Clay Matthews gets the pins out next Monday


The Packers defense got by without outside linebacker Clay Matthews, but they clearly miss him.

Now, they might be getting him back sooner than expected.

Matthews told Rob Demovsky of that he was getting the pins removed from his broken right thumb next Monday, and could possibly play as soon as the Nov. 10 game against the Eagles.

I’m hoping for the best, but it was a unique break,” Matthews said. “I’m praying for the best when they take [the pins] out. It could be as early as Philadelphia. It could be as late as Thanksgiving [at Detroit]. Hopefully, there’s nothing unforeseen when they do that.”

He broke his thumb Oct. 6 against the Lions, and needed surgery the next day to stabilize the break, which was near the base of the thumb.

Getting him back on the field will help a defense that has played well against the run, but needs his presence on pass-rushing downs.

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  1. “I’m hoping for the best, but it was a unique break,” Matthews said. “I’m praying for the best when they take [the pins] out.


    Talking into thin air won’t do anything. Medical science will.

  2. wda628 says:
    Oct 28, 2013 10:51 AM
    Why not wear one of those big ball mushroom shaped casts like many lineman do with a broken appendage?

    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————- he has pins in it and if it doesn’t heal properly his thumb may become unuseable. it will just flop around and he won’t be able to grip things with it.

  3. My first thought was that the big ball-at-the-end cast could work. But …… two things ….

    a. The thumb has two tendons coming out of the hand/wrist and they can be pretty delicate. I broke my wrist and one of those tendons doesn’t work any more because I was moving the thumb too much while the cast was still on. So now, I can’t get the part of the thumb with the nail to bend backwards anymore. If I grabbed jerseys for a living, that would be 20% harder to do now. So, I’m thinking that the Pack is protecting those tendons from movement and impact as much as they are protecting a fracture to the bone.

    b. I also miss seeing Clay make big plays and hope he can make it back soon. But, right now, the defense is doing pretty well without him. So, let’s let him heal up well.

    Clay, I hope lots of people pray that the Lord sustain your health. I just did.

    God bless

  4. With the relatively soft schedule the Packers have, and as well as the second stringers are doing, I don’t see a need to get Matthews back on the field until he’s 100% sure he’s healed up.

  5. Nov 10th is exactly when they were expecting him back, not earlier. (although it is a surprise when these things go to schedule)

  6. I just love the haters on here about Clay and steroids. One, he’s likely doing what 95% of the rest of the players are doing and two he’s never tested positive. He’s just better than the rest. Pretty simple.

    As for ripping Rodgers for roids, do some reading before posting. He’s severed all business relationships with Braun and hasn’t spoken to him since the incident. I get its hard to be a Vikings fan, maybe turn to woman’s basketball, only winning franchise in town. Haha

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