Gonzalez calls Sunday’s loss “devastating”


The Week Eight game between the 2-4 Falcons and 3-4 Cardinals had the feel of an elimination game.  If so, the Falcons have been eliminated.

Tight end Tony Gonzalez, who was 95 percent sure in 2012 that he wouldn’t be back in 2013, seems to realize it.

This is devastating,” Gonzalez said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “This puts us way behind the eight ball as far as the playoffs are concerned.  I think our more immediate concern is winning a game against a good team.  It was good that we got the win [against Tampa Bay] last week, but the Buccaneers haven’t even won a game this year.”

The only other Falcons win this year came against the Rams, who nearly erased a 21-point halftime deficit in Atlanta.

With the trade deadline a day away, it’s hard not to at least consider whether the Falcons will give Gonzalez a chance to finish his career with a team that has a realistic chance to land in the Super Bowl.  While Gonzalez reportedly doesn’t want to be traded, he already has played the “get me off a crappy team” card once in his career.  He can’t afford to be perceived as doing it again.

Likewise, the Falcons are believed to have no interest in trading him.  But if he truly wants a chance to finish his career with a Super Bowl win (and why wouldn’t he?), it makes sense for the Falcons to give him that opportunity.  He didn’t come back for the money (supposedly) or the privilege of playing 16 regular-season games.  He returned for the ring.

What’s that, you say?  The Falcons don’t want to send the wrong message to their fan base by folding the tents?  The tents already have been folded.  They can either finish the string with the Gonzalez Farewell Tour or they can leverage him for something that the team will have in 2014, when Gonzalez will be gone for good.

Unless, of course, he’s willing to reconsider his 100-percent vow to call it quits.

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  1. I’d ask to be traded to the Packers. They look like they’re rolling, and with Jermichael Finley’s injury…

  2. Rough year for us Falcons fans. Thankfully for me, the biggest trash talker I know is a Steelers fan…

    Regardless of what he wants, the team owes it to him to honor his wishes. That said, I really hope he privately wants to be traded…

  3. The problem with trading Gonzalez is more than “giving up” on the season, it would get Matt Ryan KILLED. They have NO running game(dead last in ypg, even behind Jacksonville), no receivers aside from Douglas, and the offensive line is absolute garbage. Ryan gets sacked/knocked around a ton. What’s going to happen if the other team doesn’t have to put two guys to hammer Gonzalez at the line of scrimmage?

    Trust me, I’m a Saints fan so I’m not making excuses for Matt Ryan but the guy would be a sitting duck if that happened.

  4. My 2 favorite pro teams are the Steelers and the Falcons, so this year has stunk for me (and let’s not even talk about college football). The way I look at it is both should get high draft picks and hopefully both will get good Left Tackles. Atlanta could use a pass rusher as well. At least for Atlanta, next year you get Roddy White, Julio Jones and Sean Weatherspoon back at full speed.

  5. Let the man finish out his career with a team that could use some additional veteran presence; a team that has some room at the TE position; a team destined for the postseason. Trade him back to Kansas City for a 5th round pick. Everybody wins, including the fans of football in general.

  6. Packers almost pulled the trigger on acquiring Gonzalez the last time (man, wouldn’t that have been nice?), so maybe they do it this time. The more likely destination would be a return to KC since they haven’t shown an aversion to dealing picks for players.

    I can’t recall a single time where Ted Thompson gave up a draft pick for a player. They were linked to Gonzalez and Marshawn Lynch (again, wouldn’t that have been nice?) in the past, but they just don’t part with picks.

  7. No matter what happens, TG has been a great player for the Falcons, and I wish him nothing but the best.
    I’m a Falcons fan, but this season is done.

  8. .

    Teams are reluctant to bring up injuries because it looks like you’re making excuses. However, it’s obvious to even a casual fan that the Falcons have endured more than their share. While injuries may not be an excuse, they are certainly a contributing factor in Atlanta’s disappointing start.


  9. Trade talk needs to stop; no one is renting a 37 y/o for 7 games at a cost of draft picks. Falcons know it too. Only tms dumb enough to already used their picks on bad players (IND)

  10. GB or KC but ya gotta wonder if anyone would give up more than a 6th or 7th for a player who has half of a season left. It might work better to trade a guy that a team plans to cut anyway…

  11. I’m still amused at the fact that Steven Jackson went to the Falcons to play for that ring… and his old team, the Rams, currently has 1 more win than the Falcons.

  12. The Packers only have 3 players on their 53 man roster that have played for another team. I don’t see that trade happening. Send him over to New England. We would love the added weapon 🙂

  13. Tony G has already stated he was going to retire as a Chief whenever he decides to call it quits….Its a perfect scenario for Tony G to come back home to KC, help the Chiefs get over the hump and win a superbowl

  14. umrguy42 says:
    Oct 28, 2013 2:09 PM
    I’m still amused at the fact that Steven Jackson went to the Falcons to play for that ring… and his old team, the Rams, currently has 1 more win than the Falcons.

    Quite amusing your post, you know the Rams will also be done in short order right, lol. Kellen Clemens good luck with that. On another note no value, he probably doesnt want to be traded, he is staying put and that is that.

  15. Hate seeing Gonzalez going out this way but in the end, Dimitrioff chose not to upgrade the defense in a manner sufficient enough to compensate for injuries on the offense.

    I hope the Falcons can suck it up and hand the SeAAderal Seahawks a deserving loss Sunday 11/10.

  16. While Gonzalez reportedly doesn’t want to be traded, he already has played the “get me off a crappy team” card once in his career. He can’t afford to be perceived as doing it again.

    Especially since that crappy team he left is now 8-0…….

    go Falcons, bring back VICK!!!

  17. Gonzalez would help Atlanta the most by allowing a trade. He won’t play next year so if the team he loves can get a draft pick for the trade, he would help them by advocating for one. He can limit it to his select few playoff teams and have a chance to play in the SB. There likely are a few teams that would love to have his experience and talent. I would love to see him come to Seattle for a playoff run.

  18. Talk about guessing wrong. KC is on a roll now and in need of some offense to complement that awesome defense. Where’s Tony? Suffering in Atlanta.

  19. No Tony you won’t be traded.

    Despite you dumping them, KC looks to be doing fine without you. Just keep following the money right out the door…ringless.

  20. “….he already has played the “get me off a crappy team” card once in his career. He can’t afford to be perceived as doing it again.”

    Why not? It’s not like he’s going to ruin his reputation. He’s retiring. He’s a no-brainer Hall of Famer. He can do almost anything he wants.

  21. They should just trade him so he can go to a team and win a Superbowl. The problem is, the Lions don’t really need another TE!

  22. As a huge Falcon fan, we need to just push through the rest of this season and tough it out! We need to upgrade the defense dramaticly and the o-line coulf use some help too! Hopefully Tony will give it one more shot next year when this team is healthy! Injuries have killed us but yes that is no excuse! Hopefully this down year will get us a nice draft pick in tge 1st round though !

  23. I kind of feel bad for this guy and the Falcons, they had big expectations this year so it’s got to sting.
    Go Pack Go!

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