Offensive shutout wasn’t unprecedented for Chip Kelly

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When the Eagles scored only seven points on Sunday via a special-teams snap from the Giants that even Trey Junkin would say was bad, my first thought was that it was the first time that Chip Kelly’s high-speed offense ever had been shut out.

It wasn’t.

Pro Football Talk on NBCSN research specialist Aaron Feldstein advises that Kelly’s offense was kept scoreless in November 2007, when Kelly was in his first season as offensive coordinator at Oregon.

It happened a week after quarterback Dennis Dixon surrendered to a torn ACL suffered one game earlier.  Following Dixon’s exit against Arizona, the Ducks traveled to UCLA, where the Bruins injured quarterback Brady Leaf (yeah, Ryan’s brother) in the first quarter, held the Ducks to 148 total yards, and forced four turnovers.

Oregon never got closer than the UCLA 42, and Oregon scored no points.

Given the way the rest of Kelly’s Oregon career worked out, maybe it’s not so bad that his offense was once again shut out in his first season with the Eagles.

OK, it’s bad.  We’re just trying to keep our friends in Philly from checking out on a season that still has them only one game out of first place in the NFC East.

17 responses to “Offensive shutout wasn’t unprecedented for Chip Kelly

  1. The gimmick offense lasted all of one half of one game. It’s easier to run his offense when you have 18-20 yr old kids with endless amounts of energy.

    It’s not so easy when you have 30+ year-old guys who are already beat up from a career of playing pro ball.

  2. As a life long Eagles fan, it hurts to watch this team. Chip Kelly’s offense is weak, predictable, uninventive.

    You can’t win at a professional level running 1 formation and the same 4 plays repeatedly.

  3. “A special-teams snap from the Giants that even Trey Junkin would say was bad.” Funny! Definitely one of those positions where you hope NOBODY knows your name!

  4. I do not know why we are wasting typespace on a guy who is so obviously going back to the college game once his penalty expires. This offense reminds me of the joke Buddy Ryan on e made about an offense being the “chuck n duck”.

    The real story is why fraud GM’s continue to abound, and why they get seduced by these one hit wonders from the college ranks. One might add owners to this mix as well. Im at a loss to remember the last college coach who succeeded in the NFL. Dick Vermeil comes to mind but he had NFL assistant experience before UCLA.

  5. It worked in college because while the players on the colligate deffense’s are good players vey few become good professional players. So they are able to attack the weakness of a college defense much more than they can in the NFL.

    On a side note but related. I hope Michael Vick gets healthy quick so he can play more games this year and hopefully suffer a career ending (I would like life ending but that not realistic) injury. I don’t like him.

  6. For all the “experts” on here bashing Chip Kelly I gotta wonder if you even realize why the offenes all the sudden is struggling. Do you stop and think maybe defenses around the NFL and look at the Eagles and think well if I double team Desean and put everyone else in the box, the Eagles have no one else.

    This team desperately needed Maclin and hopefully he will be back next year if they resign him. They need at least 1 if not 2 threats in the passing game beside Desean to be effective. I mean against the Giants it’s hard to score points in the NFL with 1 catching threat, 1 running threat, a hurt QB, and then followed up by a 3rd string rookie in his second NFL game ever. Did you really expect them to put up 30 with an offense like that against NY? Do some research before you say Chip is done.

  7. igglesrealist says: Oct 29, 2013 9:58 AM

    I hope it happens 8 more times. Time to draft a franchise QB. A system guy that can run Kelly’s O.

    Yeah, it’s that simple. Franchise QB’s grow on trees and the Eagles will just draft one next year.


  8. It’s funny how the they keep calling the Oregon offense the Chip Kelly offense. It’s nothing more than the Chris Ault offense that Nevada ran for years. Good thing Chip spent that summer in Reno with Ault learning how to run the no huddle.

  9. thesmedman says: Oct 29, 2013 12:01 PM

    I wasn’t so bad after all, eh?

    Signed, A. Reid

    Yo Andy: had you drafted a safety like eric berry and some linebackers you would have still been here. we’re waiting for you to pick up that first round talent danny watkins. in any case, call back after the second denver game. your d coordinator is carrying your sizable lunch once again; just like jj did.

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