Cowboys expect Brian Waters to miss the rest of the season


Brian Waters, the veteran guard who showed up in Dallas this season and instantly upgraded the offensive line, appears to be done for the season.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his radio show this morning that he expects Waters to miss the rest of the game after suffering a triceps injury on Sunday in Detroit. Waters may try to play through the injury, but Jones didn’t sound optimistic about his chances.

The 36-year-old Waters is a six-time Pro Bowler who had an outstanding career with the Chiefs, then played one season with the Patriots in 2011 and helped them get to the Super Bowl, then sat out the 2012 season. It’s a testament to his talent for the guard position that he was able to sit out for a year and a half and then play so well as soon as he returned with the Cowboys this year.

But if his injury is, in fact, season ending, then it’s also probably career ending. Sunday in Detroit may have been Waters’ last game.

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  1. Does it just seem worse to me this year, or are injuries where the player misses significant time WAY up this season?

    Memory tells me a team or two has random bad luck and gets killed with the injury bug each year. But this year its seems a team or two has random good luck in avoiding numerous injuries.

  2. pftstory, I completely agree. It is hard for one to not wonder, is this a result of the players getting what they wanted (less contact in practice/camp/etc) during CBA negotiations? It may be a coincidence, and there is likely no way to prove it is a result of the CBA, but I just cant stop thinking it may be related

  3. Good Lord Jerry Jones is an idiot. I just read that he thinks Deion Sanders could have shut down Megatron.

    First of all, comparisons like this are stupid because they didn’t play in the same era.

    Secondly, Jerrah is living in the past!

    And thirdly, how about that Moral Victory in Detroit eh? You led for 99% of the game so that counts as a win, but only morally, right Jerry Jones?

    Jerrah is the one who needs to shut up, not Dez Bryant, who at least understands the whole W/L concept.

  4. It’s a testament to how bad the Cowboy’s offensive line is that a player off the street who sat out for a year and who 31 other teams did not sign during the offseason could come in and be an immediate upgrade for the Cowboys.

  5. Too bad. I suppose it worked out better for the Patriots that he sat out on them. They’ve had enough injuries to work through. They didn’t need one more….

  6. Terrbile. He helped immediately. I hope he hangs around the team since his off-season home is nearby and coaches them up. He did more in one week to help the O-line that Callahan has done since he joined the coaching staff.

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