Taking a look at players who could be traded by Tuesday


The annual trading window, which opened in March, closes on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.  As one league source explained it, the next 48 hours will have some intrigue.

If history holds, it also will include a trade or two that we’re not thinking about.  With seven former first-round picks already traded this year (A.J. Jenkins, Jon Baldwin, Trent Richardson, Jon Beason, Eugene Monroe, Levi Brown, and Bryant McKinnie), there could be trades that we aren’t thinking about — and trades that we are.

Here’s a no-particular-order effort to identify players who could be making a move by Tuesday, if the proverbial planets line up.

Josh Gordon:  A second-round supplemental pick in 2012 that the current regime wouldn’t have selected has been the focal point of trade talk, especially after the Browns shipped Richardson to Indy.  The Browns aren’t shopping him, but the Browns are listening.  The risk comes from Gordon’s status under the substance-abuse policy, where one more violation could result in a one-year suspension.  Teammate Willis McGahee recently suggested Gordon would benefit from having a veteran receiver on the roster; maybe, if the Browns won’t be trading him to a team with a veteran receiver, the Browns should sign or trade for one.

Greg Little:  If a team that needs a wideout is interested in someone who has more stable standing under the substance-abuse policy, Little could be the answer.

Hakeem Nicks:  There’s no indication that the Giants are shopping him, but many think they should.  His production is down despite being in a contract year, coach Tom Coughlin recently suggested that Nicks hasn’t been reliable this year, and the Giants aren’t expected to pay a ton of money to keep him around in 2014.  The question becomes balancing the expected compensatory pick(s) the Giants could get in 2015 against the potential package of traded pick(s) for 2014.

Fred Davis:  The Redskins are willing to move him, but there’s no indication anyone is willing to trade for him.  Davis could simply be cut after the trade deadline, which would subject him to the waivers process.

Justin Blackmon:  Like Gordon, Blackmon could be one substance-abuse policy violation away from a one-year suspension.  But Blackmon has plenty of talent.  For the Jaguars, who are winless and could stay that way all year, the issue is whether he’s part of the problem or part of the solution — and what they can get for making him the potential solution to someone else’s problem.

Kenny Britt:  The former first-round pick who at one point seemed poised to become the next Randy Moss (and at one point to become the next Pacman Jones) has matured into neither.  Clearly not in Tennessee’s plans, the Titans have to balance what they could get in 2014 against the impact of Britt’s departure on potential compensatory picks in 2015.  Don’t be surprised, however, if Britt remains on the shelf until after June 1, when he won’t count toward the compensatory-pick formula for the Titans or the team that signs him.

Jairus Byrd:  Despite being in a contract year (thanks to the franchise tag), Byrd’s injuries — and possibly a desire to avoid the kind of injury that will keep him from cashing in next year — have kept him from making an impact.  The chatter has been out there for a few weeks, but anyone who trades for Byrd can’t sign him to a long-term deal until after the regular season ends, at the earliest.

Mitchell Schwartz:  With all the talk (which died quickly) that the Browns would consider trading franchise left tackle Joe Thomas, the team’s 2012 second-round right tackle has been overlooked.  The Broncos have been banged up on the offensive line, and former Browns G.M. Tom Heckert, who drafted Schwartz, now works for Denver.

Isaiah Pead:  Another 2012 second-round pick, Pead is buried on the depth chart for a team that will soon be buried in the NFC West standings.  It makes sense to move him, but what can they get for a guy who hasn’t shown much in his NFL career?

Mikel Leshoure:  One of two second-round picks in 2011 (the other was Titus Young), Leshoure has appeared in only two games this year, and he has fallen behind Reggie Bush and Joique Bell.  Leshoure could be closer to falling out of the league than landing on another team.

Mark Ingram:  A toe injury has knocked him out for several weeks, but even when he’s healthy Ingram hasn’t been used much.  After seeing what former members of the three-man Saints weave have done elsewhere (Reggie Bush, Chris Ivory), Ingram may want out.

Maurice Jones-Drew:  G.M. Dave Caldwell has said Jones-Drew won’t be traded, but we’ve heard that the team will move him if the price is right.  But good luck finding the right price for an aging tailback who seems to be a long way from the form that made him the NFL’s leading rusher in 2011.  (Other Jags who could be available include tight end Marcedes Lewis and linebacker Paul Posluszny.)

Christian Ponder:  If Ponder stinks it up on Sunday night against the Packers, Minnesota could decide to finally pull the plug.  But if he stinks it up, who would give up anything of value for him?

Darren McFadden:  We mentioned McFadden last week as a possible candidate for the Cowboys, whose owner reportedly had the former Razorback at the top of the draft board in 2008.  The challenge would come from putting a value on McFadden beyond the 2013 season, when his rookie contract finally expires.

Emmanuel Sanders:  The Patriots were willing to give up a third-round pick in March for Sanders, but the Steelers matched a one-year offer to keep him around.  While he may not stay beyond 2013, a two-game winning streak has quieted talk of a fire sale in the Steel City.

Tony Gonzalez:  Yeah, he says he doesn’t want out.  Yeah, the team says it doesn’t want to trade him.  But if the Falcons pick up their fifth loss today in what amounts to an elimination game against the Cardinals, we think the phones will start ringing at Flowery Branch.  And Gonzalez will want to move to a contender for the final stretch of his NFL career, whether he says so publicly or not.

Jared Allen:  During Sunday’s pregame show, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the Vikings would be willing to trade Allen, at the right price.  It’s unclear whether a deal can be worked out, but it is clear that the Vikings need to consider getting what they can for Allen.

68 responses to “Taking a look at players who could be traded by Tuesday

  1. I predict it will be Schwartz because deadline deals tend to be minor in nature and involve guys I’ve never heard of, and he’s the only guy on this list I’ve never heard of.

  2. If Gonzalez wants a Super Bowl run before his career is over, then he should go back home to KC and finish out this season. Andy would give up a 7th rounder for him.

    It’s the best team to get a ring this year, and he will be going into the HOF as a Chief anyway.

  3. Blackmon is staying.MJD and Babin got to go. Get what you can for them, they won’t be resigning next year. Maybe on the Pos and Lewis. Lewis hasn’t done much since getting his big contract. So maybe he should be worth a good 3rd or 4th pick. Pos could be around the same as Lewis. I have all faith in Caldwell that he will do what’s right by Tuesday. Go Jags!!

  4. Why would the Browns trade the only viable right tackle they have that has potential, a rookie contract and is young? He fits the Joe Banner equation.

  5. KC should give up a 5th for Tony. It would hard to be able to justify anything higher for a half year player, even as good as he is. Of course you could say at the minimum a 6th, 4th for a playoff win, then up to a 3rd if they win the SB.

  6. Byrd isn’t going to get paid his money in B-town & the way he’s been playing in no-town, he’s going nowhere.

  7. Josh Gordon – substance abusing receiver who is three dropped passes away from leading the NFL

    Greg Little – below average stone handed receiver who is four dropped passes away from leading the NFL

  8. I would think Ryan Williams would be on this list. He is 100% healthy and is riding pine behind always dinged up Mendenhall and 2 rookies and an undrafted free agent… I would think they would shop him for some o line help or olb depth…

  9. With Jerm Fin out indefinitely and possibly and IR candidate, the Pack may want to look at Gonzo. He would go cheap, contribute right away, and fit right in.

  10. People always assume that rebuilding teams are willing to trade all of their good players. The Browns and Jaguars are both most likely going to be in position to draft franchise QBs next year.

    Why in the world do assume they would be willing to dump their these future QBs #1 targets? Blackmon and Gordon aren’t going anywhere.

  11. “Leshoure could be closer to falling out of the league than landing on another team.”

    This turd turned out to be a major BUM!

  12. No one is going to want MJD, nor McFragile. Neither has the ability to stay healthy. A team might as well trade for an old Gatorade cooler, because it’ll sit on the sidelines just as much as those two broken-down horses.

  13. Its laughable that Ponder should even be mentioned. Today’s NFL is a passing league and Ponder’s noodle arm limits the offense to anything less than 10 yards down field. That’s bad enough, now are you suggesting a team will trade valuable draft picks for that?

  14. The Falcons MUST unload Tony Gonzalez to a contender of his choice (shhhhhh!) because Matty Ice can dish & dunk the ball off to anyone (check out the Drew Davis one-handed catch last week) & SJax is now back & a low round pick or 2 would be nifty. The feel good story of the season: the sukky ATL gets rid of good guy from the suffering wasted team season & media coverage will swallow it up all season & the playoffs. “Oh, the Falcons were very generous & stand-up guys for doing a noble thing…”. The back up TE’s on the roster are the future anyway or a 2014 free agent.

    Nothing to lose, everything to gain. 😀

  15. “How many first round picks would AP bring? The packers just need a running back”

    Zero first round picks for a 28 year old RB with a monster contract. You can keep your 19th ranked rush offense. We’re doing just fine with the 6th ranked rush offense. Thanks.

  16. “Like Gordon, Blackmon could be one substance-abuse policy violation away from a one-year suspension. But Blackmon has plenty of talent.”

    And Gordon doesn’t? Please.

  17. The assumption that guys like Gordon and Blackmon may be in play isn’t a reflection on their talent but on the fact that management teams in both places are no longer the ones that originally drafted them. Some management teams — stupidly in my opinion — tend to undervalue guys the failed regime they replaced brought in and so are more willing to move them. Cleveland in paricular looks like one of these.

    I agree that if you move Gordon for a second rounder, unless you get lucky you won’t get a player as good, but you WILL get a player Banner and his minions wanted, so they could well make the trade.

  18. Wish Ingram would go to someone who knows how to use him. When healthy, he has a lot of heart and tenacity.

  19. dooz76 says:
    Oct 27, 2013 11:24 AM
    Byrd to “Da Bears” would be awesome. Conte freaking sux!!

    ————————————————————- With Conte, the Bears play the missing man formation….unfortunate.

  20. realitypolice says: Oct 27, 2013 10:41 AM

    I predict it will be Schwartz because deadline deals tend to be minor in nature and involve guys I’ve never heard of, and he’s the only guy on this list I’ve never heard of.


    Shows what you know about the NFL.

    Schwartz is a pretty big deal….he knows people.
    He has several leather bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  21. Let’s not forget coach schianno

    I say he is traded to a top notch pee wee organization for a bag of funions and a half eaten leaky snow cone.

  22. Damn…the Cowboys could really use Jared Allen, and whatever CB/Safety can play the cover 2….


  23. Ask any Saints fan, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Ingram was a product of the offensive line at Alabama and has underachieved in our system.

    Perhaps he would do better on another team. The Saints play running back by committee, and Ingram hasn’t really shined in our system.

    Nice guy, but let’s get real. He would do better on another team.

  24. I’m tired of everyone whining about how much tony Gonzalez deserves to play for a SB contender. Every player put there wants to play in the Super Bowl, and there are plenty of great ayers who never have. It’s the luck of the draw- suck it up.

  25. Ravanator. You do realize your Ravens lost last week to a pathetic Pittsburgh Steeler team? Right? Why would ANYONE want to play with an over-paid “elite” QB?

  26. Cowboys need to trade Dez Bryant for a Ham & Cheese sandwich. You might be lucky if you get the cheese though.

  27. Does anyone wanna take a 30yr old pick magnet with no ability to read a defense or throw an accurate pass. Hes on a rookie contract so it wont hurt the cap much. We’ll take anything for we done, anything at all. We’ll take a 1$ a double cheese burger from mcdonalds for him. Plz I even asked nicely.

    Today showed us that brandon we done is the problem. Christ almighty, Jason campbell came in an almost led us to a victory over the undefeated chiefs. If it wasnt for Davone Bess fumbling the punt in the 3rd qtr we might’ve won, but even with that it was still a game. Doctorrustbelt is delusional for blaming the WRs for our problems. Hoyer came in and had no problem with them. Now jason campbell had no problem. That tells the story right there. We done doesnt even deserve a roster spot.

    Anyway good game KC. GO Browns

  28. Jared Allen to Seattle. Perfect fit. Kevin Williams too. Maybe even greenway.

    Peterson to Dallas.

    Jennings to Green Bay, New England, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Seattle…anybody.

    Ponder to the Canadian football league for an average sized snow shovel for tcf bank next year.

  29. As a Pittsburgher I’d be happy to trade Big Ben to Arizona for a first and third. He only once in a while flashes any sort of greatness anymore, and by the time the rest of the team is rebuilt he will be well past his prime.

  30. Niners getting Gordon would be huge, it seems so simple a second? No brainier. Browns must want more. Or they aren’t trading him.

  31. wolfmanpatriot says: Oct 27, 2013 7:12 PM

    Let’s not forget coach schianno

    I say he is traded to a top notch pee wee organization for a bag of funions and a half eaten leaky snow cone.

    LMAO ….now THAT’s funny…..’cept for the fallout from the parents of the pee wee league…

  32. Toby Gerhart to Dallas for a third rounder. The Peterson trade is going to be entirely too complicated to work out unless he goes to Arizona for Fitz, but the Vikings could still get value out of that position.

  33. The Steelers should trade their coach and GM. There is very little talent on this team and what talent is there is ill-prepared and poorly coached. What a disgrace!

  34. I Love How Steelers Fans Are Complaining About Their Front Office, Coaching, And Talent.

    This Is The Same Fanbase That Let’s You Know How Great They Are When They Are Winning With The Same Front Office, Coaching, And Talent. You Got Old, An You’re Front Office Didn’t Plan For It.

    You All Have Been On Top For So Long, Nobody Knew WhatA Classless Fanbase You Were Until You Started Losing. Your Time Is Over. Deal With It With Some Dignity. PS, Go Browns.

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