ProFootballTalk: Has Brady lost his touch?

Erik Kuselias, Mike Florio and Rodney Harrison discuss the injuries to Patriots QB Tom Brady and RT Sebastian Vollmer of the New England Patriots.  Then, Florio and Harrison debate on whether Brady is starting to enter the downside of his career.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Has Brady lost his touch?

  1. 2003 Patriots through 8 games
    154 Points For
    129 Points Against
    25 Differential
    No one thought they were good enough to win, but they kept winning close games right through to the Super Bowl. McNair and Manning won CO-MVPs and Brady beat them both in the playoffs. They had a ton of injuries too.

    2013 Patriots through 8 games
    179 Points For
    144 Points Against
    35 Differential

    Very similar start to 2003.

    2007 Patriots through 8 games
    331 Points For
    127 Points Against
    204 Differential

    Lost Super Bowl

    2009 Patriots through 8 games
    225 Points For
    115 Points Against
    110 Differential

    Out in first round of playoffs

    Points don’t matter. Winning any way possible does though. I’ll take the 2003 version of Brady any day.

  2. Great points above – this is a much scrappier team than 2007. Yes, Brady had Moss and Welker – and no where near the injuries to his team, let alone himself – not to mention the fact that he’s 6 years older with more miles on the tires.

    But that offense – while productive – was incredibly predictable – the ball was going to Moss and Welker nearly every time.

    In the years they won the Super Bowl, Brady was no where near as predictable – simply going for the open receiver.

    No doubt injuries and the learning curve of new guys has limited offensive production. The play of the offensive line, also beset by injuries, is another HUGE factor (give Brady time and he’ll make a play).

    But Brady would be the first to willingly see himself drop in the stats if that resulted in another Lombardi.

    This team takes “no excuses” to a whole new level and I wouldn’t put a bet against them to win it all, no matter how swollen Brady’s hand is or how many rookies and 3rd stringers are starting.

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