Radio station bans Dexter Manley for slurring Troy Aikman

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Former Washington defensive end Dexter Manley won’t be welcome back on D.C. radio station WTOP after he directed a gay slur toward former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman on the air today.

According to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Manley appeared on WTOP this morning and was asked about listening to Aikman handle the color commentary on Sunday’s Washington-Denver game. Manley answered by slurring Aikman.

I think Troy was a queer,” Manley said.

When the WTOP hosts told Manley they didn’t think that was appropriate, Manley initially said he wouldn’t apologize but then backed down.

“I’m sorry about that,” Manley said. “I take that back. . . . I apologize.”

It’s good that Manley apologized, but WTOP Vice President of News and Programming Jim Farley wrote on Twitter that Manley’s apology after the fact was not enough.

“We were shocked and stunned when he said it. Needless to say he will not be back on WTOP,” Farley wrote.

Manley has been making regular appearances on WTOP this season but will do so no longer.

53 responses to “Radio station bans Dexter Manley for slurring Troy Aikman

  1. No one is really interested in what Dexter Manley has to say anymore and the ONE radio station that did ask him is now regretting it. Back to being invisible Dexter.

  2. Well, everybody knows he’s gay even with his beard and all. It’s sad that he has to live a lie, even this many years after his playing career.

    But where did they dig up illiterate Dexter from, lol?

  3. This clown has been given multiple opportunities to turn his life around and has pissed ’em all away.

    Dexter is DC’s sports equal to the deranged, drug addict, clown Marion “Bitch set me up” Barry – whom the moronic electorate keep voting back into city politics.

    Good for Jim Farley.


  4. “We were shocked and stunned when he said it. Needless to say he will not be back on WTOP,” Farley wrote.

    “Shocked and stunned”, how sensitive we’ve become.

    I think he should have kept that to himself but come on, shocked and stunned.


  5. I think it was awful and that kind of stuff has been uttered for a very long time. It upsets me and upsets Troy but like Peyton Manning, some things are better left unsaid. Sadly!

    Hey Dexter, how is rehab going? A little misdirection that I see here…

  6. jmorand47 says:
    Oct 28, 2013 12:53 PM
    Do you think Dexter will receive the same media backlash that say, Riley Cooper got? No way.
    Nor should he receive the same media backlash. You’re talking apples and oranges just so you can state your belief of a double standard.

    The two situations are not remotely the same. Perhaps Manley would have been OK had he chosen the word “gay” instead of queer or maybe said gay while answering the question. He did neither and that was stupid. However, it comes nowhere near a liquored-up poorly skilled WR, saying he kill N-words among thousands of people.

    If Manley is not slammed, it will only be because people wanna protect Aikman from the speculation it would create and not because Manley gets a pass.

  7. Isn’t there a couple of seconds of delay during the broadcast? No one could reach the “dump button”….?

    Manley has always been about as sharp as a marble.

  8. Maybe the Washington team associates and owner
    should take some training on what is going on
    with the way people think about their team name.
    And Dexter you of all using a slur, if one was used
    against you, you would scream RACIST. Troy
    good all american boy. Shame on you Dexter and
    the owner of the Washington football team. I will
    not use their name.

  9. Radio station: Just because you say with all due respect, doesn’t mean you can say anything you want.

    Dexter: Sure the heck does!

  10. joetoronto says:
    Oct 28, 2013 12:58 PM
    “We were shocked and stunned when he said it. Needless to say he will not be back on WTOP,” Farley wrote.

    “Shocked and stunned”, how sensitive we’ve become.

    I think he should have kept that to himself but come on, shocked and stunned.


    Yeah, that sounds like complete BS. Not condoning what Manley said and he’s paying the price, but “shocked and stunned”??

    So, you ask a guy like Manley, who let’s face it, isn’t exactly going to Mensa Society meetings, a question about the former Super Bowl winning QB of the most bitter rival of Manley’s former team (and a guy that, regardless of how bogus the rumors are/were, has had rumors about maybe being gay around him for a while), and you were expecting what exactly? Some thoughtful, poignant insight on Aikman’s abilities as a broadcaster? Come on, they probably got about the answer they expected.

  11. It was inappropriate, he shouldn’t have said it.

    But man… Aikman and both of his on-air partners (Buck and his current fill-in) are terrible. It is like they aren’t really watching the game. Maybe they are getting talked to in their headsets so they are distracted, but gaaaaaaaah they are bad.

    Two quick examples from yesterday:
    Running play, Helu barely makes it back to the line of scrimmage. “Helu runs for a three yard gain.” Oh yeah, how is it 2nd and 9?

    Bobby G throws a touchdown, a rare pass this year that was actually on the mark. “RG3 makes another great throw.” As if RG3 was on fire or something, instead of not overthrowing another WR.

    WHAT?!?! They are terrible at paying attention to and calling a game.

  12. This guys has done and said stupid stuff all his life, that’s why they put him on. He’s not a brain surgeon. Once he does exactly what you would expect, they ban him. Maybe they can have Chris Brown on next and be surprised when he slaps the crap out of someone.

  13. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Oct 28, 2013 1:19 PM

    And yet it’s perfectly fine to call someone a “redskin.” Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy?


  14. Have you listen to Troy commentate a Reedskins game. He is negative abd barrating players and the team. what do you expect he’s a cowboys fan and has stated he doesn’t like the Redskins and have been rivals since he even played. Why is he commenating Redskins games. People have complained in the past about him and Joe Buck. Listen to him/them next time. Maybe Troy is..

  15. After LT, a strong argument could be made Dexter was the next best pass rusher of the 80s. He doesn’t get his due for how good he was. These kids out here today don’t know. He’d have given Aikman the Danny White treatment had Aikman come in the league a little sooner.

  16. It doesn’t offend (actually amuses) me when I see cowards behind anonymous screen names continue to play up every stereotype that exists about Black people, even if they aren’t even remotely accurate for one third of the Black community.

  17. Love me some Dexter…
    I remember when he said he was going to “ring his clock” when talking about Danny White. And he did.

  18. I liked Dex as a player but damn… All that Crack in the 80’s may have cooked his brain. Dude, what were you thinking?

  19. Dex knocked Danny White out of the ’82 NFC Championship game at RFK with a concussion/sack. White was on sidelines holding his head the rest of the game and they brought in Gary Hogeboom. Dude was a beast and the Skins went on to win the SB.

  20. Dexter Manley could have been a Hall Of Famer if he had been able to stay off the drugs.He was unblockable. As for WTOP I think are overreacting here they knew what they were getting with Dexter this is what he always has done he says outrageous things to get people to talk about him. I think they need to get over themselves and invite him back he is fun to listen to and he means no harm.

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