Rodgers put the pressure on himself, and it worked

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Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings may well have been joking this summer, when he made remarks about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his leadership that became a persistent storyline through the preseason.

But the one thing he did for certain was get Rodgers’ attention, which didn’t help his new team.

Rodgers was surgical in last night’s 44-31 win over the Vikings, and said he had put that pressure on himself.

I wasn’t going to let this team beat us,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to make sure I put myself and our team in a position to be successful. A lot was on my shoulders. I wanted to make sure I got us in good runs and our team responded really well. This was a great team win.

“We all have our roles but I wanted to make sure that my role was one I executed really well.”

Yeah, you could say that worked. Even without three of his top receiving targets (Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jermichael Finley), he was nearly perfect, completing 24-of-29 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns. Coupled with a strong running game, the Packers never punted, as they won their fourth straight game.

He doesn’t get all the credit for the brilliance, but they were also a combined 15-of-20 on third- and fourth-down conversions for the night, the reason they kept the ball for more than two-thirds of the clock time (40:54).

“I think this is really shaping up to be one of Aaron’s best years,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “Aaron’s had a lot of challenges Monday through Saturday that don’t show up on a stat sheet. Just the change, just trying to get on the same page with younger players, trusting the game plan. Because when you are as productive as we’ve been, there was such a comfort with our no-huddle and just we really felt like we were really rolling on all cylinders.

“Now, we’ve kind of had to go in a different direction. He has to command it, and this thing obviously wouldn’t work without him.”

And with him, it worked almost perfectly.

21 responses to “Rodgers put the pressure on himself, and it worked

  1. Each week the Packers will get a little bit better, and their missing starters will be slowly returning. The second stringers are getting valuable and successful playing time. I feel good about where they are right now.

  2. Collingsworth pointed out that A Rod has led the league since 2009 in every statistical category when a QB leave the pocket. I guess that’s all do to him being a pure “system QB.” LMAO!

    I hope the vikqueen’s horn will be at Target Stadium for the 2 years the lavender Larrys play there while their new “monument to their stupidity” is being constructed. There couldn’t be a more appropriate representation of the organization, the team, the media(PA) and the fans. They all blow.

  3. Good game plan, Vikes, make Aaron mad. I especially liked when Toby ran over Jennings during his garbage time TD. Kind of a fitting end to the night.

  4. If you ask certain PFT readers, they’ll tell you that Rodgers is just a system quarterback and not really that good.


  5. All the reasons why he’s the best QB in the game. Take Jimmy Graham out of the game and Brees cant find other players. All year its been Brady has to get on the same page as his young receivers. In two games without Cobb and Jones Aaron has been outstanding. I love being a Packers fan.

  6. Interesting how Rodgers is playing with “nobodies” just like Brady supposedly is (even though Brady now has 3 of his starting receivers/ends back) and Rodgers can still dominate while Brady is performing like one of the worst QBs in the NFL.

    Will the media see this and then wonder why Tom has had such a huge drop-off when Rodgers isn’t having a drop off? Nah. It’ll be some other reason.

    Rodgers is showing why he is the top QB in the NFL and Brady is showing that he is overrated. He’s good but not nearly as good as the media tries to make him out to be. If he was as great as they say then he wouldn’t have a 20 point drop in passer rating compared to his career and be barely completing over 50% of his passes for under 6 yards an attempt.

    People can say Brady is still winning but that’s all on the defense carrying them. If the defense was as mediocre as it has been the last few years then that team would probably be 2-6.

  7. “I wasn’t going to let this team beat us,” Rodgers said.


    Incredible. Rodgers has even less respect for the Vikings than I do.

  8. That postgame meeting with Jennings had to be embarrassing for Rodgers. With Greg putting his tongue in Aaron’s ear begging for forgiveness. I’m sure he asked Rodgers to convince TT to trade a ham sandwich to the Vikes so Greg could get back on a winning team. I’d rather have the ham sandwich.

  9. Thanks Greg, for helping Aaron out. Oh … and congrats on your one catch for nine yards ..

    Money well spent by the ‘magician’ …

  10. Good job Jennings. Looks like you’re earning every penny of that 9 million dollars this year. Also congratulations to Spielman for giving him all that money.

  11. skolvikesskol says:
    Oct 28, 2013 1:59 PM
    Well that answered the question if Sharon is a ‘me guy’ and a diva.


    I bet you wish you had a “me guy” and a diva as your QB. Instead you have a bum, a bum and bum as your three QB’s. Not to mention a magician for a GM.

    Who’s starting for the Vikings next week? The bum?

  12. Met some real nice Packer fans at the game last night…….then I come on here and see the same 5-6 “usual” Packer trolls spouting off their same usual junk. It must suck to sit in the trailer and watch the game on a 13 inch black and white TV every week and then go to the public library to post on PFT.

  13. These comments clearly show how much of a competitor and team player he is. Definitely not a “me” kinda guy in the least.

    He knew he was going to be throwing to guys that either have no NFL experience, or very minimal. He wanted to put himself in a position where he could help these young guys succeed and give the Packers team their best opportunity to win.

  14. themagicfanguy says:
    Oct 28, 2013 6:41 AM
    Of course he did, it’s not like the Queens could ever put pressure on him.

    Why? Did Jared Allen go to another team?

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