Dez Bryant defends his sideline outbursts


The first of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s rants was mild by comparison, just your run of the mill yelling at the quarterback and the receivers coach.

The next one had a little more heat behind it, as he jawed back and forth with tight end Jason Witten, to the extent that injured teammate DeMarcus Ware stepped between them.

But after the fact, and after the Cowboys lost a crushing 31-30 decision to the Lions, Bryant wasn’t about to apologize.

“My passion is always positive,” Bryant said, via Tim McMahon of “It’s always positive. It’s going to remain the same way. I’m not saying anything wrong. I’m not saying anything bad. It’s all positive. That’s just what it is.

“I’m the nicest person off the field. When I’m on the field, even when I look angry, it’s still all good passion. It’s all good passion. I feel like that’s what we need. I’m going to remain the same way. I feel like I love this game. I love it. In order to win, you’ve got to be passionate about this game. You have to be. You’ve got to let that dog come out and just put it all out there on the line.”

There was barking, and maybe he felt a bit like a chihuahua after his own good day three catches for 72 yards and two touchdowns) was eclipsed by the true big dog in the neighborhood (Calvin Johnson’s 329-yard event).

But he said he didn’t care how the outbursts were received.

“That’s [the media’s] problem, because everybody knows up in this locker room who I am,” Bryant said. “It’s been that way since Day 1. The day that I got drafted, like I told y’all, don’t get it twisted: I love this game. I love my teammates. That’s what it is.

“It’s going to forever remain the same. It started in Pop Warner, went to middle school, went to high school, went to college, and it’s here. It’s going to stay that way. It won’t change.”

Tony Romo shrugged off the first one, saying Bryant was more concerned with team welfare than his own stats, pointing out they scored touchdowns on the next two drives. Likewise, the man who signs the checks didn’t mind either.

“Not in any way did it concern me,” owner Jerry Jones said. “It’s not a negative for our team. Matter of fact, when he started that as I saw timing-wise, we started playing better on our offense and the defense didn’t hear it. They were out on the field. It’s not an issue.

“I’m not trying to make light of it. But he’s a very passionate player and he competes and works and does all the things that give him the collateral to use with his teammates and with me relative to a few awkward moments on the sideline, overexpression of passion. He’s bought enough slack with me.”

As long as he continues making plays, most teammates will accept it as part of the package.

60 responses to “Dez Bryant defends his sideline outbursts

  1. “It’s going to forever remain the same. It started in Pop Warner, went to middle school, went to high school, went to college, and it’s here. It’s going to stay that way. It won’t change.”

    Well, at least he admits he’s been a foolish immature person all his life. He’s heading for trouble down the road.

  2. If Jerry Jones is endorsing that kind of outburst because it is a “positive” he should have people do that at meetings in the front office – especially when they’re meeting with GM Jerry Jones on draft day. Can’t get enough “positive” when you’re on the clock.

  3. Like I said last week cowgirl fans you hear that loud noise.?????!!! That’s the Sound of the cowgirls season exploding before everyone. LMAO and LOL. !!!!!! Thank GOD I am a REDSKINS FAN.!!!!!!

  4. And so the Cowboys drama continues. As long as Jerry Jones is the best GM (and he’ll tell you that he is) in the league, the Cowboys will continue to implode and fall short of anyone’s expectations. It’s too bad too. If a real GM were running things, who knows how far the Cowboys could go?

  5. Funny how the ‘nicest guy off the field’ has been arrested for domestic violence after hitting his own mother.

  6. Way to take accountability for bring a jackass Dez. Way to hold your team accountable Jerry. A passionate team is a great thing but you need discipline for that team to move towards a single goal or else that team will never succeed in reaching it’s goal.

  7. I agreed with what Irvin said last night. I don’t exactly agree with the distance he went, should put some more of that on the field, but it’s nice to see someone on the Cowboys look like they give a damn. Cool and calm is useful but we’ve been screaming for years they need vocal excited leaders.

    Kinda funny that one of his blow up was with an old guard “leader” in Witten and yet every single person is defending Dez. I think Jerruh wants fire like this on his sidelines.

  8. The most mediocre franchise in sports… Of course Jerrah sees nothing wrong… He’s the king of mediocrity

  9. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Jones can’t see that he is the problem here and this is a prime example of it, always condoning poor behaviour, terrible personnel decisions and even worse salary cap decisions…this team is lucky to be mired in mediocrity, it should be worse…

  10. Why is it when Tom Brady blows up on someone he’s a fiery competitor but Bryant is a whining baby when he does it?

    Not a Cowboys fan or a Dez Bryant fan, just a thought

  11. Dez Bryant made some key plays for the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon but when you compare yourself to an elite receiver, people are going to expect more than 3-catches.

    After seeing the tantrums I think it speaks volumes about how much he does care about the outcome of the game. Unlike some, Bryant didn’t walk off the field smiling because individually he played well.

    He’s young but he needs to hone that energy to help on the field, not cause a distraction before the final seconds tick away.

  12. Bryant can be upset at how the team is playing and go off and it is bad. Tom Brady DOES THE SAME THING and it is brushed aside or seen by the media as a positive. Incredible.

    Got to love the double standard both with QBs and receivers and then more specifically with Brady and everyone else since any other QB going off and yelling at teammates would be him throwing the team under the bus.

  13. Before you can say “what a mess”, Jerrah comes out and defends this idiot.

    This is a great example that as long as Jones owns the team, there is no hope whatsoever for the Cowboys.

    Jones just ripped the heart out of his team by siding with Bryant, and he doesn’t even know it.

  14. Now go home and straight to bed young man, you can eat in your room, you father will speak to you later, Warrrd, the Beaver is causing trouble at his games, yes June!

  15. The Cowboys are 132-132 since the start of the ’97 season. Honestly, I’m thrilled to have a player who isn’t happy with mediocrity and who wants to be the best. Dez is more Michael Irvin than TO.

  16. if he starts trashing his teammates via the media, then he’s just another TO. but i don’t think that is going to happen

  17. Personally, I don’t have a problem with his (Dez) reactions, he is the least of problems. It seems like this team sits around and figures out ways to lose games. This game should not have gotten away. Yes, they should have been able to run out the clock if not for the penalty but with the amount of turnovers that Detroit had, it shouldn’t have been that close.
    there are so many of the issues besides Dez flipping out on the sideline. it seems like there are too many players on that team just collecting checks or players that could possibly contribute if they actually played. And that’s just for starters when it comes to this team’s problems.

  18. Sideline outbursts are phony controversies.

    Giving a crap about this mediocre franchise that should have been stripped of its relevance after 2000 should be the controversy.

  19. Calvin Johnson was on the only 0-16 team in NFL history, and he NEVER acted like that… His team turned the ball over, over and over again yesterday, yet all he did was pick his team up on his shoulders and win. He proved why he is the best WR in the league, and it isn’t even close.

  20. Eh, he seemed like the only one who gave a damn about the game. He didn’t get in front of the mic and bash his teammates.

  21. I really hate when people talk about something they don’t understand.
    Dez had every reason to be pissed. I played ball on all levels as well. Went to cowboys camp but got cut. Thats my experience. But as for what Dez did i fully understand. If you truly live the game you HATE losing but you can handle a lost. Dez was pissed because he felt they were laying down and just excepting it. Hell no!!!! And for the people that follow other teams anyone of you couch critics would love dez on your team because he is better then your current WR’s if your ass played sports and was a starter instead of the back up or water boy you would understand his frustration…Ray Lewis, Urlacher,Sapp, My college teammate John Randle none of those guy took loosing laying down. So get real. Dez did his job when they threw him the ball just like Megatron…

  22. I think his point was/is that if more of his teammates had the overt passion he has they wouldn’t keep losing games this way. The “calm down, it’s ok” attitude is what’s wrong in Big D.

  23. Dez is the only one with the balls and passion it takes to be more than mediocre…from Redball on down…I am a Cowboys fan…love Garrett but he played not to lose and he lost…We have been .500 with Witten as great as he is…more Dez and less of the rest…Dez was smart enough to see what was about to happen and was the only one that cared enough to protest…the rest of those dogs were content to roll over…

  24. I’m glad Dez Bryant went off, no one else on the team shows aggression. Take for instance the greatest coach Dallas had and I miss this man, wish he would come back Mr Jimmy Johnson. That man always showed aggressive attitude towards the team, and he meant well when he did it showed on offense and defense. Dallas needs this aggressive attitude from someone and Dez is the man to do it. All in favor to fire Jason Garrett, I. And the reason why, the man cannot manage the clock to save his life, let’s run the ball 3 times and either punt or field goal and let the defense bust their ass to make a big play. Can’t depend on defense to win the game.

  25. Lmao to the Redskins fans trying to talk trash. Remind your place in the division? One holding penalty away from having run enough time off the clock to avoid the Stafford sneak. And honestly our pass defense is one if the worst so they shouldve expected to get torched in the air. Still 1st in the division though cause the Giants and Eagles are going nowhere with that garbage they call football.

  26. The media set this up. “Dez vs. Megatron”…”Dez vs. Megatron”…”Dez vs. Megatron.” That’s all we heard all week. Bryant must watch alot of T.V. and listen to talk radio. It’s all about himself. He was watching the best and couldn’t keep up with his stats. Hey Bryant ! It’s actually Lions vs. Cowboys. Selfish

  27. cospgsmadman — You must not have watched the game, you clearly haven’t seen any post-game interviews and you obviously haven’t read the article. Bryant’s enthusiasm for his teammates and the teams success was just as demonstrative but won’t get the same press … point being, he’s a fiery personality and was trying to infuse his teammates down the stretch. He’ll learn to watch out for the media and it’s troll following.

    On his comments earlier in the week, he never said he was better than Johnson, he simply said “I can do what he can do.” Megatron is no doubt a beast and clearly the best in the business. Bryant may or may not be [close] to that level but we’ll never know because he doesn’t get enough targets.

  28. Toady’s “Word of the Day” Boy’s and Girl’s is PASSION.

    Repeat after me passion, passion, passion, passion, passion, passion, passion, passion, passion, passion.

    Good sheep, er, fans.

    Look a squirrel!

  29. T.O. had Passion, T.O. just wanted to win, T.O. congratulated teammates on TD receptions, T.O. even Loved his quarterback not just cared but L O V E D! Is so funny how everyone said he’s not a me me guy. Sure fooled me . Even J.Jones said Dez wanted the ball. Hey Dez, Should we get our popcorn ready? 2 more losses in a row and I guarantee he will throw Romo under the bus

  30. Dez Bryant is a very good receiver with a very high opinion of himself. His outburst yesterday had more to do with all of the “who is the best WR” storyline than just being passionate about winning. especially since they were already winning when he was throwing his temper tantrums on the sidelines. Maybe you should have hollered at the D and told them his to stop Calvin!

  31. Didn’t T.O. start out something like this?

    Please Jerry, and I am begging here, don’t let this turn into the same thing. This country has enough to worry about. We certainly don’t need a sequel to the Terrell Owens freak show.

  32. Calvin gained more yards on one catch than Dez managed in a full day’s work, and that’s what the tantrum was about: he wanted the ball so he wouldn’t look like the trash talking fool that he is. Why else would he be freaking out when his team was ahead?

    Ware and Witten should have kicked his ass…

  33. bloodisred says:

    Bryant may or may not be [close] to that level but we’ll never know because he doesn’t get enough targets.


    So far this season, Calvin has 79 targets to Dez’s 76. Calvin has 47 receptions, Dez has 45. In spite of this, Dez has 180 fewer yards. I think maybe Dez just isn’t as good as he thinks…

  34. @steveb9995 – no, that’s not what the “tantrum” was about.

    @raynman49 – Whitten’s response –

    “He’s emotional,” Witten said. “The guy loves to play, loves to win. We were all disappointed it came down to that situation — they made some plays and we didn’t close it out offensively.

    “We have a great relationship with him. This is a close-knit group. He has more passion than anyone I’ve ever played with. That’s a good thing to have. With 12 seconds left, we were all upset, but there was still time left. I tried to communicate that. There was more football to play. We were going to get the ball back, and the play we had drawn up, he was a big part of that play. We were trying to get him to calm down because we were going to try to get him the ball on that play.”

    Witten repeated that he has “no hard feelings” for Bryant.

    “I love that kid like a brother,” Witten said. “There are no hard feelings. DeMarcus and I talked to him. He’s a great receiver and plays his tail off week in and week out. It’s as simple as that. It’s a disappointing loss. Dez is a guy who plays with his heart. We all do. Those things come up.”

  35. bloodisred says:

    Bryant may or may not be [close] to that level but we’ll never know because he doesn’t get enough targets.

    steveb9995 says:

    So far this season, Calvin has 79 targets to Dez’s 76. Calvin has 47 receptions, Dez has 45. In spite of this, Dez has 180 fewer yards. I think maybe Dez just isn’t as good as he thinks…


    Boy, you really hate Bryant huh? Dez had 2 very impressive TDs on 3 receptions … on 4 targets. Put your hate aside and think what he might have done with more targets.

    Romo needs to take the same approach with Bryant as Stafford does with Johnson … throw it up and let the bigger, stronger guy go get it.

  36. Dez was open several time or single covered when Romo threw to Williams. For last few week we were begging for dez to be single cover or a soft safety and this week we didnt act on it. Where the heck was Beazley anyway..

  37. I have always found it interesting how inconsistently people react to stuff like this. Kobe Bryant screams at teammates and acts pretty much the same as Dez Bryant on the sidelines and he is considered to be passionate and driven while Dez is immature and undisciplined. On the flip side, Megatron gets huge props for his mellow demeanor and called a professional for how he carries himself, while LeBron acting the same way has his drive and passion questioned.

    I also don’t think Dez’s reactions in the game had anything to do with playing across from Megatron. This is not “new” behavior for him. He doesn’t act like this only when playing against the Lions.

    Personally, I give Dez props for calling people out to their faces instead of just taking shots at them behind their backs like other players do. I don’t know what he was complaining about exactly, but there were plenty of things for him to be upset with during that game. I am surprised there weren’t MORE Cowboys players as upset with thing as Dez was. Maybe that is why they lost that game….

  38. The fact that some people are calling this “unacceptable behavior” is astounding. This is one of the reasons the Cowboys cannot get over the “hump”. The ‘Boys had the advantage in turnovers 4-0, and they still lost, and somehow their star WR was seemingly the only one who cared. Dez Bryant is by far the best talent on the team, and its good how he is man enough to show when hes frustrated. He was sitting on the sidelines watching Megatron catching passes from Stafford, who trusts Calvin Johnson completely. Meanwhile, when you watch one of the plays in the game, Dez Bryant sees that he is in man-to-man with a CB he knows he cant torch. He signals to Romo, and when the snap comes, Romo doesn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE him. Cant even understand how frustrating that is

  39. Some of you people who are dogging Dez need to get a clue… How could he have had matching stats with Johnson when Romo did not target him…

    I am amazed how some people are so clueless! While Johnson is a GREAT player and one of the best to ever play the game, Dez is also one of the best in the business…

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