their money’s worth.

  20. “what would the gb trolls say if cheese bay took Allen?”

    We’d welcome him to his new home, but ONLY if the fire department was able to come out, spray him down, and get that Minnesota STINK off of him!
    Then we’d let him experience what it’s like being on a WINNING TEAM!
    Jared would then know what HEAVEN is like!

  21. he would put a lot of contenders – like dallas over the top to the elite. I think he should at least get a first rounder and more hopefully.

  22. Your an elite team-until your not! Look how the league turns. One season your all the talk, next year nobody’s talking about you. Trade him to who? Who’s elite anymore? Every team can be beat, and every team can go in the tank. Strangest season I can ever remember.

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