Stafford wore a microphone, creating an NFL highlight for the ages

Getty Images

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made one of the best plays of the season on Sunday when he scored the game-winning touchdown against the Cowboys while everyone else on both teams thought he was just going to spike the ball and stop the clock. Stafford also wore a microphone on Sunday, which means the rest of us get to enjoy hearing just how it all unfolded.

The Lions have released a highlight reel including the audio of Stafford on the final drive of the game. It shows Stafford yelling “Clock it! Clock it! Clock it!” to his teammates before he actually spiked the ball on the third play of the Lions’ winning drive, then shows Stafford yelling the same way before improvising his quarterback sneak touchdown on the fly.

Like much of the best footage from NFL Films, the Lions’ highlight reel comes about as close as it gets to taking fans onto the field for a dramatic moment in an NFL game.

(Note: Technical issues have resulted in the video being removed. We will put it back up as soon as it is available.)