Saints now pessimistic about Graham

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That “sense of optimism” about tight end Jimmy Graham inevitably has faded.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Saints are now pessimistic about Graham playing on Sunday against the Bills.

Graham injured his foot two weeks ago against the Patriots.  The next day, it was easy for those of us who chase such things to determine that Graham would have an MRI.  It then became difficult if not impossible to find out what the MRI revealed.

The next day, Chris Mortensen of ESPN played the “sense of optimism” card regarding Graham’s post-bye availability, and we were instantly skeptical.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Graham has a partially torn plantar fascia, and that he’ll get relief only if/when it fully tears.  Officially, Graham is questionable.  If he can’t go, veteran Ben Watson will become the proverbial next man up.  But Watson has no sense of optimism that he’ll do what Graham does.

“We can’t be Jimmy.  We’re not Jimmy,” Watson said of himself and the rest of the team’s pass catchers.

The situation could give the Bills a sense of optimism that they could be able to pull off a road upset for the second straight week.

11 responses to “Saints now pessimistic about Graham

  1. I had a feeling when the Saints went radio-silent on Graham that we’d be hearing about his injury about kickoff time in a couple weeks. Tough. Next man up on a lot of Fantasy teams today, too.

  2. No Graham is a huge problem. You see how the Saints played when the Pats held Graham to zero catches. Thad and Buffalo steal this one 23-21.

  3. If it’s true that he partially tore his plantar fascia, that is obviously bad news for Saints fans. Glaze also doesn’t know his medical diagnosis’ very well. It doesn’t matter if he fully tears it. Where they go in and release part of the tension of the plantar fascia is if the player suffers from chronic plantar fasciitis like Colston and Gates. Even though it’s the same part of the foot, the treatments are different. Jimmy Graham’s pain is going to go through the heel to the mid foot, whereas Gates and Colston is solely in the heel and it pretty much never goes away without constant treatment. So for this season, Jimmy’s injury is worse and most likely won’t heal for 6-8 weeks (Pau Gasol), but for the long term, it’s much better. Gates struggled with chronic plantar fasciitis for years. The fascia also doesn’t have a lot of blood flow, which is why this part of the body doesn’t heal very well as compared to a muscle. Very bad news for Saints fans.

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