Kenny Britt open to the idea of a trade today

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Most times when a player gets named in trade rumors, he makes a show of saying he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

But Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt seemed to be open to the idea of moving on, if the Titans could find a taker for him before today’s 4 p.m. deadline

“It would be great to stay, as long as they’re giving me opportunities that I should get, especially since I’ve been working hard and doing the right things out there,” Britt said, via John Glennon of the Tennesseean. “Going somewhere else and having a fresh start, it would be good also. But where my mind is right now is just probably staying here because everything is here — my family is here and stuff like that.”

For a guy in a contract year, Britt hasn’t exactly performed. He’s caught eight passes in six games, and lost his starting job and most of the targets that went with it.

He’s played just 22 snaps the last two weeks, and the pressure is getting to him. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness for retaliating with 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown.

“Mainly at the end of the game it was just frustrating, not getting in there and not getting to play enough time,” Britt said. “You know you’ve been doing everything you can to get out there and they’re telling you you’re going to get some more plays than you do.

“Then you get aggravated — when you’re already frustrated — when some guy takes a cheap shot at you. Most guys out there, if they take a cheap shot at you, they’re going to react, and usually the second guy gets caught.”

Britt said no one from the team has mentioned trade talks to him, but he also knows that doesn’t mean much.