Brunell won’t be surprised to see the Jaguars move to London

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One of the most beloved players in Jacksonville Jaguars history thinks the Jacksonville Jaguars may not be long for Jacksonville.

Via First Coast News, former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell recently said he won’t be surprised if the team moves to London.

“We have an owner in Shad Khan that bought the soccer team over there and all indications are that we’re headed that way.  It’s not good for Jacksonville,” Brunell told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning.  “You don’t hear a lot of that talk in Jacksonville right now, but everywhere else . . . someone mentioned the other day that it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars of London.”

We still think it’s unlikely any team will move on a full-time basis to London.  After playing back-to-back road games on the West Coast earlier this year, the Jags reportedly cooled on the idea of playing two games in one season in London.  Playing eight in England and eight in the United States per year would be a far greater challenge.

That’s why we still think the ultimate outcome will entail, as Peter King reported on Sunday night, eight games per year in London involving different teams.

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  1. If they want football to be successful in Europe…. the NFL needs to send the best team with the best players to London and rig a Super Bowl victory.

    Like after 9-11 with the patriots.

  2. Well send them somewhere. If London’s available then London’s available. Win or potentially get bounced should be a policy incentive for all franchises and if you want to stay where your at, then make sure you stay out of the bottom of the pecking order.

    Football in Your City should be a privilege, not a curse.

  3. Why does the NFL want to make the Jags suck even more than they do now? Man, someone who knows Goodell must be getting rich on this London drama. Follow the money and I bet it comes right back around to Emperor Roger the First.

  4. A wise man once said….

    “I can’t go to church today, this is the most important game of the year! We’re playing the Rams today, and if you lose to the Rams then you get kicked out of the league!”

    -Al Bundy

  5. When Brunell gets inducted into the Pride of the Jaguars Ring of Honor, I’m going to a freaking concession stand. I hope the Jags brass changes their minds on inducting him (a slightly above-average QB at best anyway, who choked big games); If not, hopefully the crowd relentlessly boos him. Way to kissing up to the national media….

  6. I’m also willing to throw my hat in the ring to be new Commissioner of the NFL.

    As 1st order of business I announce expansion teams in LA and London and appoint myself as GM of the London team in which I will then proceed to kick everybody’s ass with good ol’ fashioned British football the way it was meant and destined to be played. Nevermind the fact that my prior greatest international travel extends only as far as Toronto, that’s going to be a question you can keep yourself busy with as a distraction of the fear that comes with having to fly into London to face my football team that is headed up by Jon Gruden as HC and Mariucci as the OC, those guys will fit in nicely for a little sugar and spice. I’ll let LA have the 1st pick in the draft and I’ll just take Clowney or a QB, let the new coaches pick, it won’t make much difference in due time anyhow.

  7. Contraction!!

    Just kidding, kind of.

    I guess if given the option between a full time team in London or the eight games per year involving different teams options, I’d choose the eight games per year.

  8. Brunell is only saying what many fans and business owners in Jacksonville have been thinking. The team absolutely was not for sale until the day it was sold….remember?

  9. Spygate = No HC Ban
    Bountygate = HC Ban
    Thursday Football
    London Games
    18 Games Schedule
    London Jaguars
    Washington Bravehearts

    Roger Goodell is a true capitalist. There are no rules, just $$$$$

  10. How long before the Euros start asking, “What’s up with all these commercial breaks? How much actual game play is there?” Football is too Americanized to work in the UK/EU. They won’t put up with all the commercial breaks like Americans do; they just aren’t used to it with soccer being commercial free.

  11. Imagine that same scenario over here. It would be novel to have a bunch of teams come through the first time or two, but then you want to see your favorite. Something to call your own. I wouldn’t burn a lot of money to watch a bunch of different teams.

    I think this multiple team format is a recipe for disaster. If they want to make it work, give them a team. I’d rather watch a crappy team if it was my own than a bunch of exhibitions I have no vested interest in.

    Schedule? Give them a 4 home, 4 road (east), 4 home, 4 road (west) schedule with a “sister city” or two in the states they can call home when they are over here.

  12. Does this sound familiar….an owner comes in with ties to a different region, doesn’t draft well, trade rumors about star players, poor product on field leads to poor attendance, tries to secure millions in tax funding for renovations, which leads to relocation of franchise. Jacksonville Jaguars? Nope! Seattle Supersonics. The writing is on the wall.

  13. I don’t think we will ever see a full time London team. It just doesn’t make sense to the player’s. How could they ever get free agents to sign there. More so how do you keep player’s there past the rookie contract. The only way you get full time American football in Europe would be to start a seperate league, and set it up as a minor league feeder system for the NFL.

  14. How is the tax scheme going to work in a country where your foreign behind isn’t going to get a break on sending some British kids to college, and where the dollar is at best with half a pound? How is an American sport with a salary cap then supposed to compete in a country who’s number one sport has no cap and is patronized by billionaires from the world over? And if football ever does start to threaten the dominance of that sport, how is the concussion issue not going to be used as a political cudgel to get them chucked out?

    Here’s how – agents will ensure that their clients who can most afford it stay the hell out of London, and the scrubs making the lower end wages here in the states are going to make a lesser wage overseas. Stay out of London – it’s General Goodell’s Waterloo.

  15. Remember the World League of American Football experiement in the late 90’s well into the 00’s? That horse has come and gone. American football in Europe worked for a while when we still had a large, European-based military presence. As the European military drawdown reduced the number of military personnel on the continent, the attendance faded and the league folded. I suspect that, for most European’s, seeing an NFL game live is a spectacle to take in much as we would Cirque de Soliel. (I’m not saying the NFL is a circus but Goodell’s nose does look a little red.)

    Major European cities such as Barcelona and Frankfurt have already proven that the folks on the other side of the pond won’t support a full time NFL team.

    It’s a shame. I saw some great games in Frankfurt for 1/10th of what it would cost me to see an NFL game stateside.

  16. I’m a UK nfl fan and wouldn’t mind a team here, im fine with the couple of games a year though. Besides, the international football league is a bit of a mouthful…

  17. You talk about blackouts in Jax now?

    Ask 80,000 Brits to pay $100 to watch a football game at 2am on a Monday morning.

  18. how come when the jagoffs played in merry England they brought their Tarps with them. So so Sad.!!!!!!!

  19. The only good thing about a SB in Merry England is that kick off would be at 1:00 pm eastern time in the US. Then I could enjoy the day and not have to listen to 15 hrs of BS before the game.!!!!!!! So in my opinion go ahead a book a bunch of SB games there.!!!!!!!!

  20. Am I mistaken or did Mark Sanchez wipe a booger on this guy? That certainly speaks to his credibility.

  21. kivory82 says:
    Oct 30, 2013 12:42 AM
    Brunell is talking crazy!!
    I’m sorry but he’s not.

    Brunnel is telling the truth, it’s just that you don’t want to hear it.

    I’ve been saying from day 1 of the sale to Khan that this was in the works, you guys were blinded by optimism.

    This was a Khan job from day ONE.

  22. Well, I’m convinced. I was blinded by Khan putting $31M of his own money into the stadium (matched by the city), his constant repeating of “I’m committed to Jacksonville”, and his investment of time and money into several local businesses to grow our economy and his customer base. But now that Brunell said this on ESPN, it must all be true.

    As a wise man once said, the Jags have been around for 19 seasons and the Mothership has been crying foul for 20.

  23. London doesn’t need or want a damn team. What WE need is an official NFL Minor League that plays from March to June in medium sizes markets. (Vegas, Portland, San Antonio, Memphis, Birmingham, etc.)

  24. Roger Goodell is a true capitalist. There are no rules, just $$$$$

    Well, it depends on what you mean by capitalist. Private ownership of property wherein buyer and seller agree on a price or the corpora-fascistic brand of socialism we have in the US.

  25. I feel that it is a great idea, we have many teams over in the uk (With age ranges of 11-adult.) that have a much higher standard of play that you lot think. The amount of talent that is in the Uk is amazing, so personally I think that it is due time we have a franchise based here every game would be a sellout no question. I play for a under 16 contact team with squad numbers of about 60 and I can tell you that each and everyone of us will certainly buy every ticket that goes up for sale no matter the team. Also I think that some weaker college teams should come over here and play our seniors it would make a great game. LONDON BLITZ all the way

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