Freddie Mitchell sentenced to 37 months in prison for tax fraud

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Former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell was sentenced to more than three years in prison for his role in a tax fraud scheme.

Senior U.S. District Judge John Antoon II sentenced Mitchell to 37 months in prison in an Orlando courtroom today. Mitchell could have received up to 10 years in prison, but his attorneys asked for probation, saying that Mitchell suffered concussions during his playing career and should be given leniency.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to conspiracy to file a false claim with the government after he and two co-defendants were caught filing a false tax return under the name of NBA player Drew Gooden. Mitchell and the two other men got a refund of $2 million in Gooden’s name. Gooden was not accused of any wrongdoing, and it was Gooden filing a correct tax return that tipped the authorities off to the fraudulent one that had already been filed for him.

A 2001 first-round draft pick of the Eagles, Mitchell is best remembered for a fourth-and-26 catch that helped the Eagles beat the Packers in the 2004 playoffs.

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  1. “A 2001 first-round draft pick of the Eagles, Mitchell is best remembered for being the dummy that tried to bilk the government out of 2 million dollars.”

    Fix your post.

  2. “Freddddiieeeeeee….come here Freddiieee”, the words echoed from one end of the jail cell to the other where Freddie sat quietly.

  3. Freddie was always detached from reality.

    I recall he was going to be an actor….No one can tell these guys some simple truths.

    How long until MJ realizes he just isn’t a good NBA scout?

  4. I like to thank my hands…. Good luck Fedex, hope you can turn things around. Get help, be well.

  5. This is bizarre. I figured it was just another case of trying to hid some money or not filing for a few years. After reading this I don’t see how he got away with only 37 months.

  6. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 29, 2013 5:42 PM
    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. We only produce class acts who just happen to dominate on the gridiron. #HTTR


    Brandon Meriweather – DUI
    Albert Haynesworth (3) – sexual abuse, assault, & reckless driving.
    Joe Joseph – DUI
    Fred Davis (3) – reckless driving & driving with suspended license (2). Still on the team.
    Byron Westbrook – DUI
    Chad Rinehart – public intoxication
    Kili Lefotu- public intoxication
    Sean Taylor (RIP) (2) – aggrevated assault with a firearm & DUI
    Jermaine Haley – DUI
    Bruce Smith – DUI
    Dana Stubblefield – assaulting his wife
    Mike Sellers – DUI

    Owner George Preston Marshall – assaulting the legacy of the Native American people (yea I know but he should have).

  7. My neighbor won the FL lottery when I was 10, I think it was $36-million and that was 1989. One of the first things he wanted to do was buy the trailer park he lived in, but they wanted too much money. Anyways fast forward 20 years and an Oprah appearance later he dies while he’s on trial for filing fake tax returns to the tune of $800k and living in single wide trailer with no running water or electricity. Swear it’s a true story.

  8. Report comment
    logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 29, 2013 5:42 PM

    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. We only produce class acts who just happen to dominate on the gridiron. #HTTR


    Dexter Manley: Washington Redskins, drug possession, evidence tampering, 4 years (1996) 2 years (2002)

    I’m sorry, what were you saying ?

  9. This explains his most recent status update on Facebook of “Only in America can you be punished for being scammed”.

  10. What’s wrong with this dude? Why did this guy have such a hard time fitting in with normal people – on the field or off? And how stupid do you have to be to think you can rip off the government and a famous person for $2 million and not get caught? Fred was always a bit disconnected from reality and a couple of nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

    What was it like having this guy and Terrell Owens on the same team at the same time? Going to the locker room must have felt like a visit to the psych ward.

  11. You had to sneak 4th&26 in at the end. Prick. Still, 4th&26 will prevent Mike Sherman from ever being a head coach again. That and his God-awful drafts.

  12. Say what you will about FredEx, I always liked him. While he was with the team, he never seemed like a locker room headache, and his antics were sort of funny.

    And I’ll never forget fourth and twenty-six. That’s what makes football great.

  13. NFL players get away with a lot. Had this incident involved Joe Shmoe from the suburbs of Philly, he would have got the 10 years in prison.

    NFL players have a long history of buying themselves out of trouble. In this case It does not appear that the idiot going to prison had the cash to buy his way out, but he obviously got a lighter sentence for being a former NFL player.

  14. Have you ever tried to file a tax return? If limitations of mental capacity from concussions would account for anything, it would be an inability to file a return properly! If he got through the return with enough mental faculty to falsify it, he should get extra jail time for trying to play the concussion card.

    I hate you more for not manning up. Coward.

  15. This is his status update on facebook 5 hours ago.. “only in America can u get punished for being scammed”.. Come on dude… If the federal Govt. gets involved & proves it’s case behind a reasonable doubt your GUILTY.. He was so desperate he tried to use the post concussion BS on why he didn’t pay his taxes.. It’s no wonder he has a private jet on his facebook cover photo.. He was living the high life on someone else’s nickel.. In the words of Monday night countdown… COME ON MAN!!!!!!

  16. You guys are wasting time with logicalidiocy

    He has zero interest in facts or discourse with anyone. For example he goes into every single Pats thread posting about spygate while ignoring Shanahan’s history of salary cap cheating to win the Denver Super Bowls, and then messing with the cap again once he got to Washington, thus causing their cap to be reduced for a couple years.

    He uses about 5 or 6 different user names and all he does is make obnoxious posts everywhere. This is the only NFL message board I’ve ever seen that just lets the trolls run wild without banning them after some warnings. And its a shame because he adds zero to the discussion here and in fact disrupts actual football talk.

    As to Freddie Mitchell the guy was lousy at the NFL level and not very smart. It was pretty clear he was likely to be one of those guys who were broke 2 or 3 years after they were out of the league and with a good chance of having a bad end.

  17. “A 2001 first-round draft pick of the Eagles, Mitchell is best remembered for a fourth-and-26 catch that helped the Eagles beat the Packers in the 2004 playoffs”.

    No. “Fredex” is best remembered for running his mouth and not being able to back it up. “Fredex always delivers” was his motto. What he delivered was hype and disappointment. A first round pick who lasted all of 4 years in the NFL, and had an whopping 5 TD’s collectively. Well done, Eagles, and well done, Freddie. You are an inspiration to humanity.

  18. and remember, current coach of the year candidate andy reid passed on reggie wayne and drafted this hobo. also selected in the next few picks were chad johnson, todd heap, drew brees, alge crumpler and kyle vanden bosch…..

    then he picked some hobo named caver with the second round pick….

  19. Meanwhile, the killer of Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son is a free man. ‘Merica!

  20. Pulling the concussion card!? ….and it gave him leniency? Really!?

    How about all the murderers who were beat by their fathers. They suffered concussions. Bet it wouldn’t have mattered a damn in court.

    Shouldn’t matter in any case unless it matters in every case.

    The future is bright with non contact non impacts sports. Water polo with life vests in a 3 foot deep pool anyone?

  21. $2,000,000.00 isn’t what it used to be!

    That’s $54,054.54 per month of incarceration. Sounds about right…

    More importantly a Very interesting breakdown with the repetitive 54 pattern. It must mean Eagles will get stomped this week worse than the Jets did last week. Need to go bet that… Can’t miss…

  22. I guess dude figured Drew Gooden wouldn’t notice that $2.mill return that Fred X snagged out from under him. What a loser. Last I heard he was in the Arena League. Another classy former Eagle WR.

  23. that blackandbluedivision guy has way TOO MUCH TIME TO COME UP WITH THAT LIST WHAT LOSER.!!!!!!!! probably a Sorry bear fan that’s still Bitter from 2 weeks ago.

  24. At least Fred will get to resume his career as a wide receiver. Not much hope of him being a tight end for very long.

    And larrydavid7000, it didn’t take much effort for anyone to come up with that list although he did omit Manley’s lack of education.

  25. I dont remember him for 4th and 26, I always remembered him for not being half the player he boasted he was.

  26. If I was Obama I wouldn’t worry about the DC teams name, I would be spending my time writing a pardon for a man that beat the Packers on a 4th and 26.

  27. I always found it funny when he said he would’ve caught more TD’s if he had gloves on his feet.. Surprised he hasn’t also tried blaming McNabb for his tax mess.

  28. Let he who has not bilked the government out of $2 million throw the first stone. Any don’t let me see any of you nfl owners throw any stones.

  29. Anyone see the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker and his date asked him about his unpaid child support?

  30. logicalvoicesays says:

    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. We only produce class acts who just happen to dominate on the gridiron. #HTTR

    Uh, 2-5

  31. The immaturity and just plain ol’ stupidity of these so-called ” wise grown men” continues to astound me. And all the jock-sniffers that seem to “worship” these idiots is all the more perplexing.

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