Initial diagnosis for Ryan Broyles is torn Achilles


The Lions are fortunate they have a wide receiver who can put up a team’s worth of stats.

Because he might be the only wide receiver left at their current rate.

The second-year wide receiver suffered an apparent torn Achilles while fair-catching a punt in the Lions wild win over the Cowboys.

“There’s a potential for [a ruptured Achilles], yes,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “That’s what we’re looking at. And if he does, that would be season-ending. That would be disappointing, but let’s pray it’s not. But that’s what the initial diagnosis was.”

Broyles has suffered season-ending injuries the previous two seasons, including an ACL tear in his right knee last December, and a torn left ACL his senior year at Oklahoma.

The silver lining is that Nate Burleson could be returning soon, after his save-the-pizza car crash which resulted in a broken arm.

Burleson worked out before yesterday’s game, and said he hopes to play when the Lions return from their bye week.

But that would still leave them short on outside receivers opposite Calvin Johnson, and could make them consider making a move before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

7 responses to “Initial diagnosis for Ryan Broyles is torn Achilles

  1. Any trade the lions would do for a WR would probably be for this year only cause I assume they have some big cap issues coming up in the next couple years if not already this year.

  2. Broyles has been minimally effective in his return from injury this season. If the Lions didn’t make a move for when Burleson was out, I doubt they do it now. Durham has actually played pretty well for the most part.

  3. The Lions should make a deal for Kenny Britt.

    He is talented and available on the cheap. And his questionable character issues should mesh well with the collection of goons they already have. Win win for everyone involved.

  4. Unfortunately this kids career has been marred by one injury after another. With the release of Scheff, you wonder if they’ll do the same with Broyles and find another receiver where we’re woefully short.

  5. The Lions have not had much success with Sooner draftees recently. Ronnell Lewis and now, Broyles. Broyles is a quality individual but, has had some horrible luck. The only amount of optimism I could lend is that Stafford had horrible luck too his first two seasons.

    Let this kid spend all of ’14 on IR. Give it one last shot in ’15.

  6. The Lions need to be on the phone with Jacksonville for Blackmon. While there is the worry of the one year suspension looming, the talent level and cheap contract would make him a perfect fit for the team. And with the entire coaching staff and front office in the position of losing their jobs without some playoff wins, it is worth mortgaging the future.

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