Suh plans bye week videoconference with league office

Getty Images

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh does not plan to visit the league office, as he was invited to do, during the bye week. But he does plan to have a chat with league officials.

Suh told Merril Hoge of ESPN that he will have a videoconference with the league office on Thursday, while the Lions are on their bye week.

The NFL extended the invitation to Suh after he was fined for a hit on Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. The scrutiny on Suh for that hit led to some criticism from the Lions’ locker room, where several players expressed disappointment that the league was cracking down on Suh for a hit that didn’t seem particularly dirty and wasn’t flagged on the field.

Now Suh and the league will have an opportunity to discuss why that play drew a fine, and what Suh needs to do to avoid more fines.