Stafford wore a microphone, creating an NFL highlight for the ages

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made one of the best plays of the season on Sunday when he scored the game-winning touchdown against the Cowboys while everyone else on both teams thought he was just going to spike the ball and stop the clock. Stafford also wore a microphone on Sunday, which means the rest of us get to enjoy hearing just how it all unfolded.

The Lions have released a highlight reel including the audio of Stafford on the final drive of the game. It shows Stafford yelling “Clock it! Clock it! Clock it!” to his teammates before he actually spiked the ball on the third play of the Lions’ winning drive, then shows Stafford yelling the same way before improvising his quarterback sneak touchdown on the fly.

Like much of the best footage from NFL Films, the Lions’ highlight reel comes about as close as it gets to taking fans onto the field for a dramatic moment in an NFL game.

(Note: Technical issues have resulted in the video being removed. We will put it back up as soon as it is available.)


45 responses to “Stafford wore a microphone, creating an NFL highlight for the ages

  1. Remember when Jets fans were bragging that the “Sanchize” was the better QB?

    (Pssst… He’s not)

  2. Wow Dallas got schooled. If the Harlem Globetrotters played football that is what it would look like. Someone get Matt a bucket of confetti and a football on a string.

  3. This was probably the single greatest comeback the lions have ever made. Stafford for us lions fans, we are in awe. Keep up the good work. #PlayoffBound

  4. If you dont like this, then you’re either not a real football fan, or a cowboys fan.

    Pretty much the same thing, though.

  5. I have to say that I have been watching NFL since the 80’s and it always was the Lions that were on the receiving end of plays like this… Getting caught with their pants down.
    This ones on you Cowboys, gotta play ever play

  6. Not a Lions fan but coming from a finz fan that kid has the passion and fire you want your QB to have! Come on Tannehill watch some Stafford tape that was awesome

  7. Pretty cool. With the talent they have, the Lions should at a minimum be in the chase for a wild card every year. Last years 4-12 record is incomprehensible.

  8. Isn’t it ironic , that somehow the ” most mediocre franchise in sports” is on the opposing end….

  9. For such an epic play, that was kind of a mild audio clip. I was hoping to hear some of the surprise from the rest of his team or something. Oh well, still one of the plays of the year.

  10. My living room sounded pretty similar, and we’re not lions fans. Great drive, and that final QB sneak was glorious. Will the Cowboys ever recover?

  11. I’m a pats fan living near Balt , so we don’t hear much from the lions but I’ve been telling everyone for years that the lions team has the talent to go far in the playoffs but for some inexplicably reasons they never live up to their potential

  12. Even though Jets got annihilated on Sunday something about Dallas losing always picks me up. Whenever I’m feeling low I can always count on a Cowboys loss to give me a boost knowing all is right in the universe. And for them to lose in such a crushing fashion really keeps me going knowing the Football Gods giveth just as much as they taketh away…

  13. Just wondering what the thoughts are regarding him running to the line yelling clock, so the defense doesn’t put on a rush allowing him the easy sneak?

    To me it kind of leads credence to Schiano telling his players to always rush no matter the situation.

    I do realize it is a bit different with one being the victory formation and the other being a ‘clocking of the ball’ and the Dallas defense should not be sleeping at that point but…

    I otherwise hope Schiano is fired soon.

  14. Love that! So glad he’s finally gotten past the early-career injuries because Stafford is a good QB!

  15. If you took out all the squealing at the end there it would have been decent audio. Obviously I’m still bitter… I love that my team provides viewers with all of these magical last second loses. It makes it really easy to wear my Cowboys gear around my friends out here in the bay area.

  16. Ok….it was great and all but did anyone honestly think he was going to spike it? They were only an inch away. I knew he would sneak it.

  17. Ok I’ll just click on the little play button to watch this great video,

    aaaaand IT’S GONE!

  18. They are having technical difficulties. I’m hearing the full video will be on NFLN soundfx on Wednesday.

    Greatest Lions victory in my lifetime and I’m no spring chicken.

  19. So if the Cowboys had taken every down seriously they might have won? Somewhere Greg Schiano must be smiling.

  20. Please excuse me but I have to give a big ol’ LMAO to what I think I heard was “RILLLLEYYYY! RILLLLLEYYYY” in a voice that was several octaves too high for a grown man. He joked in his post game presser that Rief was too busy celebrating with the crowd before the TD.

    Not sure how Staff or any NFL players ever have any voice left. I lost mine for two days just cheering for em against the Bengals!

    That said. Love my Lions. Love Staff. Loved the vid. For those who missed out on PFT’s link, google around, it’s out there.

  21. justintuckrule says: Oct 28, 2013 6:56 PM

    Ok….it was great and all but did anyone honestly think he was going to spike it? They were only an inch away. I knew he would sneak it.


    Sure you did 🙂

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