Browns lose Travis Benjamin for season with torn ACL


A disappointing season in Cleveland has taken another bad turn.

Travis Benjamin, the second-year player who has emerged as a big-play threat both on offense and on special teams, is out for the season after suffering a torn ACL in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs.

Benjamin suffered the injury when he planted his foot to cut on a return in the third quarter, coach Rob Chudzinski confirmed today.

Travis obviously is a big part of what we do, and has been in terms of return game,” Chudzinski said. “He’s explosive and has the speed and ability to make a big play.”

Losing Benjamin hurt the Browns badly on Sunday: Trailing the undefeated Chiefs by just three points in the fourth quarter, Benjamin’s replacement Davone Bess muffed a punt to give the ball right back to the Chiefs, squandering the Browns’ best chance for a comeback.

So far this season Benjamin had 22 punt returns for 257 yards, three kickoff returns for 146 yards, five catches for 105 yards and one run for 45 yards.

13 responses to “Browns lose Travis Benjamin for season with torn ACL

  1. We can’t catch a break. Down goes another one. The sad things are:

    1. The play didn’t count due to a holding penalty on the Browns
    2. The injury took him out and allowed Bess to come in and fumble the ball helping us lose.

    Welp, get ready for next year. Sadm he was so fast. We had use for him.

  2. Let’s forfeit the rest of the games. It’s gone from bad to worse and we need to finish with a horrible record and draft a QB. Why can’t we ever catch a freakin’ brake?!!!!!

  3. This trade talk is anything but healthy for the Browns locker room and or fans at this point. Trade Cameron or Gordon? Really? The team brass needs to shut that crap down now. You could bring Peyton Manning in and throw to who? Draft picks can’t replace young proven play makers. I still see fight in this team.

  4. The silver lining in this is that with us being down a receiver, it is more unlikely that we will be trading away anyone else on offense. I would have liked to see him replace Bess in the receiving corps.
    Was anyone else thinking oh crap they put Bess back there to catch the punt when he’d been dropping everything all day?

  5. Alright Javon, you had a horrible game. Shake it off and just go back to the basics. Firmly catch the ball first, then proceed to get some extra yards. Focus dude, focus! And that goes for the rest of u knuckleheads with the dropsies.

    Now that we have another quarterback that can actually find an open reciever and get the ball to you in a timely and well positioned manner, you can expect a lot more opportunities to be the hero. But to be the hero, you need to catch the ball first! This team is on the verge of being a great team- no question. Trades? Unless you want Weeds- bite me!

  6. Can someone please explain to me how some of these trade scenarios make sense?

    With the Richardson trade, you gave up a guy that was picked 3rd in the draft, but you also gave up a 4th, 5th and 7th pick to move up the one spot to get him. Since the Colts are most likely going to the playoffs, you will likely be getting a pick at 20-25 AT THE EARLIEST.

    So, now there is talk that you want to trade Gordon or who ever? The question is, do you REALLY think you are going to get better with that ONE pick, as opposed to a player that has proven he can play the game?

    Come on Jimmy, you know better than this.

  7. I don’t understand, why would you even think about trading the best wide receiver on the team? Gordon is the most talented receiver the Browns have had in years!

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