Julius Thomas gets good news from his MRI


Not only did the Broncos get a huge comeback win yesterday, they also avoided an injury which could have been serious.

Tight end Julius Thomas left the game early in the second half with an ankle injury, but just sent out word that “it wasn’t a high ankle sprain.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/Julius_Thomas/status/394907086531743744]

He’s scored eight touchdowns this year, emerging as one of Peyton Manning’s (many) reliable targets. And with a bye week in front of him and good news from the doctor, there’s a good chance he will remain in the mix for the many football that are flying around.

9 responses to “Julius Thomas gets good news from his MRI

  1. Woohoo! It is so nice that the kid is having such a great start to his first “active” season. By the look on his face while he was trying to walk it off on the sideline, I was afraid it was much worse.

    Hopefully, he and the other guys will get some much-needed rest over the bye and start the second half strong.

  2. He’s been a great offensive player. But until he learns to pick up the blitz he’s the weak link on offense(when Hillman is out), teams are gonna continue to exploit his side in a hurry up situation, he just can’t block well or even is average at it. But what a surprise, to go from 3rd string to superstar pro bowl is awesome!!

    O-line looks injured(I know Cladys out), Franklin should be 100 percent after this weeks bye, surprised he was even out there. Clark’s been a decent replacement. I’m glad they lost a game, gives them things to work out this week. Solution…Elway should trade for a solid tackle or guard, I mean its getting pretty thin. I understand replacing Clady is ridiculous after giving him all that money, so lets not even talk about it. Not to mention getting a tackle or guard would feel good if they DON’T get Jared Allen.

    They went away from being aggressive like they were first 5 games of the season. They used way more formations, double tight end sets and were unpredictable on offense after half time…What happened? Just seems like lately somethings holding them back from going all out like they were UNTIL they are down. Perhaps its the O Line or maybe Manning is injured because they would never admit it.

  3. I wanna know about Eatanacho, That dude was playing like a beast this year. Might I say he had a few plays that reminded me of Atwater this years. I thought it was his knee when I saw ity on replay but they were saying his ankle. I’m still not that sure it wasn’t his knee, I hope not. Thank god be have an experienced back up. Adams isn’t to bad either

  4. This team is putting up rediculas numbers, record in points, TD’s, pretty close in yrd, what’s up with all these people say there is something wrong with this team? they are avging over 40 points a game. Broncos fans are starting to sound like spoiled Pats fans. Have a little faith, you have the best QB of all time at the helm, we have a chance to win the SB every year with that guy under center. Stop worrying so much.

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