Schiano considering using elite cover corner to cover


In a move that should silence any doubters that Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has his finger on the pulse of his locker room — and reality — he has come up with a brilliant plan.

After acquiring one of the best man corners in the NFL this offseason, Schiano said the Bucs might use Darrelle Revis in man coverage more often.

“We need to make sure we’re accentuating our best players, putting them in the best position to make plays better than we have,’’ Schiano said, via Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “That’s something I’ve looked at hard, and I know our coaches have looked at it as well.’’

It’s a groundbreaking strategic development, obviously.

The (over)use of Revis in zone coverage has been one of the mysteries of the season, though there have been many for the Buccaneers. They gave up draft picks and a pile of money to acquire Revis, but haven’t used him the way he had been so effective in the past.

Revis has gone to Schiano to “clear the air” already this season, and sounded less than enthused when asked if the team believed in the coach’s weekly game plans.

“I don’t know,’’ Revis said after Thursday’s loss to the Panthers, which dropped them to 0-7. “I don’t know. We’ve got a game plan every week and we’ve just got to stick to the game plan.’’

That plan could be changing now, which can’t possibly hurt.

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  1. Schiano is a complete idiot. He’s finally figuring out that he needs to put one of the best corners in man coverage?! They have a great team core (except QB) but it all comes down to coaching. You have to put your players in the best possible situations to succeed. Obviously Schiano just wants to play dictator instead of a coach…..

  2. Well, duh. I figured it out before the season started that Revis would be best utilized in man coverage and I’m not even an NFL assistant coach. I’m just a part-time worker who flips donuts at a local Dunkin’ shop.

  3. Wait….it took 7 straight losses for Schiano to realize he was miss-using his most effective player?

    How many losses before Schiano steps aside realizing he is the real problem on this team?

  4. I dont think Schiano ws playing zone because he is an idiot (not that he isnt an idiot). I get the sense that Revis was ready to play, but he simply wasnt ready to play man coverage. After the knee injury he may not have been Revis Island at the beginning of the season, and Schiano was playing zone out of respect for Revis. No sense in trading for Revis, then sending him out there week after week to get embarrassed because he wasnt 100% ready for man coverage… Aside from that, I do think it might be time for the Bucs to have a trade deadline fire sale to get ready for a rebuild

  5. Part of the issue was brought up in the Thursday night game(that I was only able to stomach about 20 minutes of) where Revis admitted his knee isn’t even close to 100%. “Sometimes the explosion’s there, sometimes it’s now. It’s hard to play man coverage when your knee just won’t let you do it.

  6. I guess they didnt see how the zone experiment worked in Philly last year with Namdi.

    Some coaches should stay coaching on a level that is equal to their coaching abilities.

  7. Schiano is coaching disabled & Mevis is a prima donna and maybe what I’m about to say was just by accident but it kind of made sense to initially use Revis in zone to gradually integrate him so he would be pushing his rehabbed knee less hard than if he was in man cover…

  8. A certain coach did that all last year with two good cover corners in DRC and Asomugha and got fired after going 4-12. Sometimes coaches can’t get past their own egos until someone turns the light on for them.

  9. Not to hate on Revis, but there is considerable evidence that he could not cover man to man due his slow recovery. The man has considerable skills, but he is simply not as explosive as he once was at this point in the season.

  10. He’ll be the one laughing at the haters after accumulating his 4th ring in his second go-around! RUTGERS FO’ LIFE!!!!

  11. Judging by this, he’ll have been fired for a couple months before realizing it. “Dang, sure seems like I’ve had more time open than before. Wonder what’s going on?”

  12. I bet if he had Wes Welker he would eventually find a way to use Welker in the slot, if he had Sproles he might eventually not just use him on 1st and 2nd downs, and if he had Hester he would eventually consider using him on special teams.

  13. @singisking…By all means, please take Dreg(not a misspell) Schiano back to Rutgers. The only rings Schiano will get is the ones he receives out of a Crackerjacks box!

  14. We’re about midway through the season and Schiano is thinking about using Darrelle Revis in man coverage. Wow. Well … that’s a good sign 😐

  15. I have made fun of Schiano a few times because he is clueless. I am sure Buc fans heard the interviews where Revis said he doesn’t feel 100 %, that in press coverage he doesn’t have the explosiveness at times. He has been beat a few times this year for TD’s already until he is healthy if he is put on an island I think he will get exposed a bit.

  16. .

    When asked about the decision making process of an opponent, Bill Belichick said, ” the only ones who really know what’s going on over there are the are the guys in the room. Everyone else is just guessing. ”



  17. And they’re talking about Lovie as replacement? I love the guy, and think he’s a fairly decent/good coach. But this is the same man who insisted for 4 years Hester was a no1 WR. Trestman hadn’t even practiced with the Bears yet and had already said Hester was a great returner and would stay there. We had one of football’s best weapons and basically wasted him for 4 years. If Lovie becomes a head coach, I hope he hires a GOOD OC, and stays away from that side of the ball. TB or whoever will get sick of him calling someone like J Webb a great LT, having people like Kellen Davis be a starting TE(and trading away a better one) just as fast as CHI did.

  18. Brilliant strategy Napoleon. Why is this guy still coach, again. Maybe he can remind us fans we can’t tell the difference between zone and man.

  19. “Best position to make plays”, huh?

    Greg Schiano went to the Andy Reid school of media handling.

  20. “We’ve got a game plan every week and we’ve just got to stick to the game plan.’’


    I’m sick and tired of the incompetence. All I can do now is do what I’m told and wait for the cavalry (new coaching staff) to arrive.

  21. Funny. Fans and media in Tampa have been questioning this from the start. Few weeks ago Schiano said they run a lot of man and that fans and media had no idea what they were talking about. Jaworski and Cosell came on a local radio station shortly after and said they watched the Bucs and they ran man maybe 3-4 times the entire game. Now he admits that he runs too much zone?

    Appears the fans/media knew what they were talking about. Just another example of why he should be fired.

  22. Wow! It’s only took an 0-7 start for Schiano to realize that he wasn’t using Revis correctly? Now I know he has to be fired now!!!!

  23. Schiano is proving that he is a good college coach.

    If Mevis is still hurt and recovering, why make that trade?

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