Tomlin benches first-rounder Jarvis Jones

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin hasn’t been afraid to shake up his lineup this season.

But the latest demotion was a guy who was supposed to make an immediate impact.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, first-round pick Jarvis Jones has been replaced by Jason Worilds.

The 17th overall pick was elevated to the starting lineup after one game, but has now given the outside linebacker job away.

“He’s just not doing enough detail work right now and Jason Worilds is,” Tomlin said of Jones. “That’s the reality of it. There is more detail in Worilds’ work right now than Jarvis.”

Worilds started and played 52 snaps Sunday at Oakland, to Jones’ 11.

For the season, they have a sack between them, and that one belongs to Worilds. That’s hardly what they were expecting when they tried to get James Harrison to take a pay cut and then sent him packing.

The fact Worilds didn’t hold Jones off long and hasn’t been particularly productive also leaves the door open for Jones to get back in the lineup.

“He’s got to play better from an assignment standpoint,” Tomlin said. “If he can do that he’ll be given an opportunity to do that now.”

The move marks the fifth time Tomlin has made a switch to the starting lineup, which isn’t the worst idea when a team is 2-5.

87 responses to “Tomlin benches first-rounder Jarvis Jones

  1. Tomlin really is an empty suit.

    Where does he get these ridiculous sounding catch-phrases from?

    “More detail in his work”??


    They auditioning for painters in Pittsburgh?

  2. When are we going to bench the coaching staff for not having this team ready to play when the whistle blows?

  3. As a Bengals fan I hope Steelers keep Tomlin for another 10 years. I just know the Rooneys are too smort to keep him though:(

  4. No, switching Jones and Worilds isn’t the worst idea. The worst idea was refusing to deal with Harrison when he came back to the table. THAT was the worst idea … well, the worst idea involving the linebacking corps anyway.

  5. How the Superbowl Champion Ravens let this miserable team slip by them is a mystery that will never be solved.

  6. Really a non-issue.
    Its well known that rookies don’t start in DL’s defenses. Uncle Jarvis is struggling to understand the game plan which is slowing his game down, he’s thinking to much instead of reacting.
    With that being said it has to be impressive that Rookie Inside LB Vince Williams is holding as a starter on that same defense.

    ps If your going to call him a bust AREADY, I can only imagine how you felt about Mike Vrabel, James Farrior, James Harrison, Greg Lloyd, Chad Brown, Lavon Kirkland, David Little, Andy Russell, and Jack Ham.
    (Lambert started as a rookie and kicked butt from day one)

  7. He actually has been playing really well considering this defense cant stop a pass to save their life. Tomlin is a waste, Haley is horrible. This team doesnt wake up until the third qtr of play and then wonders why they cant win agame.

    Hows that Mike??? Why dont you clap some more when a call goes against your team, or the other teams make plays on your crap offense?

    This team is sickening to watch, and it starts with coaching!!!!!

    BRING BACK COWHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. cylondetector says:

    Tomlin really is an empty suit.

    Where does he get these ridiculous sounding catch-phrases from?

    “More detail in his work”??

    Actually that seems pretty clear to me. One guy is watching a lot of film and getting the details he needs to play well, the other is not.

  9. Everybody thought the Saints would grab this over-rated Georgia loser. They grabbed Vacaro instead. Smart move.

  10. Joemontanaflacco says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:57 PM
    How the Superbowl Champion Ravens let this miserable team slip by them is a mystery that will never be solved.

    Allow me to solve the mystery. The Ravens are not very good this year either.

  11. Joemontanaflacco says:

    Oct 29, 2013 3:57 PM

    How the Superbowl Champion Ravens let this miserable team slip by them is a mystery that will never be solved.

    Mckinnie solved the mystery in his parting interview brother. The answer is Juan Castillo.

  12. Soooo glad Mike Brown didn’t hire this guy (Tomlin) when he had the chance. His schtick would’ve worn real thin, real quick here. His platitudes sound slick and insightful when you’re winning but when you’re not they just sound stupid.

  13. thepftpoet says:
    Oct 29, 2013 4:07 PM

    Aw come on. I wanted a Jarvis Jones is a bust poem. Disappointing.

  14. Ravens have problems but Steelers are a team headed for the recycle bin. They might as well face facts and sign another punter because they’re looking at nothing but 4th dow….wha?….. you’re kidding?….they JUST SIGNED A PUNTER.! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  15. Not understanding how this became a Ravens conversation. they spent 20 million on a bum QB and let the defense go to crap. That organization sucks almost as much as the cheap Steelers.

  16. @alchemistcirca1979 …

    If you’re young enough to call Jones “uncle,” you must be about 12. What was that?

    The fact is that he had the starting position, wasn’t working out, and has been moved back. So LeBeau’s unwillingness to start rookies on day one is irrelevant to this discussion. Does this mean he’s a bust? Not necessarily. But as someone who watched Alabama run over him in the SEC Championship, I can also tell you, it doesn’t mean he’s on his way to becoming Pittsburgh’s next linebacking superstar either. He has a lot of talent, but he also has some negatives. All we know right now is that he’s not performing at the level LeBeau had hoped or he wouldn’t be losing his position.

  17. Is this how they are going to kick-start the 10-2 finish that certain commenters keep promising us?

  18. Joemontanaflacco says:
    Oct 29, 2013 3:57 PM
    How the Superbowl Champion Ravens let this miserable team slip by them is a mystery that will never be solved.

    8 18
    Only a true troll such as yourself would make such a obviously easy question to answer. Your Ravens are just not that good to lose to the lousy steelers…..the steelers beat the ravens skippy… to type that for you skippy.

  19. did I really see a Bengals fan say they want the Steelers to keep Tomlin? How many super bowls do the Bengals have? How many has Tomlin won as a head coach? I’m not a steelers fan by any means…but seriously?

  20. Jarvis isn’t gettin it, so he is being say Mt down. It happens. My thing is while Haley isn’t the best, he didn’t miss 2 fgs. Haley didn’t throw a pic. Haley didn’t drop 2 passes at the end, 1 on the sidel I need and another that ended up picked off.
    Coaches r responsible, but players still have to make plays no matter who is holding the clipboard. Tomlin has deferred many times at the beginning of games. Him differing didn’t cause the defense to watch Prior run untouched. Clark said it best, he needed to be more discipline on defense. You should need a coach to tell u at 2-4 u need this win.

  21. Probably just a wakeup call for a kid with a lot of talent, that fits the system perfectly. Some of these kids have to realise the NFLtakes hard work. You can’t just rely on talent, throw your jersey on the field and be the best guy out there. Everybody’s good. Worilds is not a starter quality LB.

    Don’t get the pining about Harrison. They’re using him a little differently, but he’s not doing squat in Cincy.

  22. “They’re using him a little differently, but he’s not doing squat in Cincy.”

    except having a major hand in remaking the Bengals d. He may not have the stats but he was a great GREAT sign.

  23. Tomlin ought to bench the 60 million dollar oxygen thief, Lamarr Woodley. Worst contract in recent Steeler history. Then he ought to bench himself.

  24. skins fan you have nothing to say ,that team has owner probs [never will win with snyder] give jones some time,theres alot to pittsburgh defence it’s no basic D.

  25. Owners should bench the entire coaching staff. Haley should have already been canned. Tomlin is decent, but very overrated overall. I give the assistants that are no longer there as much credit for their success and I do Tomlin. When it comes to time tomake personale decisions, he seems pretty poor at it.
    But Tomlin showed them, he took away their games at the clubhouse. Show em who’s boss. Did the coaches take away all their recreation too? They are as much to blame.

  26. @tedmurph …

    First, Harrison was our sack leader last year and we didn’t have the talent to replace him. Second, he brought leadership to the locker room–something that’s sorely lacking this season. We’ve lost too many veteran players in a short period of time, and it shows.

    It’s all about need. What he brought to Cincy wasn’t desperately needed. What he took from Pittsburgh was.

  27. What the heck is “detail work”? His penmanship not neat enough? If he means study and mental repetitions then say that, don’t make up stuff. Better yet don’t say much at all. What’s with the Steelers calling out their players in the media this season?

  28. Harrison has 16 tackles and 2 sacks in limited snaps this season. They don’t even put him on the field that much. When they played the Pats, I never heard his name. I understand the leadership drain, but you still have guys like Keisel and Polamalu. The Steelers need to get away from the old heroes (maybe even BB) and infuse more good young talent. Drafting better would help

  29. Harrison was a good signing for cincy for what they paid for him, which is 2 times less than his pay cut that he turned down

    It’s easy to chip and double Woodley with the lack of a threat from the other side.

  30. Have you Steeler “fans” looked at your roster? It’s pretty horrible, which should be laid directly at the feet of Colbert since he picks the players. I doubt that Tomlin and Labeau stopped knowing how to coach overnight. Haley simply doesn’t fit this team, and that’s on the Rooneys for running Arians off and replacing him with a coach who doesn’t grasp the personnel they have.

  31. Hey Tomlin, maybe it’s time you COACH him on the detail he needs to be successful, isn’t that what good coaches do? And while your at it, start coaching the rest of the team on what details they need to work on as well. This team is lost and it seems Tomlin has no clue what to do with it.

  32. I wish I could go into a hyperbaric sleep chamber isolation tank and not wake up and come out until after the 2016 season.

    2015 is the last year for Roethlisberger and 2016 for Tomlin and after no playoffs for six straight years hopefully they will both be gone before the 2017 season starts.

  33. @alchemistcirca1979 …

    Well, my intial point was to comment on the sarcasm of your “Uncle Jarvis” reference and then the way you dismissed us all by saying LeBeau doesn’t start rookies–which was irrelevant to the article.

    Beyond that, you didn’t say he was a rookie OLB having trouble with an assignment. You went on (and on) comparing Jarvis Jones with “Mike Vrabel, James Farrior, James Harrison, Greg Lloyd, Chad Brown, Lavon (sic) Kirkland, David Little, Andy Russell, and Jack Ham.”

    So I was further suggesting that you were getting way ahead of yourself.

  34. @tedmurph …

    True, but Troy is quiet by nature, and Harrison’s absence is felt in the linebacking corps. It has nothing to do with keeping old heroes and everything to do with not eliminating what you haven’t replaced. You may have missed it, but a couple of us have been arguing all season for a complete rebuild, beginning with the quarterback position. His following is fierce, so it’s not a popular suggestion. You’re not as in tune with how people actually feel about different players as you think.

  35. And yet on the first play of the game Woodley didn’t do his job in keeping contain and Pryor goes 92 yards. Benching Jones is his answer for this team? How about benching some coaches and players on OFFENSE!

  36. citizenstrange says:
    Oct 29, 2013 5:40 PM
    I wish I could go into a hyperbaric sleep chamber isolation tank and not wake up and come out until after the 2016 season.

    2015 is the last year for Roethlisberger and 2016 for Tomlin and after no playoffs for six straight years hopefully they will both be gone before the 2017 season starts.

    0 0 We all wish you could be isolated until 2017 Mr positive.

    Jones being pined is not unusual in Labeaus defense. How long has Worilds been around and he still doesn’t get it.

  37. .

    Spot on analysis….. It’s the overall roster. How many Steelers fans would be willing to trade their entire roster for another teams?

  38. Jones will find his way back into the starting line-up soon enough. He’s still learning the defense.

    Tomlin’s not doing anything different than any coach would or that Cowher did when the Steelers had a bad strectch for a couple of seasons. He, along with his position coaches, will get it straightend out; just takes time.

    Haley’s still the biggest issue in my opinion. The offense hasn’t been the same (or better) since Arians left (or was told to go away). Remember the Kevin Gilbride experiment when Cowher was still around? I don’t see Haley coming back next season. I only wish they’d dump him now and see if that sparks any improvement. How many 3rd and 22’s in the first quarter does it take to see this garbage system isn’t a good fit for this team! “C’mon Coach Tomlin I can see you want to move on from Haley; be bold and do it, how could it possibly be any worse.”

  39. 6ball,

    I know. My father is a Steelers fan and has been predicting the bottom to fall out of this team for a few years now. Frankly, Tomlin and his staff have been doing it with mirrors for a few years. The offensive line has been a joke forever, until Bell was drafted so was the RB spot that the Rooneys wanted to get back to as the foundation of the team, like Deb said they haven’t replaced Harrison before they let him walk, Worilds never developed into that next stud outside,Woodley never developed into the superstar from the good player he is, and you had to bring back 80 year old Larry Foot to depend on him, and then he got hurt. I was never a big Jarvis Jones fan, but people calling him a bust already do need to get some perspective with how complex Lebeau’s system is. With all of those defensive liabilities, their defense has still been solid for the most part. The offense is the bigger mess which goes directly back to how bad a fit Haley is for this team.

  40. I just can’t understand why the Steelers aren’t a much better team than they are.

    With all those boffo first round draft picks like Jones, Ziggy Hood, and Limas Sweed they should be in the Super Bowl every year…

  41. Bill Cowher has had multiple losing seasons.

    Mike Tomlin ZERO losing seasons

    both have super bowl wins, and a loss each.

    Well Mike Tomlin won with Bill Cowher’s team….then why couldn’t Bill win more than just one with his teams if Tomlin was able to do it so easily. I mean he lost home AFC champion ship to a weaker SD Charger team (Im still not over that loss).

    I love Bill Cowher, but time has healed all the years of power house teams he had that ended in let down and pain.

  42. Tomlin may be some what worried about his job. Something like 3-13 counting preseason. Maybe he is a big talker but can’t see talent.

  43. @axespray …

    I wasn’t trash-talking Lacy, but as a big Bama fan, I was more familiar with his strengths–and less concerned about his injury issues–than a lot of others. That familiarity with the SEC was also the cause for my one concern about Jarvis Jones.

    Was happy with the Jones pick overall. But he did show considerable weakness against the run in last year’s championship game against Alabama. Will that keep him from becoming a great linebacker in LeBeau’s system? Not necessarily. But it’s not a given that he’s going to overcome this setback and thrive, either.

  44. Nofoolnodrool says: Oct 29, 2013 6:13 PM

    citizenstrange says:
    Oct 29, 2013 5:40 PM
    I wish I could go into a hyperbaric sleep chamber isolation tank and not wake up and come out until after the 2016 season.

    2015 is the last year for Roethlisberger and 2016 for Tomlin and after no playoffs for six straight years hopefully they will both be gone before the 2017 season starts.

    0 0 We all wish you could be isolated until 2017 Mr positive.

    Jones being pined is not unusual in Labeaus defense. How long has Worilds been around and he still doesn’t get it.
    I predict an under .500 season for the Steelers this year and I predict what will happen to the exact points scored what will happen in the Raider game and still I don’t know am talking about?

    Roethlisberger cannot score points. Tomlin cannot coach. Every single molecule of success during the Roethlisberger/Tomlin era is due to the incredible Dick LeBeau giving them the #1 defense in the entire NFL throughout both of their careers.

    When the Steeler defense is not #1 in the entire NFL they go 2-5 winning only the games where Big Bum’s 19 points of offense stand up for a win.

    No playoff wins for the Steelers until after 2016 when Big Bum and Tomlin are — I pray to God — gone. The Steelers are too cheap to fire Tomlin before his contract is up and besides he had such a “blew the Rooneys away” interview.

  45. Add to previous:

    And it’s not so much the 2-5 record it’s more Roethlisberger being able to get ZERO wins — last year and this year — when the defense gives up over 17 points. At this point in the Roethlisberger era the Steelers actually have a BETTER winning percentage when Roethlisberger does not play.

    The Steelers would be better than 2-5 if Landry Jones had been given the job in training camp. The Steelers would have made the playoffs last year if Charlie Batch had been given the job in training camp. That’s just how good Big Bum is.

  46. Can someone please explain to me why Bruce Arians didn’t deserved to be fire and why you believe his offenses were so dynamic?
    Last season, Haley’s offense scored more points than Arians’ offense had in 2011. Haley’s offense outscored Arians’ offense 23-20, in Super Bowl 45. In 2008, the Steelers’ offense was the worst offense to win a Super Bowl in NFL history.
    I really do not see any significant differences in scoring production between Arians’ offenses and Haley’s offenses.
    The team stinks because the defense is no longer dominant, like it was from 2004 until 2011. And because the defense is no longer able to carry the team, Tomlin’s poor coaching is magnified even more…

  47. Hi Deb,

    Ouch!! Wasted 1st round pick. Don’t feel too bad Steeler fans, the Browns wasted two first rounders (Richardson and Weedon) in 2012. At least the Browns were able to foist Richardson off on the Colts for another 1st rounder so I guess they only wasted 1.

    The new regime in C-town finally has things going the right way, Mingo is a beast and it looks like the Browns finally have the QB thing figured out after losing Hoyer, Campbell will start the rest of the season and Weedon’s days in Cleveland are numbered.

  48. Ravens got 1 ring outta there team look at them now straight sorry we beat them lol or Super Bowl team got 3 appearances and won 2 over paid joe is a bum we have one bad year and everyone hates on us cause we are the 6 time Super Bowl champions

  49. Worilds has outplayd Jones point blank..eventually he’ll be a Starter..he also needs to hit he weights. This team just isn’t that talented call it as it is..If Clark keep Layin eggs he needs to have his playing time cut too..Tomlin deserves some blame for the lack of discipline but Colbert picks um..he’s the GM and he’s been really bad the last 5 years

  50. 561bengal says: Oct 29, 2013 3:53 PM

    As a Bengals fan I hope Steelers keep Tomlin for another 10 years. I just know the Rooneys are too smort to keep him though:(

    The Rooneys have no choice but to keep him for another couple years at the least. Can you say Rooney Rule? They would have so much egg on their faces if they fired him, and they know it.

  51. Detail work I would assume means he is not in the film room enough and he is trying to depend on his natural skills instead of playbook knowledge. That leads to him blowing assignments and he is a rookie. So Tomlin will put him in the doghouse until he sees that he is paying attention to detail.

  52. “As a Bengal Fan” you must be thinking that “Man I wish our coach could atleast get us to the conference Championship at least once since it has now been over 10 years”

    But aleast the Bengals won the division in 2005. And then again in 2009. Wow!!

    How do you build a highlight film from 10 years of sad performance.

    I hope the Bengals keep him as head coach for another 10 years

  53. citizenstrange says: Oct 29, 2013 5:40 PM

    I wish I could go into a hyperbaric sleep chamber isolation tank and not wake up and come out until after the 2016 season.

    2015 is the last year for Roethlisberger and 2016 for Tomlin and after no playoffs for six straight years hopefully they will both be gone before the 2017 season starts.

    * * *

    I agree and wish you would as well. Then I wouldn’t have to hear you blaming every problem the Steelers have on Ben. Like his missed blocks, his dropped passes, his 1 yard runs and missed tackles.

    And let’s see what everyone says when Ben is gone. Be careful what you wish for.

  54. Todd Haley has ruined this offense. Who cares what he did with some other team, he’s with the Steelers now and it’s very clear he is incapable of effectively adapting to THIS team and exploiting OUR players strengths and abilities and his play calling is as ineffective, inept and incompetent as it gets. Ben thrives in the no huddle and yet the offensive genius prohibits it. Last week we were down 18 points in the 3rd qtr and the genius is running the ball and calling bubble screens for four yard gains. Fire Haley – now.

  55. holeinone:
    What’s the worst that could happen without Roethlisberger? A 3-8 record? That’s the team’s record in Roethlisberger’s last 11 starts. Going back to 2010, the Steelers are 6-3 without him.
    In your mind, has SuperBen ever deserved blame? For anything?
    Do you watch other teams? The league is loaded with terrible O-lines. Russell Wilson was sacked SEVEN times on Monday night. The league is also loaded with bad receivers. Tom Brady has a few of them in New England.
    Roethlisberger calling a timeout with 1:40 to go against the Raiders was a HUGE mistake, at least it was to those capable of thinking with their heads and not with their hearts.
    Roethlisberger’s time is Pittsburgh is over. It ended the minute his defense was dismantled because the quarterback makes far too much money.

  56. bobz, both you and citizen have continuously missed my point. That is, both of you blame Ben ONLY (also Tomlin I guess) for the poor offensive performance. Neither of you EVER put any blame on any other facet of the offense or any other offensive player. I think that is not thinking with your head. I have blamed many parts of the offense, including noting Ben did not have great games. But it seems neither of you have the guts to call it like it is. If Ben was THE ONLY player on offense, I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But of course there are 10 other players, let alone the coaches. I have commented to both of you numerous times about the poor OL, maybe the worst in the league, and the terrible running game near the bottom of the league, and the key dropped passes including multiple easy TDs, but neither of you two EVER comment back on those parts of the offensive malaise. Be honest, if you can, please. You don’t have to like Ben, but he is not the only person playing offense. Ben has no time to set and throw, nor does he have a competent and consistent running game as an alternative to the pass. The defense comes after him every play. Do you watch the games?? Please address these issues, for once, if you can.

    And if any of you seriously believe they would be better off with Landry or last year with Charlie Batch, well I have no further comment on that, I would let other knowledgeable Steeler fans say something.

  57. @rolli1967 …

    Hi, there! Congrats on the improvements in your Browns! Good regime change there. Holmgren is a good coach, but he’s not a great front-office guy. But ouch! on the Richardson comments. Those are a stab in the heart to this diehard Bama fan 🙂

    As you know, the Steelers are in … transition? Well, I’d like to think so anyway. But unfortunately, it looks pretty stagnant right now. We don’t seem to actually be moving toward making the hard changes that will be needed to bring the team back. I’m afraid things may get worse for a couple of years before they start getting better.

  58. holeinone:
    I can guarantee that if Roethlisberger had spent the last 10 seasons throwing 3 TD passes and averaging 30 points per game, you’d be the first to overlook the supporting cast and give all the credit to the quarterback.
    You, and those just like you, want it both ways: Praise Ben in victory, but blame others in defeat.
    I can assure you that if the Steelers were losing, or winning, games by 33-30 scores, I’d have zero complaints about Roethlisberger.
    But after watching season-after-season of 13-10 scores, I’m convinced the quarterback deserves some of the blame for such meager scoring.
    You really need to watch other games and other teams. You’d see that there are more dreadful O-lines in the NFL than there are quality O-lines. You’d see that some quarterbacks compensate for their horrific O-lines by learning to read defenses quickly to get rid of the ball in under 2 seconds.
    You obviously never actually read my posts so I certainly don’t expect you to read this one. But don’t ever accuse me of not having “the guts” to call it like is.
    It would be so easy to just assume, like you, that as long as we have SuperBen, we’ll always be contenders. That myth, I would think, was dispelled long ago.

  59. C’mon Steeler Nation! It is time to wake up. Tomlin had a year to shine under the wake of the players that Coach Cowher left him. He is not the leader that this team needs, he is too soft! Todd Haley, forget about it. I have been a Steeler’s fan since I was in diapers. We need a major overhaul to the coaching system in P-burgh! I am not being reactionary. I gave into a learning curve last year, but, this year we hardly even need to suit up for the game. The win against Baltimore was a lucky fluke, if you ask me. Ben is getting slower and slower. He no longer shines like he did 5-6 years ago. We have traded off all of our blue chips in hopes of finding better. How is that working? We are in for a long period of dismal performance, much like the 60″s and early 70’s. The Rooney’s need to ante up and help get this team above the waterline. Forget about political correctness Mr. Rooney, it is time to reward your loyal and dedicated fans. We expect more of this team. I see more black than gold this year. We are right at the bottom with Jacksonville, at least they have an ongoing excuse.

  60. @bob …

    One thing about your argument that QBs are grossly overpaid: People can easily look outside the Steelers to see that.

    Baltimore is a shell of what it was last season because Flacco’s salary required them to dismantle the rest of the team. I’ve argued for years that Joe was a far better quarterback than even his own fans gave him credit for being. But what has forcing the Ravens to prove it in dollars and cents cost the team? He can’t perform without weapons.

    And neither can Brady–who, in my opinion, is the best in the game. But the reason I told tedmurph the Pats would be sitting home on Super Bowl Sunday is that he can’t single-handedly save their bacon every single week right through the playoffs. Again … bulk of the money goes to the QB and the rest of the team suffers talentwise.

    I agree the QB is the most important guy on the team and a Brady deserves to be the highest paid. But you’ve got to have balance.

  61. Deb:
    Consistently successful teams either win with an elite quarterback or they win with an elite defense.
    I’d say Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady each deserve to be highly compensated for their services.
    Those four go above and beyond to reach greatness. They film study excessively, they spend off-duty hours working with their receivers, and they produce TDs. They are more than “just quarterbacks.”
    And that list in slowly growing: Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson both come to mind.
    No QB has been involved in more wins the past three seasons than Alex Smith. But that doesn’t mean he’s worth $20 million a season, just like the vast majority of the QBs in the league.

  62. The Pats have stayed on top for a long time. It’s hard to argue with success. Obviously, they are doing a lot of things right.
    But the one intangible that keeps the Pats consistently in the hunt every season is that they play in the most consistently weak division in all of pro football.
    To the credit of Belichick and Brady, they don’t allow their teams to lose to inferior divisional competition.
    However, I do believe that a cakewalk to the postseason every year does more harm than good.
    Before the Pats beat a sorry Denver team and then barely (and luckily) escaped a truly good Ravens team in the 2011 playoffs, the Pats had compiled a 13-3 regular-season without having had to beat a single team with a winning record.
    The Patriots had no business being in the Super Bowl that season, which opened the door for the 9-7 Giants, the weakest Super Bowl team in NFL history, to win it all.

  63. @bob …

    We’re agreed on the best QBs, although for some reason, I tend to overlook Rodgers. Those four are in a different class to everyone else. But for all of them, the championships came when they had the balance of the great QB with the great defense. I really thought Green Bay’s defense had more impact in SBXLV than Rodgers did.

    I’m a smashmouth football fan, which means I’m okay with having a “game manager” instead of an elite QB. I want hard-hitting defense and a down-your-throat running game. Just need a QB who does what’s needed when it’s needed–and doesn’t throw the game away. The problem with Roethlisberger is that he fancies himself in that upper echelon but has never done the necessary work to get there. If he’d be content to manage the game, we might be okay. But he wants to be “the guy” and too often winds up giving the game away.

  64. People try to bend over backwards making excuses for why the Pats are good. Maybe they just are. Maybe their div opp are bad because of the Pats. The jets made the AFC Cham gm 2x not that long ago. The Browns and Bengals were walkovers not that long ago. Pats play a 1rst place sched every yr(2 very tough gms), have the best rec against the AFC in rec yrs and the best rec against the NFC in rec gms. This div thing is a red herring and an excuse. The Pats weren’t a great team that SB yr, but they had every right. You can only play the teams on your sched.

  65. Wait, was that the sorry Tebow-led Denver team that beat the steelers? We’ll never know, but that loss probably sa ed the steelers further embarrassment. But that Pats team had no business plaging a 9-7 Giants team? Your logic es apes me

  66. Stating your opinion as fact, besides being obnoxious, flies in the very definition of opinion. But, thats just you. I have respect for Bob’s acumen, even though he ‘bends over backwards’ sometimes to prove his agenda about Roethlisberger. I get that, because he’s going so much against the grain. I just explained that the conclusions based on the observations are not logical, and gave reasons. Either you choose to ignore it or you don’t understand the def of logic. The Pats haven’t just destroyed their div, they’ve destroyed everyone. How do you know it doesn’t happen if they’re in a different div? You don’t(excepting your opinion is fact). Just acting like a petulant child. What’s next, more name calling? AFC, NFC any breakdown you want, with the notable exception of the Giants. Diff is, I don’t call the Giants lucky, which was Bob’s point about the Pats v Ravens. In both instances, the winning team both made more plays.

    The 2011 steelers were just too beat up, that’s a fact. But to say the Pats beat up on a hapless Denver team after they had just beaten the steelers is a bad argument.

  67. Ironically, the only team the Steelers beat in 2011 that owned a winning record was New England. While 2011 Steelers might’ve been “beat up,” they also weren’t as good as their 12-4 record suggested. They were closer to being an 8-8 team than they were to a 12-win team.
    The NFL is so loaded with god-awful teams, it’s really difficult to get a handle on just how good, or how bad, some teams actually are. This season’s “mysterious” team is Kansas City. How good are the Chiefs, really?
    Meanwhile, the 2011 Patriots beat the Ravens on a day when Flacco clearly outplayed Brady. Baltimore dropped an easy TD in the end zone, followed by a missed field goal.
    While drops and misses are all part of the game, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. IMO, the Pats were lucky.

  68. Hard for me to buy the Chiefs too, Pro Bowlers from last yr and all. Next part of their sched is tough, we’ll see.

    Pats beat Balti in that gm because they made more plays, though, for example, due to injuries they had Edelman trying to cover Boldin. Evans didn’t drop that pass, it was stripped by a CB that’s not even in the league anymore. Flacco chose to throw to a WR(Evans) who had 4 rec during the season. That would be like Brady trusting Ocho Cinco to make a big play. He’d never make that decision. The missed FG would have got it to OT, who knows after that, although Flacco was Better than Brady that day.

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