Concussion hearing postponed


On August 29, a settlement was announced in the massive concussion lawsuit against the NFL.  Nearly two months later, the settlement still hasn’t been tendered to the presiding judge for preliminary approval.

Judge Anita Brody had been scheduled to consider preliminary approval for the settlement today, October 28.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the hearing has been postponed.

We’re told the hearing was bumped principally because the financial experts assessing the ability of the $765 million settlement to provide compensation to all retired NFL players who have or may have severe cognitive impairment need some extra time to prepare their reports.

Currently, a new date hasn’t been set.  The delay, which reflects the complexity of implementing the agreements, isn’t expected to be more than a few weeks.

4 responses to “Concussion hearing postponed

  1. The real crime is the delayed healthcare to athletes who never played in the NFL and whose parents, doctors and athletic trainers were never priveleged to the information regarding concussionsconcussions.

    While operating on what is now considered archaic standards, athletes were being sent back into games.

    Why only 750 million?

    No one can prove when CTE starts. It might start in high school. Or college. Two domains the NFL isn’t responsible but set the bar for.

  2. They settled for less so they can get the money now. If they continue they won’t see a dime for 10+ years. If they continue the NFL starts to blame colleges, high schools and general doctors of each player. Also what did the NFL players association know. I can see the NFL showing that a players regular doctor during check ups missed the player having concussion like symtoms.

    NFL wants this to go away so they settled. No one wins if this gets drawn out.

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