Gonzalez seems to want out, but he knows he can’t ask for it

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Future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez knows that the “trade me from a crappy team” cannon is something a player can fire only once in his future Hall of Fame career.

And so he’s not asking to be traded from the unexpectedly crappy Falcons.  But Gonzalez has packed the gunpowder and loaded the ball, and he’s standing over the fuse with a lighted torch.

“I love my guys on this team too much to go ask for a trade,” Gonzalez told Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com.  “It would be something that would come from them where they said, ‘Hey, it makes sense because we could get something good for you and send you to a team that’s a contender.’  So I understand the thought process behind that.”

In other words, he won’t ask for a trade.  But he would welcome a trade.

“When [FOX’s] Jimmy Johnson says that it would be respectful of [the Falcons to ask Gonazlez if he wants to play for a contender], I see that,” Gonzalez said  “And like I said, if that’s something they wanted to do and they asked me, then, yeah, I would listen to them, of course. Yes, I would sit down with them.

“You’ve always got to listen to them in anything.  I don’t care if you’re not open to it or [are], you still listen and see what’s up.”

In other words, he won’t ask for a trade.  But he would welcome a trade.

We’ll know by [4:00 p.m. ET] tomorrow,” Gonzalez said. “But, like I said, I’m not going to be the one to go asking for a trade. It will have to come from them.”

In other words, he won’t ask for a trade.  But he would welcome a trade.

The question is whether the Falcons will trade him.  Inexplicably, they previously have made it clear they won’t.

Maybe it’s posturing aimed at maximizing the compensation.  Or maybe they simply don’t care about getting compensation in 2014 for a guy who’s playing for a team that seems to have no chance of contending in 2013.

91 responses to “Gonzalez seems to want out, but he knows he can’t ask for it

  1. I feel bad for Gonzalez. Well at least he finally got his first playoff win last year. So close to the Super Bowl, but hey the Falcons are kind of a cursed franchise. And they looked like a really bad ball club against the Cardinals.

  2. I could see the Patriots. Sounds crazy.

    However, with the lack of offense in New England and the fact Gronk and Amendola can’t stay healthy most years. And the act Thomas Dimitroff and BB history together. I could see this.

  3. You begged him to come back for a SB run. There’s not SB run happening in the ATL. You owe him (and his kids who wanted him to retire). Trade the guy.

    Wonder if the Chiefs want him back…

  4. It is too bad to see one of the greats end his career this way. But I would be surprised to see him get that trade because Atlanta is going to need him to have any hope of salvaging this season. And I don’t think they are ready yet to pull the handle and flush the season.

  5. Wonder if Gonz back to his roots in KC is a possibility? I know KC has a huge need for TE help, and I am sure they could get him for a 4th rounder.

  6. They coerced this guy into not retiring on the premise he could get a ring before hanging it up. The Falcons OWE it to this guy to trade him to a contender, as they promised he would be playing for one and they obviously aren’t that.

  7. Tony – it’s ok – none of us will hold it against you if you said “Get me the hell outta here and send me to San Fran/Seattle/Denv etc”

    You gave it a good shot with Atl…they are a DISASTER…and you EARNED it

  8. Trade him to New England, we can then run 2 TE with Gronk and Gonzalez and good luck to everyone else.

  9. Send him to the Saints because I want to see Mike Smith’s face finally push past that perpetual shade of red and actually explode.

    Failing that, KC. Like I’ve said before though this would be put their $100 mil QB’s safety in jeopardy because he would have almost zero protection.

  10. The Falcons just sunk $100+ million including $60 million guaranteed into Matt Ryan, the worst playoff QB of the modern post-AFL-NFL-merger era. Julio Jones has a chronic injury that threatens to linger and hamper his career, Roddy White looks to be done, and the running game is a mess. It might make sense for the Falcons to keep Tony Gonzalez around this year, and even beg him to resign in 2014 despite no chance to contend, just to slow down the national awareness of how bad the Falcons are. If Gonzalez is traded, Ryan will have a few more 4 INT games, create an immediate QB controversy, and accelerate the downward spiral in Atlanta that will cost coach and GM their jobs and reputations sooner and more severely than if Gonzalez stays and keeps Ryan’s numbers to semi-respectable levels.

  11. the chiefs make the most sense no matter how you look at it. West coast offense which could make him very valuable, playoff bound, built in leadership, and even good coaching(thus far)

  12. Tony has been and will always be a classy guy. And this is from a Bucs fan who lives in Atlanta and has put up with all the crap here for decades.

  13. I don’t see it happening.

    Teams value draft picks, even ones in the lower rounds, too much to sacrifice one for 8 regular season games and a possible playoff run with a guy who is retiring at the end of the season.

    Fans and maybe even some writers may look at Team X and say “boy if they just had a better tight end, they could go all the way”, but I doubt there are many teams who feel that way.

    I could be wrong. Lord knows I’ve been wrong before. But sorry to say it, TG, but I think you’re stuck.

  14. If you put an old lady in the ball pit at McDonald’s with all the little kids…I’m betting she would want out too.

    Unprepared, Unorganized, Out-physical’d, and Outplayed.

    Seems to be a catchy slogan for the 2013 Falcons

    Hey, just think, you won’t have to trade your organization away to get into the top 5 in the draft this year.

  15. Just trade him to KC for a conditional draft pick depending on his contribution and how deep they go in the playoffs and use that 3rd rd pick on a WR. For a team that was a front runner to start they year , their are a lot of glaring holes. Need a WR , young RB , you have a good young TE , need O-line upgrades and help all over D-fence.
    WHEN YOU PAY THAT MUCH FOR A QB YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO DRAFT DIFFERENCE MAKING PLAYERS because you do not have the cap capability to sign FA’s.
    Please do not sign CUTLER TO A LONG TERM DEAL CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. He said he wants to be traded without using those words. And I really don’t understand it.

    Think about it. His could just tell the media and public “I’m committed to Atlanta and my teammates”. If the Falcons wanted to trade him, they can backchannel all day and let it be done in silence.

    What upside is there to “I can’t control it, but I’d sit down and listen etc. “BS.

  17. Minority opinion but I don’t think the Chiefs should go for him. They’ve already turned that page of their history and now they’re 8-0 with a brand new team. Can’t risk the Tony Gonzalez fairwell tour sideshow upsetting the good vibe going on in that lockerroom. If KC needs a TE, they should look elsewhere.

  18. marcinhouston says:
    Oct 29, 2013 12:30 PM
    The Falcons just sunk $100+ million including $60 million guaranteed into Matt Ryan, the worst playoff QB of the modern post-AFL-NFL-merger era.

    Correction. Second worst playoff QB….number 1 would be the guy in Denver, formerly of Indy.

  19. Trade the man. The team needs the ammo in next years draft. Toilolo looks promising, get him reps the rest of the season and then make next years draft class 100% defense.

  20. They, nor any team, don’t “owe” it to a player to trade them to a contender. The Falcon’s job is to win games, and that will be easier to accomplish with Gonzalez. They pay him nicely to do this as well.

  21. It’s so completely disrespectful, to the point of being downright spiteful, for them not to trade him. It’s also really, really stupid of the Falcons. In addition to it being the right thing to do by Gonzalez, why not get SOMETHING for him to help build for the future?

  22. Go To Seattle! Wilson could use a security blanket instead of getting hammered all game long! I am rooting for the Chiefs to do well, but let’s not kid ourselves they are not coming close to the SB this year. Seattle has a legit shot at going, and Tony and Harvin are enough offense to get em there!

  23. .

    The compensation would most likely be tied to a team’s playoff performance. Hence, the Falcons would get X for a division crown, Y for a conference, and Z for a Super Bowl victory.

    That would hedge the bet on acquiring a player for only 8 games.

  24. Those who say he’s not worth a pick or why would KC want the side show. Adding KC would put the spotlight on Tony and off KC and being undefeated but likely to get hit with a L 2 of next 3 or 4 weeks.
    Being 8-0 this year means nothing next year. You have a clear path to the AFC Championship game , you better damn well do everything in your power to make this the year and not “hope” this year is a preview of upcoming years.

  25. I would love to see him in Green Bay, but he doesn’t fit TT’s master plan for how to build a team.

    Because of that, I guess he belongs in KC. That would make for a nice story. And Minnesota should send Allen back there while they’re at it.

  26. I know Thompson would never do it but a 6th rounder for TG would give help to a Green Bay offensive unit decimated by injury.

  27. You knowhat’s very true. I fired the “Trade me from a crappy team cannon” once when I was getting divorced

  28. Since he’s at the end of his career, as opposed to Talib who was obtained for a 4th rounder, I could see the Pats maybe offering a 5th rounder, but really, that might be too much considering all the other injuries they have had. They need offensive and defensive linemen. If Blank/Dimitroff wanted to do Kraft/Belichick and Gonzalez a solid, they’d ship him out for a 6th or 7th at this late stage.

    Going back to KC might be too much drama, and they already have a good thing going.

  29. I don’t understand the love for this narcissistic clown.

    Typical athlete coddling. Why is he owed a SB ring just because he’s good? Plenty of great players never sniff a ring. He maneuvered his way out of KC to contend in ATL (??) and now that’s a disaster, he wants to maneuver his way out again to go somewhere else and contend. And all this after stipulating in his mega million $ contract that he didn’t have to participate in training camp and could set his own practice schedule.

    Yeah, great teammate and a classy guy. You made your bed, now lie in it like everybody else. If you don’t like it, retire already.

  30. Jumping ship at mid season trade deadline? Not exactly a HOF attitude…

    It’s always kind of pathetic & empty when these great players try to chase down teams for championships in the waning years of their careers…

  31. Gonzalez is a good TE and a thorn in the side of any team he plays against, given the right QB, but I would have thought that if a team is in the position where it can possibly get a play-off place, it must be doing well and wouldn’t be looking for a TE, unless they have injury problems that is.

  32. The Falcons ruined this man’s chance at getting a ring because the GM bought too many shiny toys and forgot to put them in a garage that wouldn’t collapse.

    Now this once classic hot rod will have to sit out in the rain with the rest of the broke down vehicles in the driveway.

    They do still have that $100 million bentley at QB but they forgot to put an engine in it, and they’ll have to repay the loan for several years.

    Maybe they can find an old Yugo engine to get it running again.

  33. tony gonzalez is a hgh/steroid abusing fraud.

    junior seau, brett favrt, and tony gonzalez are very similar.

    All three appeared like manly secure leaders… but… underneath they are weak, insecure, low character boys.

  34. All the Falcons fans who think their team still has a shot at the playoffs are completely delusional. You are at 2-5. You have nine games left, 6 of those against plus-.500 teams, and three of those are on the road. The wildcards are currently coming out of the West, (Niners or Seahawks), and the North, (Packers or Lions). Both wildcard teams will probably be at least 10-6 or better. So your Falcons will practically have to run the table to have a shot at the playoff. No chance! Trade TG in the next three hours, or if no one bites, then release him so he can finish his HOF career with a contender.

  35. The Pats pick him up and then they can get back to a 2 TE set offence that will allow them to be able to run the ball again and work the PA passes down the field. It’s just what the Pats need right now to dominate all the way to the SB and give TB his 4th Sb so all these haters that say 0-2 since spygate can finnaly shut up!…….Then Tom woke up from his dream as a tear rolled down his cheek.


  36. Strange the way the world turns, isn’t it? Who could have predicted last season that the Chiefs would be 8-0 while the Falcons are scraping bottom? Just a bad roll of the dice for Gonzalez.

    I know what’s happened to my Steelers. But how did the Falcons become such a crappy team?

  37. Favre played out that last year in Minnesota. Them’s the strokes, man. Sometimes it’s what’s needed to finally put the nail in the coffin. Suck it up, Tony. Take care of yourself over the middle for 8 games, and go out with head high.

  38. No way the Falcons trade him. That would be a classy gesture and we all know that class has always been in short supply in Atlanta

  39. No player signs with a team because they “promised him a Superbowl”. That’s gotta be the dumbest damned thing I’ve read on this site.

  40. Kansas City reunion or Green Bay packers would make the most sense.

    why is there a trade deadline. the nfl would be much more exciting if you could trade players the entire year, including in the playoffs. it be like having the offseason excitement of trades and signings during the season.

  41. Tony wanted out of KC so he could play for a contender. He then chose the Falcons himself. Now, the Falcons are a bad team and the team he left “the KC Chiefs” are undefeated. Looks like Tony screwed the pooch so to speak. He shoulda stayed where he was at. Look, now he would be finishing his career with the team that drafted him and he could take solace in the fact that he stayed and helped them become a championship team. Imagine if the Chiefs win the SB this year. Tony will have egg all over his face! Ha Ha! Too Funny! Geaux Saints!

  42. “I don’t really wanna work hard or take pride in winning a championship trophy. I’d rather manipulate my way onto an all-star team and then say I earned it.”

    –Lebron James and Tony Gonzalez (twice)

  43. indianapolis makes the most sense by far. losing an experienced veteran like reggie wayne and replacing him with an experienced veteran like gonzalez for a year until wayne returns next season would seem to be the best fit

  44. So the Falcons are selfish if they don’t trade the player that gives them the best chance at reviving their season?? never mind the season ticket holders who’ve invested their hard earned money to see a team endure & NOT just, give up…never mind the fans who’ve witnessed teams like the Giant struggle in the regular season to win 9 games & go off & win the Superbowl, TWICE!! The “pundits” say shame on the Falcons. Really?

    Why is it not considered selfish of TG to make his openness to be traded public, after saying just a week ago that he had NO interest in a trade at all?? We can all agree that TG is a class guy, but why not keep that information between he & the team…Surely he understands the possible backlash of going public with that, right?? Isn’t that like, throwing the team under the bus?? Maybe that’s considered selfless.

  45. he should have never un-retired.since he did it for falcons they should at least try and get him to a team with good chance of winning.Then getting in football shape would not have been a waste..

  46. There happens to be a new veteran reciever right now in Minnesota who wants out of his terrible predicament much more than Gonzales but cant do a thing about the bad situation he alone put himself in. it would be ideal if Gonzales ended up in Green Bay but Ted Thompson doesnt believe in bring in outsiders even with his star tight end JF is out indefinately with a neck injury so forget that idea.

  47. He has said repeatedly that he came back to play with this group of guys, coaches, and organization. Why are you twisting the story??

    Would it be nice for Tony to go out with a ring? YES
    Would the Falcons have made a better run without all the injuries? MAYBE

    It used to be that DEATH and TAXES were the only guarantees then people starting to find tax loopholes. So now the only guarantee is that you’ll die and have to go before your maker.

  48. Same thing with Peterson in Minnesota. Future hall of famer wasting his talent with a team that will never go anywhere but down.

  49. PFT: “The question is whether the Falcons will trade him. Inexplicably, they previously have made it clear they won’t.”

    This is a good point. Why in the hell would the Falcons turn a blind eye in such a situation – particularly when their season is effectively over, and they’ll get zero for Gonzo versus something better than zero if they move him to a contender who needs a TE? KC is the obvious choice – but other teams could make sense too. NEP has a compromised passing game right now and loves to rely on double-TE sets and all they have is a shaky Gronk at this point.

  50. I can just hear Matt Ryan yelling yelling through the locked door as the Falcons GM is picking up the phone. “Guys! Guys! Wait… no.. c’mon man!”

  51. It’d be nice to have Gonzalez as a Seahawk but, unfortunately, he’d spend all his time blocking.

    What the hell. Couldn’t hurt. Bring Tony to Seattle!

  52. I think every club in the NFL would love to have Tony, great athlete, greater person. The right thing is to trade him back to Kansas City, that where he’ll retire from and the team that he’ll be inducted into the HOF from. C’mon Mr. Blank do it for Tony.

  53. A hard head carries a soft ass. TG, I told you not to go back to that mealy mouth team in that ratchet ass city. You won a lot of close games last year and the ONLY reason the NFCCG was close is b/c it too the Squared Sevens until the 2nd quarter to wake up. You were outscored 28-7 the rest of the way.

  54. Note to TG – you have to be smarter than this. Failclowns are a joke…epic failure of an organization….can’t win the big games…did you REALLY think they had a chance this year with the GOAT coach, Sean Payton, returning?

    #wiseup…the Failclowns will always be ringless in da ATL…

    Real owner of the Failclowns = Sean Payton

    The Who Dat Nation

  55. Ok for the ppl saying its funny how he left kc and he screwed the pooch and all this bs is dumb. If he stayed in kc there is no way he would be here this season. Yeah you think he would’ve been around for one last season when kc just finished 2-14 and got the #1 pick in the draft. No way he would’ve thought the playoffs would’ve been a possibility. Meanwhile he’s been in the playoffs 3 of te last 4 years with ATL. With them just being to the NFC championship game

    O wait playoffs would’ve been in his future this season. When he was watching his kids play.

    With that said I thing they should trade him. he deserves one last chance. And it would be nice to see him as a chief again. Even tho there’s no way they win a Super Bowl but at least he gets a chance. More than likely he’s not going to get a chance with ATL this year. He’s gonna retire as a chief either way. We traded a second for him back in 09 I wouldn’t be upset getting a 4th for him 5 years later.

    Either way I’m rooting for you tony.

  56. The falcons are done this yr and he will retire at seasons end so why not trade him. I see a possible reunion with KC or GB could use him with Finley out. Tell me Gonzo wouldnt love to catch passes from Rodgers.

  57. who would give anything for a diva who skipped preseason instead of being out there “with his guys” and has already said he is retiring after this year , 100% sure. Go eat a tofu burger.

    Tony and the Falcons got what they deserved here.

    You get NOTHING, you get nothing!!

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