Redskins are aggressively shopping Fred Davis


With the trade deadline less than a day away, the Redskins are trying hard to make a deal.

Per a league source, Washington hopes to trade tight end Fred Davis.

The 2012 franchise-tag recipient tore an Achilles tendon last season.  He returned under a one-year, $1 million contract, and the Redskins have phased him out of their plans, given the performances of Jordan Reed and Logan Paulsen.

The Redskins, according to the source, are aggressively shopping Davis.  If a deal can’t be worked out, there’s a chance Davis will be cut.

If he’s cut after the trade deadline, Davis will be subject to waivers.

51 responses to “Redskins are aggressively shopping Fred Davis

  1. If you cut him, he’ll be a Giant before you can say boo. We have two December games with Washington so he’ll help us on that front. Plus, Myers blows.

  2. Can’t wait to see what the delusional logicalvoices has to say. Probably that this is part of the master plan to get to the Super Bowl this year.

  3. The ravens should get him for a 4th rounder….

    4th rounder? The ‘Skins say SOLD!

  4. With GB getting a comp pick im assuming for Jennings going to Minn. and Finleys career in questions If they can get him for a 4th or 5th rounder and feel he can fit the system Even if its just “renting” him for the year

  5. Fred Davis really can be a very good player, but this kid Reed has been playing like an emerging star. If healthy, Davis will serve somebody very well.

  6. The usual progression – from “not really interested, but might be willing to trade if price is right” to “listening to offers” to “aggressively shopping.”

    Next stop: cut from roster.

  7. “And if you act now, Skins fans are prepared to throw in Kyle Shanahan to serve as your Offensive Coordinator (or Assistant Offensive Coordinator or Assistant To The Offensive Coordinator).

    This is a limited time offer so hurry, hurry, hurry. Interested franchises can call 1-800-PANIC-TIME!”

  8. Gee, the Giants could use him… and 4 offensive-lineman, 2 running backs, 2 corner backs, 3 defensive linemen, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator and a GM. Super Bowl, here we come!

  9. Wow, no Logical comments on how the Skins are going to win this year’s, and the next decade of Super Bowls….

    RGIII is not a pocket passer. A crappy Denver secondary proved it.

  10. So… how much is a low character woman assaulter with 25 total yards who makes close to the league minimum worth?!?

  11. Jets should offer a 7th, condition of 6th if he plays in every game………..Geno needs a little more help, he looks good some weeks, bad others, but he has hardly anything to throw too…

  12. I seriously am laughing at the Redskins right now for posturing with an attempt to trade him. But I’d laugh about 10x harder if somebody actually gives up material and the cash.

  13. Ravens don’t need him Clark is getting more comfortable with the offense every week and Pitta will be back in a couple weeks they need a center and that’s it

  14. Funny how things work..b4 injury & suspension we were wondering if we could fit him under the cap..a draft later may not not even b on the

  15. Wouldn’t mind the Browns going after him to pair next to Jordan Cameron, but they don’t even throw to Cameron so what’s the point. This seems like a trade the Patriots would pursue to get Brady a weapon on the cheap. They take gambles like this and Davis would be good to pair up with Gronk.

  16. steelersaregodsteam says: Oct 28, 2013 9:03 PM

    The Steelers grow their players from within. We don’t trade for trash.

    I can believe that. If trash can grow anywhere it’s Pittsburgh

  17. LogicalVoice got under the skins of 2000 people( no pun intended). That is his 15 minutes of fame. Better him than me as that would suck.

    He is occasionally entertaining, that is for sure.

  18. Yeahgsomatt says:
    Oct 28, 2013 9:22 PM
    Trade him for near nothing so they can control who he goes to., wouldn’t want him playing the skins later and ruining their path to the superbowl…

  19. We won’t get anything for him. Phasing and cutting him out of our plans will prove to be a mistake. He’ll get picked up immediately, the only good thing besides Orakpo that came out of the Zorn era.

  20. “db105 says:
    Oct 28, 2013 9:42 PM
    Another USC high draft pick that’s an NFL bust.”

    You realize last season he tore his ACL and was the leading receiver on the Redskins when it happened.

    The year prior he had just about 800 yards receiving in 12 games. He was suspended the final 4 for smoking pot but he was on pace for over 1000 yards as a TE. If that’s a bust then you have lofty expectations. He was also a mid second round pick, its not like he was a 1st rounder.

    Davis’s issues from all I can see are he doesn’t have the natural finding the soft spot in a zone and helping the qb ala Jason Witten trait. He’s more of a matchup guy. Hes got good speed for his size and hes very hard to bring down.

    He’s been phased out because of Jordan Reed who is both athletic and possesses the trait he lacks. It’s not because he doesnt care about football or because hes a bad player, its because the Redskins feel they have a better option and Davis is in a contract year and they would rather get some value for him before he’s released.

  21. @db 105, The USC Trojans stand tall above the field when it comes to sending its players to the first round of the NFL Draft(Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports).

    Fred Davis is a good player just needs to go to another team that can use him. Plus other schools produce crapper players than USC. Fight on Trojans!!!

  22. Sleepy Davis’s tenure with the Skins might be at an end? Say it isn’t so…

    When Sleepy does leave DC it will mark the end of that fabulous 2008 draft by the brilliant Vinny Cerrato. Where in the 2nd round Uncle Vinny drafted Devin Thomas, Sleepy Davis and Malcolm Kelly and passed on such players as Jordy Nelson, Eddie Royal, Matt Forte, DeSean Jackson, Calais Campbell, Ray Rice and Jamaal Charles. And some supposed Skins fans want to run Shanahan out of town. lol

    Anyway, thanks for the effort, Sleepy. And don’t forget your alarm clock on your way out of DC.

  23. You dont cut him if they dont find a trade partner you idiots…the money is already spent. Use him for the remainder of the year and let him walk.

  24. I think it’s pretty stupid if the Redskins cut or trade Davis, hell we don’t have enough weapons as it is! Obviously Shannahan is running this team but he isn’t doing a good enough job, the play calling sucks and now you want to get rid of a good tight end with speed, instead of trying to emulate what the Patriots were able to do with their 2 tight ends?! How much sense does that make?

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