Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders could have shut down Megatron

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Watching Calvin Johnson shred his defense on Sunday, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones would have loved to have had one of his old cornerbacks back: Jones said on Tuesday that he believes Deion Sanders, the Hall of Famer who played cornerback in Dallas from 1995 to 1999, could have done the job of covering Megatron.

Asked on KRLD-FM if Sanders could have shut down Megatron, Jones answered, “Yes, I do.”

Jones elaborated that Sanders was as good a shutdown corner as he’s ever seen, and so he’d like Sanders’s chances against any receiver.

Deion has such catch-up speed and he had real good center-field ability,” Jones said, via “He could really play the ball, and he had such ability to get into position to play the ball. Now, you’re talking about the greatest cover guy maybe that’s played this game. I’ve seen where he’s been declared the greatest cover guy. Hall of Famer. But I do think he could do a real good job on Johnson. Johnson’s going to get some probably, but I think he could do a great job. Deion’s a great player.”

Sanders was a phenomenal player, and maybe the best cornerback ever to play the game. But at 6-foot-1 and 198 pounds, it would have been a tall order for him to cover the 6-foot-5, 236-pound Johnson. Prime Time vs. Megatron would have been a great battle to see.

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  1. His closing speed and ability to bait Stafford into picks would have been the deal, not physically battling Calvin at the line, although he did shut down 6’4″ 220 lb guys several times over the years.

  2. While I think Primetime would have done a real good job covering Megatron, this is a cop out by Jerry Jones who too arrogant to admit Megatron destroyed his team, remember before the game he said he was more worried about Reggie Bush than Megatron. He just can’t admit he was wrong.

  3. All he’s trying to do is take the attention off the Dez sideline blowup, he has used this tactic so many times. I hope people realize this, and just ignore him this time.

  4. Remember when Dez said he could do anything that Calvin Johnson could do?

    Yeah, I’m still laughing, too. HAHAHA!

  5. Yeah that makes sense. The least physical cornerback in NFL history could shut down the rarest combination of speed, size, physicality and talent at wide receiver.

  6. Jerry, give Primetime a fat contract! Then he can be just like your QB, overpaid for the performances he gives.

  7. I think Deon would “limit” Mega. Peanut Tillman is about the same size as Deon, and he does a good job of that, although Peanut is a lot more physical than Prime-time.

    However, Prime-Time had crazy recovery speed and would often bait QBs. There’s a reason teams simply stopped throwing to his side. Watching Prime in his prime was ridiculous. Essentially half the field was erased. Never saw anything like it, probably won’t see that again for a loooong time.

    Deon was so good HE was interviewing teams during the draft!

  8. “could get some probably”

    That means he wouldn’t be shut-down. I hate Richard Sherman, but he shut-down Anquan Boldin. Boldin did not “get some probably.”

    No one can “shut-down” Calvin. No one.

  9. You would hope the Cowboys would have learned to keep their mouths shut about all things Megatron. Guess not.

  10. ** Note to everyone **

    The article says “Asked on KRLD-FM……” Was he suppose to say “next question” and move on?

  11. Jerry likes to hear himself talk and generally makes comments like this because no one else would and he thinks because he says something “different” then he thinks it validates that he knows football….and we all clearly know he doesn’t know football….its kinda like that guy in your fantasy league that overdrafts every year and over-trades every year

  12. Jerry’s breakdowns of football players are worth about as much as that of the sloppy drunk you find at airport bars during layovers while traveling.

    They’re so worthless it’s beyond belief.

    Jerry is the same toad who insisted Barry Switzer was every bit as good as Jimmy Johnson – and just recently insisted to the world that Reggie Bush was a a far greater to concern to him than any damage Megatron could do.

    Seriously. This guy must finish last in his fantasy leagues every year. He’s that clued out chump everyone else in the league has at the top of their speed dial – every league has one complete pigeon, and Jones is the NFL’s.

    At least he has relatives to keep his glasses clean for him – better allowing him to misinterpret on-field reality again and again.

  13. Jerry’s just living in the past, like when he thinks he’s actually competent as a General Manager when he was just talking the credit for what Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells accomplished.

  14. Dallas won’t be relevant again until Jerry Jones passes away. As we know we won’t give up control until his last breath.

    It’s not a guarantee that they will return to relevance(see: Oakland) but it’s the only hope Cowboys fans have.

  15. Aww man, that would have been one helluva battle, but we are left with recreating it in Madden because we will never, could never see it. Never see the 80’s 49’ers against the 70’s Steelers. Damn, if we had a way of doing it it would be great, but it is not to be. There is no other corner in league history that could do what Deion did. Yes, Mel Blount was great, but he wasn’t Deion.

  16. Reading Jones’ entire response (instead of just the headline) is key: He says, “Johnson’s going to get some probably, but I think he could do a great job.”

    Sounds about right to me.

  17. Deion was great…but the fact is that 3 guys covering Calvin is not going to stop him from making the catch the majority of the time.

  18. Well Jerry, Deion doesn’t play anymore….Your defense got burnt….So stop crying….And by the way….Tell Dez he’s no MEGATRON….LMAO….

  19. @Peytonsyellowteeth
    As a cowboy fan, I can’t negate any of the Jerry’s crazy slander, but if you look on NFL networks site, there WAS NO DEZ BLOW UP, they have audio where all he basically said was “we worked too hard to lose this game” He wasn’t hollering get me the ball! like T.O. or Keyshawn
    Get your facts up bro.

    That being said I agree w/someone else’s comment, it would have been more Prime vs. Stafford and baiting him, vs. shutting down Megatron

  20. And Jerrah could have had at least 2 more rings had he not run Jimmy off.

    Keep at it Jerrah. Someday you’ll be relevant again!!

  21. Deion may have been able to do a good job vs Megatron.

    Unfortunately we would never find out. Because even if they played at the same time Deion would have had some injury pop up that week.

    Whenever Dallas was facing Randy Moss, Deion had an injury. Groin, hamstring, etc.

    Moss would be running up and down the field. Deion would be pedaling the stationary bike trying to get loose.

  22. Jerry Jones is a buffoon. But I don’t see where he said anything wrong here. He got asked a question, could Deion cover him? He said yes, he’s one of the best ever, but acknowledged Megatron would also get some yardage.

    Really, on the scale of ridiculous things Jerry Jones has said, this does not move the meter.

  23. Two thoughts. One, Sanders did not like to tackle and I can’t imagine him trying to bring down some one of Johnson’s size. Two, he couldn’t shut down Jerry Rice, not In Atlanta, not in Dallas. Oh, he’d win some battles but nothing close to hurting down Jerry.

  24. So what? Talking about a retired player is like talking about practice!!! Might as well say someone fictitious, like Paul Bunyon or Godzilla.

    Your whole team (Romo) was held to 206 passing yards by a WEAK Detroit secondary. And your secondary gave up 488!!! 488 is a record of that proud Dallas org. LOL

  25. There is no chance PrimeTime would go near Megatron after he made a catch. I like Deion. But he could not have stopped this guy.

  26. Prime was great but in today’s league they don’t want you to shut down anyone.

    On a more important note who is going to SHUT DOWN JERRAH?

  27. 6’1 Isn’t that bad height for CB look at most today they are 5’8-5’11 and with his speed + Ability make up for the 4 inch’s Calvin has on him.

  28. Jerry Jones is right….Deion would shut down Calvin Johnson like Darrelle Revis did who is the closest there is to Deion in the NFL today(1 catch, 13 yards in their only meeting in 2010)

    it’s not about tackling somebody it’s about coverage and Deion is/was/and will always be the best Cornerback in the history of the NFL…..

    Prime Time was so good that he used to bait QBs by backing off WRs and making it seem like they are opening, then just step in front and take it to the house…..youngins need to study film of Deion

  29. I love Jerry Jones….but…..uh…no way. Dion Sanders mad electrifying plays, no doubt. But put him on Megatron all day and expect a shut-down? That’s laughable.

  30. You have to give Matt Millen credit for one thing…after drafting two straight WR flops #1, he had the onions to draft a 3rd WR despite an avalanche of criticism.

  31. Deion is the one of the greatest CB’s to ever play the game. Who is Calvin Johnson? Some random 3 time pro bowler? There are 100 Calvin Johnsons who come and fade into obscurity for every 1 Deion Sanders. 30 years from now once the bias towards today’s present fades, nobody will talk about Calvin Johnson.

  32. Pssst Jerry, Deion doesn’t play for the Cowboys anymore.
    Besides how is a CB who was afraid to hit gonna bump the beast that is Megatron?

  33. @ Chuckishustle

    Dude, don’t waste logic and evidence on the masses. It escapes them. They think Dez acted like a child, and they think Suh is the devil. The world is black and white because they choose to stick their heads in the sand.

    Nice try, and for a good cause, but you won’t pull them out – only they can do that.

  34. Under the old rules it would be a fair battle with either winning on any given day. Under the current rules; not even close…….Johnson wins if the majority of the time.

  35. I think Darrell Green could have shut down Desean Jackson but who cares! Its a pointless statement to make and doesn’t help the team now….Jones is a fool. Does he want credit for having Deion on his team 15 yrs ago? Its not like he discovered or drafted him!

  36. Only those who dislike Sanders or haven’t seen him play doubt Deion would handle Calvin Johnson.

    Sanders didn’t like to tackle, but he was spectacularly good at covering. Megatron simply doesn’t have the speed or quickness to get away from Sanders.

    The first comment, by Mr Wright, said it best though– Deion would bait Stafford into INTs all day long.

  37. I dont know if anyone remembers, but the ’98 Vikings came to Dallas on Thanksgiving and Moss torched their defense. Deion didn’t play because he was “hurt”. A lot of people were saying it was cover up because he would have been embarrassed by the next great talent.

  38. Its an “era comparison” you can actually make because Deion played defense as if the no-contact Goodell rules were enforced back then.

    If it happened, he’d cover the routes but would get manhandled on the jump balls.

  39. Jerrah’s senility is killing the Cowboys. Two different eras.

    The 90’s are calling. They want their reputation back!

  40. I love “What if?” games.
    If Dallas had Joe Montana and Jim Brown they would have won a Superbowl. Maybe.

  41. Maybe Deion could have stopped Megatron but no one can stop JJ from saying stupid crap.

  42. Megatron by a mile! If Calvin wants a game all he has to do is play the Packers. I didn’t see him do too well the last time they played! Bank on it!

  43. bwagner80 says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:07 PM
    Jerry Jones really should keep his mouth shut.


    Why? You idiots take what this site says and run with it. Jerry was asked on New School of KRLD FM in Dallas could Deion stop Calvin. It was a conversation that happened on a morning show. What this site doesn’t tell you is that EVERY person was asked that today.

  44. Moss went up against Deion’s team 3 times.

    He only totaled 381 yards and 6 TDs…. in 3 games!

    Anyone saying that Deion could shut down Megatron is out of there mind.

    I’m not taking anything away from Deion. He was possibly the best CB to play the game. But he couldn’t shut down Moss, and he wouldn’t shut down Megatron.

  45. Ohhhh boy…hahahaha (wiping a tear from my eye) those boys from Dallas really just can’t keep their big mouths shut. One can only hope the Lions face Dallas in the playoffs. I highly doubt we will give them 4 turnovers next go around and I’m sure they will provide more bulletin board material..

  46. Are you all too lazy to look into a whole story you?

    This site doesn’t give you the whole story. It was a segment this morning on a radio show. Jerry was asked and he answered. They have questions like that every week. They asked other callers the same question today. This site does not give you an entire story. Look at all the “trade rumors” over the month of Oct? Where are they? Be a real sports junkie and look stuff up yourselves.

  47. To all these people bagging on Jerry: what exactly did you expect him to say about his Hall of Fame former player? “No, he couldn’t cover Megatron”?

    Get real, kiddies. He was asked a direct question and he answered in support of his guy. Like every owner in the league would.

  48. Darrelle Revis vs. Calvin Johnson 2010 at Detroit:

    1 catch, 13 yards

    there is a man who can stop him, he plays in Tampa Bay and is a better cover corner than Deion ever was

  49. “He just couldn’t have tackled him once Megatron caught the ball.”

    Deion would immediately look for some tall grass to trip on, to avoid any contact whatsoever. Lol.

  50. Maybe he could, but we’ll never know, because Deion stopped playing in Dallas years ago. Who cares Jerry? Honestly, do you not see how repeated comments like this make you look bad and your franchise look bad as a reflection of you?

    Im a life long Dallas fan, but it’s to the point with these guys where I like them based on pride of maintaining my fanhood because I’ve invested so much time in them. When I sit down and look at it, I cant think of another reason why I root for them. I 100% understand why everyone else hates them too.

  51. Another Jerry, the best football player ever by the name of Rice owned Deion Sanders in every match up. Neon Deion was one of the best, but he wasn’t perfect. Jerry Rice always bested Sanders. ALWAYS.

  52. Did anyone actually read the article??? Jerry was asked if he thought Deion could shut down Johnson. He answered a question presented to him. Sometimes the collective brain trust of Jerry/Cowboy haters is alarmingly low.

  53. You guys definitely live in the now. Deion in his prime vs CJ in him prime would have been epic. You guys miss the fact that he wouldnt have to tackle CJ because the QB probably wouldnt throw it that way more than 5 times in the game. Deion was a awesome cover corner and when you can cover using speed and instincts it doesnt matter the size of the opponent.

  54. dequan81 says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:45 PM
    Where are they? Be a real sports junkie and look stuff up yourselves.
    Why would I be here if I wanted to do that?

  55. conormacleod says:
    Oct 29, 2013 4:02 PM
    dequan81 says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:45 PM
    Where are they? Be a real sports junkie and look stuff up yourselves.
    Why would I be here if I wanted to do that?

    Um – for the reasons already mentioned…. uh?

  56. What an idiot. Bet you wish you took a little focus off of Reggie Bush huh? Then you don’t even eat your humble pie. Did you win too Jerry?
    Your soo good with that 1 playoff win in 16 years you could probably manage two NFL teams.

  57. With Sanders’ speed, anything Johnson would have caught would have had to be from a jump ball. There is no way Johnson gets behind Sanders unless Deion slips or falls, even then he might still have enough speed to catch back up. The thing that tips the scales with Johnson over Sanders is his work in the redzone. There is no way Sanders stops Johnson in the endzone, its just not happening. CJ is the best redzone WR in league history. In the open field, yes Deion would give him major fits, but once he reached within the redzone… Goodnight Primetime.

  58. ghostofgilchrist says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:27 PM
    You have to give Matt Millen credit for one thing…after drafting two straight WR flops #1, he had the onions to draft a 3rd WR despite an avalanche of criticism.

    3rd times the charm lol.

  59. Unlike a lot of people on here, I actually remember Deion as a football and pseudo baseball player. His appeal was speed and marketability. As far as coverage corners go he could probably start on a few teams today, but his coverage skills didn’t change too many games’ outcomes. When you couple that with special teams he is a great player who has earned respect. Not even close to being the greatest coverman of all time but still very fun to watch. Most of the sly ways that db’s cheat were invented by him, and he changed the way special teams look at the return game permanently.

  60. Sander’s ability to shutdown Megatron would have nothing to do with his height and weight. It would have everything to do with his athletic ability.

    Deion not only had great speed he had great technique. And he had that once in a generation leaping ability. I bet if you put the two of them side by side at the combine Deion would out jump Megatron in the leaping drill.

    We have to remember the guy had so much ability that he not only played in the NFL but he also excelled in Major League baseball. Not the Minors….no this guy made it to the Majors and he was good enough to start for a team that played in the World Series.

    That takes a superb kind of freakish God given talent. Were you to line up the 10 best athletes the world has ever seen I can think of only one guy that MIGHT be as good or better. Jim Thorpe. Everyone else takes a backseat.

    (And I’m not even a Deion fan. I just admire the hell out of what he had and still has.)

  61. Sanders/Johnson would be a good matchup. BUT Prime didnt tackle ANYONE. So Johnson’s physical play could have been a huge factor on the balls Megatron did catch.

  62. logicalvoiceseys says: Oct 29, 2013 3:14 PM

    Uhh Randy Moss torched the Cowboys when he was on the Vikings, I think he scored 4 touchdowns in one game against them…

    Sooo I doubt it Jerry.


    The only time Moss faced DAL w/ Prime on the roster Sanders was out with a sprained big toe.


  63. Um…No he couldn’t cover Megatron. Deion would never tackle in the open field. So short passes and then Megatron runs over Deion or Deion just flees like Starscream.

  64. Deion had elite cover skills, but his tackling ability was laughable. CJ would be plowing through him for alot of extra yards every time he caught the ball.

  65. Johnson is 6’5″, 236 lbs

    Deion was 6’1″ 198 lbs

    Could Deion run with him? Most definitely yes.

    But, Deion didn’t have to cover guys that big that could run that fast. He would knock Deion right out of his shoes in bump and run, and jump right over him in blanket coverage. I don’t think it would even be close to be honest.

  66. It wouldn’t be Calvin he shuts down it would be Stafford. Megatron is too much of a beast to shutdown but agree with how Prime would bait QB’s into throwing it right where he wanted and more than most Corners, return it to the house.

  67. romoscollarbone says:
    Oct 29, 2013 4:31 PM

    The only time Moss faced DAL w/ Prime on the roster Sanders was out with a sprained big toe.


    No, Moss faced the Cowboys 3 times with Deion on the Roster. In 1998, Deion didn’t play cause of “injury”.

    Moss had 3 catches, 163 yards and 3 TDs.

    In 1999 they faced off twice. (once in the playoffs)
    1st game Moss had 6 catches, 91 yards and 2 TDs.

    The Playoff game he had
    5 catches 127 yards and 1 TD.

    So Deion “held” Moss to 218 yards and 3 TDs in 2 games….

  68. Michael Irvin averaged about 75 yards per game in his career. In six games against Sanders, he averaged over 80.

    Johnson is bigger and faster than Irvin. Doubt Sanders would shut him down if he couldn’t shut down Irvin. And Irvin and Sanders played when defensive backs were allowed to play a little bit.

    Jones is wrong…..again.

  69. Deion had the perfect answer, and all props to him for it… too bad this site is too lazy to post it…
    You can’t compare players from different eras, different rules. No point, no right answer.
    Anyone who does it might be better served spending their time contemplating their navel, it’s just a stupid pointless waste of time.
    It’s like slamming quarterbacks of earlier generations for low completion percentages; it was a different game, and you just display your ignorance… ditto for this.
    Deion has it right.

  70. Advice for Jerry Jones.

    Take a break from the media. You might help your become a consistent winner. Your Me Me attitude is becoming annoying and a distraction to your team

  71. lifelongbrownsfan says: Oct 29, 2013 5:29 PM

    In all seriousness, the only DB to “shut down” Megatron this season has been Joe Haden of the Browns…3 catches, 25 yards in a 31-17 rout of the Browns.

    Shhhh! Losers shouldn’t talk. Go hide down in your basement. Yeah, AFC North dead last-basement team

  72. Deion was great, I agree. But Megatron has problems with Tillman, and he isn’t exactly a speed demon. Even though Prime didn’t retire that long ago, the eras are totally different. Guys that big in his era were tight ends, and didn’t run that fast.

  73. Hey.. Jerry.. you can’t teach speed, but you can’t grow height either. Do us all a favor and don’t compare past players with current players. Dion never saw a Megatron. Stop getting hooked and looking stupid Jerry.. but sadly you have made a career out of it. Keeping you face relevant won’t keep your team there. Your worse then Al Davis.

  74. Detroit and Megatron should try to make the playoffs and maybe win a game or two, then we can talk about how Megatron is unstoppable. Megatron has been stopped many, many times.

    Detroit went 0-16 with Calvin Johnson on the team. I don’t recall that happening to a team with Jerry Rice on it. Even when Megatron has a great game, Detriot often loses. After almost the greatest receiving day ever Detroit barely won.

    It doesn’t matter if Dion could shut him down or not, Detriot can’t beat a good team anyway, so Dallas or SF or any team that Dion was on would have trounced the current Detriot team.

    Megatron is a great player, and exciting to watch, but the NFL is about winning, not fantasy football.

  75. If you’re young you’d say CJ would get his against Deion…if you’re old, less the biased haters, you’d know better.

    thetooloftools…he was actually asked the comparison by a radio, I guess he could’ve said that he wont answer b/c you would get upset about it, but whatever, he did…so you’ll have to live with it.

  76. It could have been worse, I mean he could have gone the Irsay route and told everyone that if they had a CB other than Sanders they would have won more Super Bowls.

  77. Honestly, this is a reasonable statement. Unlike Megatron, Sanders played in a day and age when defenders could be in the same room as a QB or receiver without getting flagged.

  78. Also, what do you guys expect an owner to say of their own players when asked?

    “No, that guy’s a scrub. He has nothing on [insert opponent’s name here]. I should’ve never let him play on my team.”

  79. What else do you expect from the owner of the ” most mediocre franchise in sports”…

  80. Hey I have to agree. If D. Hall kept him in check Deion would definitely shut him down. His speed and otherworldly ball hawking skills are unmatched. I can a lot of you cats are not even old enough to dominating Deion was. I suggest you youngsters go check Deion in his prime on youtube. HTTR

  81. I highly doubt he would have shut down Megatron BUT I bet you he could make CJ look average during the game they play.

    Too many fans are drooling on Calvins eggs and seem to forget how great Primetime really was.

  82. Jerry is brilliant. Look how many people he has talking about the Cowboys, on this thread alone.

  83. How has this become so complex that people here don’t understand that jones was ASKED the question…for the remedial, that means radio guy asked “could Deion shutdown CJ?”…and yes of course he could, assuming shutdown is 50-70 yards…and I’m assuming old era of covering, when you don’t get flagged for everything

  84. Darrell Green had a better chance of shutting down Calvin Johnson, he Actually liked to tackle and wasn’t afraid to challenge guys bigger then him.

  85. Megatron if a beast but there has been no DB even close to having ball skills like Dieon had.

    Megatron did destroy the Cowboys but most of the guys in this thread may be too young to remember how good Nieon Dieon was.

  86. Those who are saying that Primetime couldn’t cover Megatron probably did not see him play in his prime. Imagine Darrelle Revis in his heyday with the Jets. Now imagine a cornerback who could cover even better than Revis Island, bait QB’s into easy pickoffs like nobody’s business and reduce opposing WR’s to silly, little crybabies (see Andre Rison). Deion was like Antonio Cromartie and Revis combined into a single player. Opposing teams simply stopped throwing to whatever side of the field Primetime lined up on. He was the original island as teams would put him on the best receiver on the opposing team and the rest of the defense would have to take care of everyone else. No other corner could play like him as no other corner has ever had his set of skills. As a return specialist he was deadly. Only Billy “White Shoes” Johnson comes to mind as a comparable talent in the return game. Yea he couldn’t tackle worth a damn but he was so good his guy rarely, if ever, caught the ball. Could he have shut down Megatron? I don’t know but I would love to have been able to see this matchup.

  87. Just wow! Jerry Deion might have done a better job but when you single up Megatron you are asking for trouble
    When your defensive line can’t pressure Stafford in to a quicker release you are asking for more trouble. If Calvin actually catches the ball Primetime is going to make a “business decision” and not tackle him. He’s a cover corner not a tackle corner.

  88. ctg4 says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:50 PM
    Darrelle Revis vs. Calvin Johnson 2010 at Detroit:

    1 catch, 13 yards

    there is a man who can stop him, he plays in Tampa Bay and is a better cover corner than Deion ever was
    As much as I can’t stand Deion, this is fools talk.

    Revis shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Sanders.

  89. dodohead418 says: Oct 30, 2013 10:04 AM

    To truly cover Megatron you need a CB with strength I believe.

    Go back and read the very first comment here (from someone who played the position, by the way). This isn’t Madden.

  90. I’m not sure I understand all this “nobody can shut down Megatron” nonsense….

    He routinely gets shut down:

    Against the Vikings: 4 rec, 9 targets, 37 yards. 0 TD

    Against the Browns: 3 rec, 8 targets, 25 yards. 0 TD

    Against the Bears: 4 rec, 10 targets, 44 yards, 1 TD

    In 2012 the Bears and the Seahawks both held him to 3 recs, under 50 yards, and 0 TDs, and the Vikings bottled him up too.

    If these teams can manage to do it, I’d wager that the best CB to ever play the game can do it too.

  91. blount was way better than deion…..the nfl changed the rules BECAUSE OF BLOUNT….

    deion nvr made a tackle in his life, blount terrorized receivers, and blitzed, and did great run support….deion danced…

    blount would have knocked megaturd out.

  92. Mr. Wright 212 says: Oct 29, 2013 3:05 PM

    His closing speed and ability to bait Stafford into picks would have been the deal, not physically battling Calvin at the line, although he did shut down 6’4″ 220 lb guys several times over the years.

    Obviously, in that case Deion would be beating Stafford, not Megatron, duh.

  93. I don’t know if Deion could cover Megatron or not, but I saw this Leon Sandcastle guy at the combine that was incredible…4.2 40 yard dash etc. I thought the Chiefs were gonna draft him, but I haven’t heard much out of him since.

  94. This is getting beyond stupid. Yes, Deion would have made life for Megatron miserable. Unlike almost everyone on here evidently, I actually saw Deion play. A lot. From his rookie year on.

    To the person who commented that Jerry Rice ALWAYS owned Deion. That is factually incorrect. He did get catches on him, but Rice was mostly negated when they went head to head.

    And I get tired of people saying Deion wouldn’t tackle That’s buying into all this talking head hype. Was he an enforcer? Of course not, but he was actually an excellent tackler, and if you reviewed some actual tape, you would be hard pressed to find a tackle he missed.

    I don’t idolize the guy but he was fantastic. That being said, the best cover corner I’ve ever seen live was Lester Hayes.

  95. It is a pretty ridiculous debate. Deion would definitely shut down megatron. he shut down EVERY wr he ever faced. From time to time people would get deion, including randy moss. but to be had by moss or johnson (both future HOF’ers) is not a sign of greatness, its consistency that makes players great, and primetime was as consistent as they come. Megatron is not unstoppable. The lions throw the ball 65% of the time. Megatron has LOTS of opportunities, but he’s had plenty of “off” games. That said he’s an HOF”er and Deion will welcome him to the club…

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