Jason Tarver apologizes for giving officials the finger


A day after Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver gave the officials the finger during a game, he has issued an apology.

Tarver gave a statement in which he acknowledged that he went way overboard by making an obscene gesture to register his frustration with a flag on Oakland cornerback Mike Jenkins.

I apologize for my action on the sideline of yesterday’s game. It was in the heat of the moment and I regret drawing attention away from the Raiders players and what they accomplished,” Tarver said, via the Contra Costa Times.

It turned out that Tarver was right to be angry with the flag on Jenkins, as the officials talked it over and waved off the penalty. But the way he expressed himself will net Tarver a significant fine from the league office.

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  1. The officials don’t appologize to coaches when they make bad calls. This guy didn’t need to appologize. 40k in fines is appology enough. It’s sad that you can take a players head off with your helmet, and get fined a smaller amount than a gesture that people over react to.

    The whole word would be better off if everyone wasn’t so quick to be offened by everything.

  2. Seems like he just couldn’t keep his cool. The refs talked it over, waived the penalty, and he comes off looking like an idiot.

  3. Here is why I don’t care about what he did.

    He has this defense ranked as the 5th best in total defense with 10 new starters.

    Whats the difference between this and every coach uttering the “F” word at the official and broadcasters becoming lip readers for the public?

  4. I didn’t know who Tarver was until reading this article but I have a lot of respect for him now. He had a human moment and did what all of us do on a regular basis to our tv screens to the officials who have been DREADFUL this season. Players curse out officials all the time but we can’t hear it but if you give the finger then that’s a big no-no? lol

  5. Momentary lapse in restraint/judgement = $

    Apology = reduced $ in fine given

    Gesture = Sideline/player support

    It was worth it; just don’t repeat.

  6. And let me send a mental middle finger salute to Mike Pereira, for sending an e-mail to the NFL offices calling out Tarver’s actions. Hey Mike, you d-bag, nobody like a snitch.

  7. Tarver has “Raider” written all over him and I love it. His defense keeps the team in the games since the offense over and over again has ZERO production in the second half. I can’t wait until they figure out how to play a full 60 on offense because they’ll be a force.

  8. i for one am offended and you all should be as well. imagine if all coaches and players just starting flipping off the officials .. what a clown-show that would end up being. this is the “professional” level?

  9. He is simply expressing what so many fans have felt for a long time; That the state of refereeing in NFL is horrendous and seriously inconsistent. The NFL should look at the NHL for how to prep officials for the season.

  10. steelersaregodsteam says: Oct 28, 2013 4:41 PM

    Yet, the refs did everything in their power to help the Raiders yesterday. What a joke. Why doesn’t the NFL look into that ?

    This from the team who has been given a Superbowl and many other games due to refs “helping out”, not to mention horse steroids and HGH.

    This is the future. Get used to it.

  11. I agree with the above comment that it’s too bad you can’t see a video of the play. It was literally two guys bumping into each other resulting in an unsportsmanlike call. Now they reversed it, but it makes you wonder what the league has said the threshold is to throw flags. It can’t be much.

  12. I don’t blame him at all, I used two hands to the T.V. screen when they called that, and I used words that were much more abusive.

    But for once, the refs made a bone head call and reversed it. Miracles do happen I guess in our life times.

    If they would stop changing so many rules and making up new ones every year, the ref’s would not have these problems.

    Fine the ref’s too, so they don’t make mistakes a second time.

    The ref deserved the one finger salute for that stupid call.

  13. i think everyone who was watching that game should of gave the finger. i know i gave tomlin, big ben, Antonio brown, the steeler defense, the steeler offense, Colbert, suisham, haley, the refs, etc.. the finger!!!

  14. The League should apologize to the Raiders for the NON Franco Harris Catch , the Rob Lyttle Fumble Play in Denver and the Infamous Tuck call. 3 Super Bowls right there for the Raiders and NO Undefeated 1972 Dolphins . who are you kidding?

  15. Doesn’t it really just come down to what you can get away with??!!….given all the F-bombs ( & god knows what else) you can lip sync off the coaches during their exchanges with officials. The league looks the other way there in those instances so his mistake was giving video evidence that could be pinned on him for the masses to see…

  16. Tarver will NOT be getting a fine from the league office. It was reported this morning that the Raiders will be doling out the punishment.

    If Mark Davis is listening, whatever you fine Tarver be sure to give him a raise in salary of at least as much. Dude has earned every cent, and these refs deserve more birds.

  17. Oct 28, 2013 4:48 PM
    steelersaregodsteam says: Oct 28, 2013 4:41 PM

    Yet, the refs did everything in their power to help the Raiders yesterday. What a joke. Why doesn’t the NFL look into that ?

    I think your kicker did everything in his power to help us win the game. Seriously, 2 missed FG from inside 35 yards!!

  18. I was at that game.. The refs let Pittsburgh hold the d line all game long, that bs call was just the last straw for tarver, I’m glad he did it, it’s time someone stuck it to the authority…

    The only reason they picked it up was cause they couldn’t collectively come up with some bs explanation to cover it up…

    One nation!!

  19. It was a horrible call and Tarver reacted like any rational, thinking person would.

    The refs had a talk and realized they were wrong and picked up the flag.

    I loved every second of it.


  20. Roger “God”ell is a douche bag. He reminds me of the guy I played high school ball with who was a great athlete, but sucked at football because he was scared of contact

  21. ha ha ha ha , apologize to the refs…they have been screwing us for years with bs calls…you only have been here for a year a few games…just wait…every raider player, and ex coach will tell you the refs call the game differently when it comes to the raiders….be it offensive pass interference, defensive holding on 3rd and long, late flags long after they see what play has developed, offensive holding on third and ones that were converted, or crazy stuff like tuck, incidental whistle, ejections, etc….it’s all good…we can pretty much beat any team and given sundays, but those zebras are pretty tought to beat.

  22. The timing of the cameras going to Tarver at the exact moment the finger went up…..classic.

    And the commentator…..speechless.

  23. realitycheckbaby says:

    Oct 28, 2013 4:48 PM
    steelersaregodsteam says: Oct 28, 2013 4:41 PM

    Yet, the refs did everything in their power to help the Raiders yesterday. What a joke. Why doesn’t the NFL look into that ?


    Pittsburgh is historically known for Iron City and Rolling Rock beers. Looks like they now specialize in w(h)ine.

  24. we’ll these refs are to old , they should go . a finger once in awhile is good, because the stink.

  25. thepftpoet says: Oct 28, 2013 4:23 PM

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Raiders suck
    But the steelers suck too
    Pittsburgh lethargic, failing to inspire and
    30 minutes was enough

  26. mike pereira is actually proud of being a tattletail loser…if you actually think about what he did…sees an act on tv and then calls the nfl to report it, the more pathetic he comes off. i’ve seen more f bombs and cursing mouthed on the field and the sidelines without any repercussions. this is just sad.

  27. The Raiders D just played well enough to win a game. The Raiders D is the only one in the NFL not to have given up a 20 yard run this season. Yes, please read that line again. The Raiders D has NOT GIVEN UP A 20 YARD RUN THIS SEASON. Tarver can take his morning business on the visitor bench, eat baby seal and piss on the Obamacare servers…. JUST WIN BABY!!!

  28. now that was definitely a bad call but the pass interference call against dolphins when gronk was in triple coverage and was not reversed smfh and then a bs illegal batting call those home refs shoulda got two gestures …they gave pats ten points and they actually won by10 the signs are all there ppl another 2003 season in the making

  29. The beauty of this whole incident is now we actually “see” the personality this defense has taken on. They are getting better each week and the next couple of games are against teams that are struggling offensively. Gives them an opportunity to gain more confidence.

    If they play their cards right, they could make noise late in the season.

    As for the Ref that admonished Tarver and wrote the league office, not sure what that was about but that showed no class at all. Like people watching the game didn’t see it? The NFL has camera’s at every game, did you really think they were going to miss it???

    Dude, you betrayed your whole profession with that move!!!!!

  30. gee a ref who had it out for the raiders…thats a first….

    honestly I think a prerequisite to become an nfl ref, is you can not be from california, and you have to hate the raiders.

  31. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Oct 28, 2013 4:41 PM
    Yet, the refs did everything in their power to help the Raiders yesterday.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Finally , a steeler fan with a great sense of humour…ha.ha.ha ha ha ha… oh i can’t stop laughing.

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