Seahawks survive Rams on goal line stand

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The St. Louis Rams came within one yard of handing the Seattle Seahawks a surprising defeat on Monday night. Instead, the Seahawks defense kept the Rams out of the end zone to hold on for a 14-9 victory to improve to 7-1 on the season.

The Rams gave Seattle everything they could handle. St. Louis held the Seahawks to just 135 yards of total offense in the game and sacked quarterback Russell Wilson seven times on the night. With left tackle Russell Okung and right tackle Breno Giacomini still sidelined due to injury, the Seahawks just couldn’t handle the Rams defensive front. Robert Quinn and Chris Long each sacked Wilson three times on the night.

Seattle’s running game was non-existent and Wilson was harassed all game. Wilson’s 80-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate in the third quarter was the only big play for Seattle’s offense.

But Seattle’s defense managed to keep St. Louis from getting in the end zone.

A missed 50-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein on their penultimate possession forced the Rams to need a touchdown instead of just a field goal to earn the victory. Seattle pinned the Rams at their own 3-yard line with 5:42 left to play.

Trailing by five and needing 93 yards for the win, Kellen Clemens made some big throws on the final drive and the Rams continued to open holes in the running game for Zac Stacy as the Rams marched to the Seahawks’ doorstep. St. Louis had five shots at the end zone from inside the 10-yard line and three chances from inside the 2-yard line and couldn’t convert.

Daryl Richardson was stuffed at the 1-yard line on third and goal and a pass from Clemens to Brian Quick was incomplete on the final play of the game as the Seahawks held on for the win.

The Rams were effective running the ball all game against a usually strong Seattle rush defense. Stacy carried 26 times for 134 yards on the night as the Rams ran for 200 yards against the Seahawks. Stacy is only the second running back this season to break the 100-yard mark against Seattle. Arian Foster ran for 102 yards for the Houston Texans in Week 4.

Marshawn Lynch was held to just 23 yards rushing. Wilson was just 10 of 18 for 139 yards on the night with two touchdown passes to Tate.

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  1. I couldn’t wait to post what a nicely called game Brian Schottenheimer had, but then he goes 5 wide on the goal line, twice. It’s the backup QB, and we don’t have a WR that will win a jump ball against Sherman or Browner. Granted, Givens dropped what should have been the game winning TD and Zuerlein missed a FG that would have set up a game winning FG attempt, but 5 wide on the goal line, with timeouts, TWICE?

  2. seahawks are tough, play great D, are well coached, and finish games. gosh, they seem a lot like the new KC Chiefs who get a lot of BS for being low scoring and defense first. interesting.

  3. Need oxygen and a call to 911…
    One of the ugliest wins of the season, but a great Monday night game.

  4. Give Seattle credit for winning these crazy road games this year by a thread. Seahawks MVP tonight was Kellen Clemens. Man is he wretched!

    The Rams put a LOT of good stuff on tape tonight for future Seattle opponents. Excellent game plan by Fisher. Keep Wilson hemmed in & make him throw to beat you. It worked.

    Second half of the season is gonna be epic.

  5. wheeew!!!! Big props to Quinn and Long!!! They gave the Hawks backup O lineman all they could handle tonight!!! Man Seattle’s defense is keeping them in any game and anytime!!! Championship teams step up and get victories even in the UGLIEST of situations!!! Clemens also showed HUGE juevos!!! 7-1 BABY!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  6. How on earth does Brian Schottenheimer have a job?!!! you have first and goal on the three yard line and you throw it four freaking times and no PA passes- no rollouts- no three step drops- just line up in empty and throw it four times. Im pretty sure any educated fan could have done better than that. The last three plays especially! Line up in heavy and run a run play-ok- then line up in heavy and throw a PA- than roll Kellen out and give him a 2 man route to read and get rid of the ball- simple stuff! HS coaches are smarter than that! The rest of the game was terrible- he throws slants 90 percent of the time and doesn’t throw PA off power. He doesn’t throw it deep at all. God I wish my dad was famous!

  7. Seahawks won the game, but thought it was terrible clock management by Pete Carol. Why wasn’t he calling timeouts with like 45 seconds on the clock when the Rams were on the goal line?

    Rams had 2 timeouts left so time wasn’t an issue for them. But by not calling the timeouts, and had the Rams scored on that last play with no time left, the Seahawks would have had no time left to go down and get in field goal range.

    If they call the timeouts and end up giving up the TD, then they have 40 seconds left to get into field goal range. If they hold them to no TD, they could just take a knee and run out the clock since the Rams only had 2 timeouts left and game would have been over.

    Despite getting paid millions of dollars, I feel like head coaches completely whiff on end of game situations like this. This time it didn’t cost them, but next time it might.

  8. The Rams season went down the tubes the moment Bradford suffered that ACL tear harsh. The played a hell of a game D and Run game, but Clemens well enough said.

  9. Legion of BOOM won this one for us. We need to fix the problems on Offense as the season unfolds.

    Okung and Harvin will help big time when they make it back.

  10. congrats seahawk fans! Man I was hoping we would be tied going in to the 9ers bye. Thats three close ones they have pulled out. If someone doesnt find away to beat this team on the road its gonna be tough sledding for the rest of the nfc.

  11. Absolutely terrible performance by the Seahawks offense. Blame goes all around for this. The tackles couldn’t guard anyone. Missed blocking assignments all around. Wilson held the ball for a couple plays, he had Miller open down the middle of the field, as well as in the flats.
    Bevell did a horrible job providing support to the tackles and only called 2 screen plays all game even though the rams were getting constant pressure.
    Seattle is gonna get both tackles back as well as Harvin, but they need to get their act together in order to compete with offenses like GB, NO, and the now all of a sudden clicking SF team.

  12. Was this a fluke tonight?

    Or are the Seahawks being exposed as frauds bolstered by a weak schedule?

  13. Funny that it’s a big deal when Seattle doesn’t have their starting tackles and it’s a reason why the offense isn’t playing well. Whereas Green Bay has been starting and UDFA and a 4th rounder all year yet have the #5 passing attack and #4 rushing attack. Oh boy I can’t wait for January!

  14. Can everyone relax on seattle being the best team in the league. There not even the best team in the conference. They are a different on the road when they dont handicap you with there loud stadium. Three of there road wins – panthers fumble with 5 minutes left in game. Houston gave the game away with a pick 6 and now the rams and there 2nd string QB blew it on the 1 yard line. If this team dont get home field advantage in playoffs there 1 and done.

  15. someone shoulda told Bryan Schottenheimer that they were near the goal line.. why in hell would they come out in no back shotgun 2 out of 3 plays inside the 2 ?!!?!

  16. Quite a few teams will be studying that game film to learn how the Rams handled the Hawks as well as they did. Seattle definitely has some weaknesses.

  17. Hated that last play, well I didn’t really like much about those last 4 plays from the Rams. I would have rather seen a running play like Gruden suggested than a lousy set of patterns and plan to not even give the WR a chance. With a running play you are guaranteed to have a shot to maybe score. But if you are going to pass instead, then come up with something good or don’t bother trying and do the running play. A really disappointing end to the game for those last 4 plays.

    Also somewhat curious that SEA didn’t call a TO with 1:17 left since it was more likely they would need to keep that time than it was for STL to not score and then get the ball back again to capitalize on the tiny amount of remaining time after all that plus the time lost to not score in the first place. The odds favored SEA to stop the clock there. But Pete Carroll isn’t too sharp with math, statistics, and game theory.

  18. This was the Rams Super Bowl…
    The win wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it!

    7-1 GO HAWKS!

  19. The trolls will say we got lucky.

    And for once, the trolls are absolutely one hundred percent right. Seattle didn’t deserve to win that game. Seattle will, however, deserve whatever drop we get in the power rankings tomorrow.

    That was a horrifying display of offensive football, starting with the offensive line and going all the way to the coaching staff.

    The only positives are, no turnovers (in a game where even one would have been lethal), and Wilson was still at least efficient in the face of tremendous pressure.

    Oh, and we managed to avoid a division loss that could have come back to haunt us at playoff seeding time.

    Speaking of which, two months to go – a lot of time, and a lot of players still yet to arrive back on the offensive side of the ball. The offense is certainly capable of doing more than they did tonight, and they’ll need to show significant improvement if we are to rise to the level we think we’re capable of.

    Big time wake-up call tonight. Time for the team to answer the bell, or Super Bowl dreams may only be dreams after all.

  20. Not sure what to make of the Seahawks.

    Are they not as good as their record says or play down to their opponents level.

    Their defense was shredded on a ground by a team came in averaging 70 yards per game for 200 yards.

    I know they have Oline injuries but sheesh. Wilson got sacked 7 times. He came in having been sacked only 13.

    Their run game was utterly shutdown. 154 yards per game. Held to just 44 yards.

  21. 4-1 on the road and 5 home games left. Boom – on our way to home field throughout.

    Hats off to the Rams for playing great D. Too bad they’re in the NFC West – they’d probably win the NFC LEast.

  22. Seattle Seahawks fans. Yall really think yall about to run up in Cali & beat the Niners come Dec. 8th when yall struggled against the Rams?? Really though?? A team the Niners destroyed even when the Niners wasn’t even at 100%??


    Sorry, but yall got heart break coming Dec. 8th….We’ll be waiting…..

  23. Shehawks most over rated team in NFL. Just barely beat the Rams without their starting QB HAHAHAHAHA what a joke of a franchise LOL

  24. Congrats on the win, but, as I wrote at the end of LAST season, and the Beginning of this one – if the Seahawks don’t get home field, Seattle fans shouldn’t invest in Super Bowl tickets. A loss at Indy. A near loss to the pitiful Schaub-led Houston and now this.

    A tale of two teams for sure.

  25. As a Ram fan, i expected a blowout like everyone else. Have little faith on K.Clemens and B. Shotty. Those 2 ints were terrible. Hopefully he will dp better.
    But give it up to the Defense. NFL take note cause Seattle is beatable. St louis pretty much proved it by giving game away. Many dropped passes also. Ive been saying all year. Seattle is over rated. Look at who they beat and who they have loss to and think about it for 10 minutes. I see New Orleans a scarier team.

    Rams Defense did great job. I also thought Zac Stacy should have opened season as starter but they gave it to Richardson who can be good as change of pace.

  26. One of the best all-defense games I’ve seen this year. Both team’s defense kept their team in the game, all the way to the final seconds.

    As a ‘hawks fan, hat’s off to the Rams. Again. Just like last year’s games, Rams came tough.

  27. Nice hold in the end zone by Browner. Gotta love how the refs call over 20 penalties in this game and then blow that call. NFL rules and refs are a joke. if you are going to let that call go then at least let it be consistent throughout the whole game…

  28. This Seahawks team sure doesn’t seem like the dominant team that the talking heads are constantly referring to as “scary good.” 5 of their 7 wins were by a touchdown or less. A win is a win, but some of them were barely a win and against bad teams…like tonight.

    The NFC West is far from decided, no matter what Seahawk fan says.

  29. A couple of things:

    1.) Seattle is 7-1 WITHOUT their offensive tackles and Harvin. The offensive line is a concern but it should improve when they get Okung and Giacomini back.

    2.) Whether it be an ugly win or a blowout win, it’s still a WIN and one step closer to getting home field advantage.

    3.) The Ravens beat the 2 win Chiefs 6-3 last year on the road. Hmm, how’d their season turn out for them. Don’t base an entire season off of one game.

  30. Big throws? Gimme a break. The Seahawks were in soft zones and giving them the middle of the field. Lackluster effort and terrible game planning made this scarier than it should have been.

  31. The Seahawks maybe 7-1 but they are not looking like the world beaters everyone thought they were. They look very beatable the last month or so.

  32. Jeez. Seattle was exposed. Rams had 7 sacks, and held lynch to 23yds. Browner is penalty prone and the weak link in the defense. We must keep Sherman. So I’m thinking between Thurmond, lane, maxwell, Simon, and drafting another corner that it’s time to move on without Browner.
    An ugly win, but we’ll take it. 7-1

  33. 134 yards all game? Best D in the league? Super Bowl bound? The Legion of Pills? Quest for 1?

  34. The only thing that brings me pleasure from this game is how pissed the 49ers fans are! A Seahawks win is as good as a 49ers loss to them! Go Hawks!!

  35. “But the Ram’s have no running game” – everyone who hasn’t watched the rams since stacy started…

    probably the same ignorant fans who said bradford sucked, despite having the 3rd best td-int ratio: only behind peyton and romo…

    wouldn’t be surprised if this post gets deleted – makes too much sense

  36. Division games are a different animal for sure, this was a defensive battle that the hawks should have lost, but that’s what great teams do, when they play their worst they still win ball games, they can only get better from this, Go Hawks!

  37. I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day, but that O Line is brutal. Need our tackles back in the worst way. The Rams are who we thought they were; that defensive line is ferocious.

  38. After this game I am officially off the Fisher/Shotty bandwagon. Empty backfield and a fade on 4th and goal from the one yard line, with a backup QB? Just pick up your paycheck Jeff. Seems that you always come up a yard short. It’s time for Rams fans to start looking at Walterfootball and other draft sites. Rams draft should include OG and OT that can push someone just one ******* yard. Seahawks are a flawed, but talented team. Earl Thomas is a beast.

  39. Rams played a decent game Clements gifted two interceptions to a defense that played terrible but that ended up being the deciding factor without those two passes Seahawks lose a win is a win though but I see holes in that defense I know hawk fans don’t but let’s be real your not gettin those from playoff QBs they best get it together

  40. Seahawks have gotten away with another one. They pulled off a miracle against the Texans and they really should have lost this game. If the Rams kicker had hit his last field goal, they wouldn’t have needed at TD at the end. Maybe just bad game but they are not looking so dominant right now.

  41. Tonight we looked like a team that’s played 4 out of 5 on the road. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

    Hoping we get some OT’s back soon.

  42. Last week I gave the Seahawks credit where it was due. This week they didn’t deserve to win. Brian Schottenheimer, Kellen Clemens and Jared Cook completely blew an amazing performance by the rest of that Rams team. This should have been a blowout win for St. Louis. Ridiculous.

  43. Hawks won but they got out played. Rams could run the ball at will up the middle. That’s why you play the game. Everyone thought the rams were gonna get destroyed including myself.

  44. Before all you Niners fans pile on, just remember that you didn’t beat the Rams on two tries last year and still made it to the Bowl. Kap would be running for his life as well without JStaley and ADavis in the lineup.

    Road games on Monday nights are never easy, credit the Rams for a good gameplan. That team with Clemens is much better than the spread team they were trying to be with Bradford.

    Was disappointed in the lack of in game adjustments by the Hawks, felt like they should have taken a few more deep shots with the Rams loading the box. Run D was pretty leaky as well, but the D spent way too much time on the field. A win is a win. Go Hawks.

  45. Last play call by the Rams with empty back field was horrible. Shehawks got lucky this time. Other teams will thank Jeff Fisher for the formula to have Wilson & Lynch eating grass.

  46. Total waste of a dominant defensive effort and outstanding ground game by Kellen Clements’ two knucklehead wild throws in the first quarter. Instead of being a game manager, he tried to be a hero and ended up being a GOAT.

  47. How fisher didn’t dial up a run is beyond me. I would’ve fired em immediately after that play. Fail.

  48. St. Louis should have won that game!

    Kellen Clemens left so many plays on the field.

    There was a play when Chris Long was called for being illegal receiver down the field, but when you look at the play – everything collapsed – so if Clemens would have tuck an ran in for the touchdown, which was wide open – the game would have been up 14-13 in the 3rd quarter.

    Bernie Kosar was ripped to shreds for calling out how bad of quarterback Kellen Clemens was, and last night he showed it on multiple occasions.

  49. Oh slippery Pete & the Seachickens were mighty fortunate to escape with a win in this game. If you take away the 80 yard td play Wilson woulda had 59 yards passing, Lynch rushed for 23 yards.

    Rams defence was up for this game, particularly there D line which was a force all night. But bad teams find a way to lose & STL couldn’t close at crunch time.

  50. The Seahawks are anything but formidable when on the road. Against the Texans, Panthers and now the Rams they have escaped VERY narrowly. Indy they didn’t. This is no longer about getting the ‘W’ as a trend is clearly in play. The Seahawks are simply a pedestrian (and could even say ‘sub-par’) team when outside the confines of their sound barn. IF they do not run the tables and go 15-1 assuring the road to the SB goes through Seattle they’ll be beat if they have to travel on the road. Pete Carrol teams have shown they simply don’t travel well. That’s not an aberration….it’s an established trend now. Nobody wants to travel to Seattle for a playoff game……but nobody fears them in their own house. Even Sherman can’t dispute that.

  51. I know there’s no moral victories in football, but man, this is about as close to one as you can get.

  52. The Rams, surprisingly, are just a decent QB away from being good! And Kellen Clemons ain’t it – man did he look bad, cost them the game. But to be fair, Sam Bradford ain’t it either. Time for them to cut their losses with Bradford and try again.

  53. just another bite out of the seahawks cupcake schedule, next three games are going to be really good though…..oh wait, its the bucs, falcons and vikings…..

    seattle seahawks, the new pats, league will babysit them for the next decade.

  54. Kellen Clemens was the best player on the field for the Seahawks. He is the only reason the Seahawks won that game. I kind of feel bad for Rams fans.

  55. Everytime I watch Seattle play I find myself thinking that this team shouldn’t be better than a 500 team.. yet somehow they always prove me wrong and win these games. This team seems a lot like the Baltimore Ravens of a few years ago.. nothing flashy, but they manage to get the job done.

  56. Could the Rams use an extra three yards on the missed field goal? Or at the end of the game? What the heck was Tavon Austin doing when he decided to step out of bounds instead of driving into Sherman on his one decent catch?? Weak!!

  57. Seattle = Cincinnati West. They both are good teams in the regular season, but they’ll find a way to choke in the playoffs.

  58. Another road game, another bad performance by the Seahawk offense. Keep thinking that can get you to the Super Bowl and win it, Seahwak fans. I have my money on somebody being disappointed in January unless this offense gets way better.

  59. “Seattle = Cincinnati West. They both are good teams in the regular season, but they’ll find a way to choke in the playoffs.”

    that’s not a fair comparison, cinci is way better than the seahawks.

  60. I didn’t watch the game but from the comments it sounds like…

    Shotty hasn’t changed one bit. Choking on game critical play calling.

    Clemens sounds like he was… uhm Clemens.

    Any given Sunday… Err Monday…

  61. Lol. Why don’t we all overreact about one game!

    The Hawks have been on the road like 4 of their past 5 games. Their starting OTs are out and they have a LG playing their blindside against a team w/ one of the best tandem of DEs in the game. Their banged up and it’s showing, so why don’t we all vomit all over ourselves because they had a close game lol. Their offense needs to get healthy and rested and back to full strength. You all can urinate your pants and scream that they’re overrated, but we’re 7-1 for a reason –

  62. Better get Harvin out there to explode because that offense was wretched. Tate and his classless waving is going to make some DBs want to de-cleat him. Thomas is like a heat seeking missile at safety!

  63. 7 of 32 teams have a winning road record as of this morning, and only one is undefeated.

    Seattle’s D was on the field for 38 minutes, gave up 338 yards, but only 9 points. If your offense is struggling you hope your defense bends, but not breaks. Seattle’s D did their job last night by keeping the team in the game.

    For so long people were saying Seattle can’t win on the road. Now that they are, they’re saying ‘well, you have to win a certain way and last night wasn’t good enough.’ Seattle is 7-2 in the last 9 road games, 4-1 this year. The two losses are by a total of 8 points.

    Pretty or ugly on the road, they’re getting more wins than loses, and that’s the most important thing.

    P.S. They need their starting tackles back ASAP.

  64. serkeljerks says: Oct 29, 2013 8:01 AM

    but nobody fears them in their own house. Even Sherman can’t dispute that.

    The Seahawks have won their last eleven home games, the longest home winning record in the NFL, so I think they should be feared “in their own house.” Can you dispute that the Seahawks are 7-1, and 4-1 on the road? I didn’t think so.

    Your name says it all.

  65. The main reason the Rams couldn’t get the ball into the end zone in four tries? They had signed Brady Quinn instead of Tim Tebow. Even the haters know that in that situation, if they had Tebow to bring in, the Rams win that game.

  66. scmems07 says: Oct 29, 2013 9:41 AM

    just another bite out of the seahawks cupcake schedule, next three games are going to be really good though…..oh wait, its the bucs, falcons and vikings…..

    seattle seahawks, the new pats, league will babysit them for the next decade.
    Seattle’s schedule was pretty tough on paper prior to the season. That being said, if the league is going to baby sit them for the next decade like you stated, I’ll take 3 superbowl wins in 5 tries over the next 10 years.

  67. I love when people make that genius comment that “Seattle’s not the same team on the road.” Really? That’s brilliant. I’m going to step out on a ledge here and make a crazy statement of my own: NO team is the same on the road! It’s why they call home field advantage – home field advantage! Crazy concept, I know.

    They won ugly last night. They got outplayed and outcoached. It happens during the course of a season and “that’s why they play the games.” Good Lord. The fact that they played like garbage and still won on the road is pretty impressive. And instead of trashing the Seahawks, give some credit to the Rams. They had a great defensive game plan and they executed. Bevell didn’t seem to make any adjustments throughout the game, but the Rams defense, specifically Quinn and Long, were dominant throughout. Had Bradford played, they would have won. They deserved to win. But it’s not uncommon to see games result like this.

    The 9ers lost and tied to Rams last year and still made it to the ship…

  68. If the Rams had a serviceable QB, they’d have won going away. Seattle looked very mediocre last night.

  69. Everyone saying that the rams exposed the hawks, umm, you realize the rams “exposed” the hawks and the niners both last year, EVERYTIME they played them. How did that work out for the rest of the league after “studying the rams gameplan”? Please think before you post idiocy. Some teams just get up for certain teams, or have certain teams numbers, just the way it is.

  70. This one’s on Pete Carroll for getting his franchise QB pounded for 7 sacks. Rams have two of the best Defensive Ends in the league, and Seattle’s two backup tackles get left alone to block them ALL NIGHT LONG. Great game plan—load the box, go balls out on the rush so Wilson doesn’t have time to beat the man coverage in secondary—duh! In his years coaching, you’d think Carroll could adjust, at least at halftime. Let’s see—-keep someone in to double team the ends, throw quick strike shorts, screens, hell, even the read option or rollout passes, but you can’t keep letting Wilson get pounded like that and expect him to be around for long. Tom Cable should be ashamed for not getting some help for his floundering tackles, essentially hanging them out to dry.

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