Steve Keim on Larry Fitzgerald: Our intention is to have him retire as a Cardinal

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Larry Fitzgerald said Sunday that the ball was out of his court when it came to being traded away from the Cardinals before Tuesday’s trade deadline or during the offseason in 2014.

Fitzgerald was answering questions about the topic because of a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that indicated Fitzgerald could be in play for a trade because of the coming salary and salary cab obligations in his contract. One of the guys who has more say about whether or not Fitzgerald remains with the Cardinals was also asked about the reports on Monday.

During an interview with Arizona Sports 620, General Manager Steve Keim said that he has not “had one conversation regarding a trade” of Fitzgerald. Keim also said that it was the intent of Cardinals management to have Fitzgerald retire as a member of the team.

That would likely take a serious restructuring of Fitzgerald’s contract as it calls for him to make $13 million while counting $18 million against the cap next season with similarly large numbers on both sides moving into the future. Such a restructure is certainly possible, but proclamations in October have been proven wrong in February more than once.

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  1. It was their “intention” to win the SB this year, too. Intentions are only pathways to the goal. Once it isn’t going to happen, intentions, good or bad, don’t matter. In sports, it is often the kiss of death to have management or an owner demonstrate public support of someone. I believe that they intended to keep him. I doubt that they do.

  2. Why would any team take that contract for the lack of production?

    cue the Fitz has no QB apologizers

  3. Keim stated he hasn’t even fielded one call on a trade RE: Fitz. Love how these rumors get started and fizzle into nothing.

    And Stupid Raiders Fan (your name says all we need to know), you clearly haven’t followed the Cardinals QB situation, or probably a single NFL game outside of your sorry team.

  4. Bidwill is almost desperate to prove his operation is not the ‘same old Cardinals’, and how Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin left town don’t help that situation. Fitz is the only home-grown, elite player the Cards have developed in their 25 years in Arizona, and he is worth a lot more to Bidwill than he would be to any other team, just for that reason. He will retire as a Cardinal even if it means he is paid above his market value for several years.

  5. Can we just all agree that Schefter is no longer an “Insider”? He’s a rumor-monger and nothing more.

    He’s tweets aren’t worth dignifying with a response.

  6. This trade rumor nonsense about Fitz is just recycled garbage from 2011. ESPIN & Schefter reported the same thing about “a trade for Fitzgerald will be in play this offseason” in 2011, right before he signed his current contract.

    Although Fitz’s contract starts to balloon after 2013, both Rod Graves(the GM in 2011) & Fitz openly admitted at the time the contract was signed, that contract would need to be restructured after 2013. So this is nothing new or news worthy.

    And anyone who doesn’t believe Fitz is the second best WR in the league right now, hasn’t watched football. He just set the record for youngest WR to 800 receptions in NFL history during yesterdays game.

  7. After he goes to another team and decides to call it a career, he will be traded back to the Cardinals for one day so he technically can retire as a Cardinal.

  8. I finally had the extra money to buy a NFL shirt and I just purchased a Fitzgerald one. Can’t buy a QB shirt I mean that’s like a merry go round. Can’t buy a WB, they haven’t decided on the starter. Maybe Peterson? But his contract is up too. Washington? May be suspended. No more Cardinal shirts for me.

  9. For one thing, yes the QB play in AZ has been terrible since Warner retired. But Larry has not been the same the last 2 years, and anyone watching objectively can not disagree. He does not high-point the ball anymore, does not run over guys anymore. The first INT against the Seahawks was HIS FAULT, he ran the wrong route, and never even jumped for the ball. This year we can blame it on his hamstring, but Arians has said numerous times Fitz ran the wrong route or was in the wrong place. I like fits but it seems like most blind AZ fans could see Larry crap at the 50 yard line and say “great job Larry”?

  10. Larry is one of those few athletes whos value to an organization…to a city…is much more than what he is doing on the field on any particular game day. Face of a franchise, a guy any dad in the country can point to when teaching his kid how to do it right, absolute class, leader in the locker room. The guy does everything right on and off the field. I’ve witnessed the effort he does to be a role model, when he gave his gloves to a friend’s kid after a game and when he worked his way through a crazy crowd to ensure the football card he signed for my son got back to him un-stolen and unbent instead of just handing it back. I sat behind him and Warner at a Suns game and saw how he was gracious to kid after kid, fan after fan. My wife is in management at Phoenix Children’s hospital, and has had Larry in time and time again, and I can verify a loss of Fitz to the Cardinals would be a hit to this city in ways that go way beyond receiving yards and TD’s. He excels at those as well of course.

  11. MostlyRight: Even though I won’t be buying any more Card shirts living in Phoenix we all hear about Fitz and how much he gives back to the community. He gives and gives and gives. To the city of Phoenix he will always be a superstar.

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