Browns add Armanti Edwards


The Browns made a move at wide receiver Tuesday, but not the one some were expecting.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Browns are signing former Panthers wide receiver Armanti Edwards.

Dubbed the MVP of training camp by coach Ron Rivera this year, the 2010 third-round pick never made a regular season impact with the Panthers, and was released three weeks ago.

The former Appalachian State quarterback (who won two national titles and beat Michigan during his college days, so he’s already an Ohio favorite) gets a second chance with a guy who knows him. Browns coach Rob Chudzinski watched his progress the previous two years as the Panthers offensive coordinator, and must think he can get something out of him.

28 responses to “Browns add Armanti Edwards

  1. Well – they need a receiver to replace Travis Benjamin – so to think they were bringing him in – to be on the safe side in case they were trading Josh Gordon, was a stretch.

    So clearly he’s Benjamin’s replacement.

  2. good for AE. He never really fit in Carolina for some reason.

    Browns fans, expect a punt returner and probably a #4 receiver threat, (I don’t know, who is the #3 receiver in Brownland anyway?)…

    Also would be interesting to see if Chud has some some quarterback trick or treats up his sleeve for Armanti.

  3. appalachian00 says: Oct 29, 2013 5:11 PM

    I hope they will play him, hes an incredible athlete

    Right, and then the next regime will come in next season and remove him and build their own talent again. We’ve seen it. Josh Cribbs said he was tired of rebuilding every year.
    When will this team start winning??? I mean at least 8 eight games.

  4. bengalskuta82 is another Troller Bungles fan waiting on a one and done. Your team will never achieve more than that so quit worrying about the Browns.

  5. …And he instantly becomes the best QB on the roster.

    But seriously, hes gotta be better than Weeden at least. Deactivate weeden every week, and have Edwards back up Campbell and get a few snaps at WR…versatility allows for an extra roster spot every week

  6. thegodshonesttruth says: Oct 29, 2013 5:52 PM

    bengalskuta82 is another Troller Bungles fan waiting on a one and done. Your team will never achieve more than that so quit worrying about the Browns.

    Oh wow! You sound ticked off.
    I think my comment was fair but I guess when you experience a lot of losing seasons, you lose your cool easily.
    Thanks though for admitting that my team is headed for post-season. “One and done”?, hmmm, sounds like a playoff ticket to me. I’ll take it. Its better than a 4-12, or 5-11 season. OH and the word “bungle” is 10yrs old and is irrelevant today in the Jungle

  7. The Bengals will make the postseason. But, don’t worry there will be plenty of playoff tickets available, because for some reason, Bengals fans don’t go to the games. They are always threatening blackouts. Sounds like a loyal fan base.

  8. This bengalskuta82, is really a steelers fan, don’t let him trick you, I know him, we go to high school together. He comes into homeroom, and tells us about how he go so many thumbs downs from browns fans he got the night before. He got beat up by this girl in our photography club for taking pics of her booty. After 10 pm. you won’t her from him, because his mom makes him get off her laptop and go to bed, and he is a junior in high school , crazy.

  9. steelersaregodsteam says: Oct 29, 2013 6:36 PM

    Downright pathetic


    LOL!!!! You must be referring to the 2013 Stoolers. I would not troll unless you can back it up. This year there are no two way about it, THE STEELERS SUCK!!!!!

  10. sorry browns fans – is it’s brown flush it down still holds true for your god awful franchise and town!

  11. As a Panthers fan – all I can say is —


    HUGE waste of breathable air and bench space

  12. I can see Bengal fans doing a bit of trolling on here. They have a young team and should be good for a while. Steeler fans trolling? WOW. You are in dead last and don’t look like you are going anywhere soon.

  13. wahoo80 I know he hasn’t been that productive for you all but hopefully our staff has a better role for him. Of course he may just end up being a turd ya never know. Just giving the guy another chance cant hurt.

  14. To be honest, he was out of place year one. It didn’t help that he was not a choice of then coach John Fox, who went out of his way to not play him. This then went down the line to other coaches, and he was not used. He did manage a couple of passes, ran the wildcat and seemed to get in the groove of the return game towards the end of the season. Then we have a lockout, new coaching staff. Luckily for AE, he worked out with Muslin Muhammad in the off season. But a new playbook, new coach, and lockout just lead to a slight regression. He did manage to find his way on the field occasionally, but it was not until last season s 82 yard catch, that his value was realized.
    This season, AE was a casualty of needs and numbers in Carolina. He was great during the preseason, and was a set to be the panthers #3 received, then he experienced a hamstring injury and Ted Ginn moved up the depth chart. I think he will perform well, and is ready to go this weekend.

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