Vikings wouldn’t get a third-round compensatory pick for Jared Allen


Earlier today, we tried to cobble together various guidelines regarding the convoluted-yet-important formula for determining compensatory draft picks.

We’ve since acquired some more information about the little-known and largely misunderstood device for giving teams extra draft picks to replace the veterans who have left for free agency, specifically as the process applies to Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.

Despite widespread reports and speculation that the Vikings would get a third-round compensatory pick in 2015 if Allen leaves as a free agent in 2014, a source with knowledge of the formula tells PFT that the Vikings would be limited to a fifth-round compensatory pick for Allen.

The system is designed to protect teams who lose players after their rookie deals have expired.  For players like Allen, who have completed two multi-year contracts, the impact of the departure is less significant.

Per the source, there’s an exception to this rule.  For quarterbacks who leave via free agency, it doesn’t matter whether one, two, or more contracts have been completed — a third-round pick could still be available as the maximum compensation, based on the other relevant factors.

This means that, if the Vikings are getting offers for Allen, they need to compare the proposed trade compensation in 2014 with the fact that, at most, they’ll get a fifth-round compensatory pick in 205.

Which is basically a sixth-round pick since it comes after all of the regular fifth-round picks.

Which makes it roughly worth a seventh-round pick in 2014.

Which means that if the Vikings could get a third-round pick for Allen in 2014 and avoid paying him $7.5 million for nine early 2014 preseason games, they should take the deal.

And then take off the ski mask.

42 responses to “Vikings wouldn’t get a third-round compensatory pick for Jared Allen

  1. Jared Allen has earned every dime he’s been paid since joining the Vikings. I’m not in a hurry to trade him for anything. Same goes for Peterson.

  2. I’m not sure we’ll get a 5th rounder via trade if teams watched Sunday night’s game where he took the long pass-rush route to Rodgers via Sheboygan, leaving a 10 yard lane for Rodgers or Lacy to run through.

  3. Carolina was awarded a 3rd round compensatory selection for loss of DE Julius Peppers after 8 years with the team.
    Both Allen and Peppers have similar pedigree for pro bowls, sacks, contracts and age at time of leaving.
    Not sure I buy the report from this “source” who may just want to undervalue Jared for a trade today. Happens all the time.

  4. A contending team like Denver would be foolish not to part with a 3rd rounder for Jared. He’s only 32 and has more sacks than any player in the past 6 years. Julius Peppers is 2 years older than Jared and still playing at a high level so Jared could be a huge pick up for a contender

  5. No one will pick up Allen he’s paid way too much for a lack of impact.
    Then again he plays for a clueless, lifeless team that has zero direction. So maybe if he has a purpose he can regain some form.

  6. How about the Vikings just ask him? I mean seriously, do you want to resign and be a part of this for $X? … or would you prefer to be traded and perhaps a free agent? Allen just strikes me as a guy who sees more to life than where he is playing football.
    Of course such a discussion should have already happened given there are hours left before the deadline.

  7. I believe compensatory picks also hinge somewhat on how much the player does with his new team as well as how many free agents are signed by the team losing the FA in question.

  8. Jared Allen is finished as an impact player. He’s going to want millions of dollars and any team dumb enough to give it to him is going to regret that decision.

    What team is going to assume his $7.5m this season when he can’t beat a 4th round rookie LT for even an assisted tackle?

    If you trade for this guy you are going to get maybe 9 games out of him (plus playoffs if you make it) then he’s a FA.

    He isn’t a game changer, he doesn’t demand double teams. He doesn’t play the run and he doesn’t rush the passer particularly well any longer.

  9. That being said, then if they can get a 3rd round pick go for it, as Allen won’t be worth much if he leaves due to FA. It would be a steal. Even if it is a 4th, you have to go for it. Compensatory picks for a round in the draft will basically make him worse even less, because those are the last picks for any round of a draft.

    It comes down to this:

    1) Jared Allen leaves today.
    2) It will be a 4th round pick. 3rd if they are lucky.
    3) He will go to Denver, as Denver’s defense is ranked 30th.
    4) His 7.5 million dollar contract for this year will be renegotiated, for Denver’s benefit.

  10. @wingsnwater says:
    Oct 29, 2013 11:42 AM
    Carolina was awarded a 3rd round compensatory selection for loss of DE Julius Peppers after 8 years with the team.
    Both Allen and Peppers have similar pedigree for pro bowls, sacks, contracts and age at time of leaving.
    Not sure I buy the report from this “source” who may just want to undervalue Jared for a trade today. Happens all the time.


    Peppers left Carolina when he was 29 years old (was also 29 when his first season as a Bear started) and, as you stated, been in the league for 8 years with one team.

    Allen will be leaving the Vikings at 31 (turning 32 before the start of the next season) and will have been in the league for 10 years with two different teams.

    Perhaps, the extra two years and the extra team have something to do with why he would be valued lower than Peppers.

  11. There are many teams that should bite on Jared Allen, given they have enough cap space to absorb his contract. Cowboys, Giants (hysterically they are still in the hunt in the pathetic NFC Beast), Bears, Lions, Seahawks (beings they showed in the off season they love stockpiling dline), Dolphins, Pats, and Broncos. I could see anyone of these 4-3 teams taking a swing. The Giants might even be desperate enough to give away a 2nd to try and pull their a$$ out of the fire. If the Vikings don’t get a deal done, that whole front office should be fired.

  12. The Vikes are notorius for getting something for a player rather than loose him to free agency and getting nothing really in return.
    The Packers just let people go and get zilch, the Vikes always get draft picks.

    I think the only way he does not leave today is if no one is interested. Allen needed to have a great game against the Pack the other night and he did not, so maybe it scared some people away.

  13. so in other words for all the stupid raider fans out there who want to depart with Darren McFadden, and trade him for a 5th round pick or whatever the rumour is with the cowboys…we should wait and see. Either he resigns with the raiders at a fair price, or he signs as a UFA for big bucks and we get a third rd pick

  14. You think the Packers to throw quick passes was because they WEREN’T afraid of Jared Allen? Um…no. Allen is still feared by all defensive coordinators in the NFL. Bank on it.

  15. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Oct 29, 2013 12:01 PM

    I thought the Vikings already traded Allen. I didn’t see his name in the box score from Sunday.


    He’s there, you’re just looking in the wrong place:

    Check under “David Bakhtiari” and “# of times dominating the Vikings feeble pass rush”

  16. is saying that Allen won’t be traded because of that $7.5 million and the other teams cap room or lack of it. However, the same teams have a way of playing with that same money, so they could pull it off.

    Sports media is not what you would call omnipotent.

  17. conormacleod says: Oct 29, 2013 12:40 PM

    You think the Packers to throw quick passes was because they WEREN’T afraid of Jared Allen? Um…no. Allen is still feared by all defensive coordinators in the NFL. Bank on it.


    Why would defensive coordinators really give a rat’s hindquarters about an opposing defensive player?

  18. 4.5 sacks this year and 2.5 of them came against Pitt left tackle who got cut three days later. No one is afraid of Jared Allen any more. 21 total tackles, zero tfl. yawn. Viking front went from a strength to a liability in two years.

  19. This will confirm whether or not spielman is indeed a magician. Best way to maximize his value I think would be to puff up interest between two rivals that could tip the balance of power. He needs to get in jerry jones’ ear and tell him the giants think they are a pass rusher away from making a game out of it in the NFC east.

  20. Being he’s a huge outdoorsman, Denver makes sense in more than just a football sense.

    That being said, I wish the raiders were in a better spot take bring him in. Local guy who grew up a raiders fan. Love the intensity this guy brings and a vet like him would really be good for the likes of Houston and allow him to move back into position and focus on the run. Maybe they could get him in free agency.

  21. it’s best for the vikings and jared allen to depart. you can easily get a 3rd rounder for allen, maybe a 2nd, seeing that the seahawks will have late round picks.

    throw in kevin williams and up the asking price. if you trade allen, i don’t see why you keep williams. they play better together.

  22. broncos don’t need defensive lineman, they need corners and safeties.

    seattle needs pass rushers. they have a secondary.

    thrown Phil Loadholt into this mix too. broncos and seahawks need tackles.

  23. I don’t remember any “reports” saying the Vikings would get a third round compensatory pick, just alot or errant speculation from posters here and on other sites. It sounded ridiculous when I heard it, and I turned out to be right.

    Here’s something else I bet I turn out to be right about: There is no way in hades that Allen gets traded between now and 4pm for a third round pick. I would be shocked if they even get anything better than a conditional 4th.

    Teams (well, good ones) just don’t throw picks around like that for over 30 players anymore.

  24. Is this rule new this year? Is it based on being older than 30? Is it because he has been with multiple teams? I can see the Peppers example not being relevant given that it was under a different CBA, but the Titans got a third-rounder in this past draft for Cortland Finnegan, who was no longer on his rookie contract.

    It also doesn’t seem to make sense to base it on the number of contracts given that some players have multiple contracts before even being eligible for unrestricted free agency.

    That being said, even if this source is wrong, Allen would probably have to have a good close to the year to get the $9-10 million or so per year that would justify a 3rd round compensatory selection. Although I guess it only takes one team thinking he can return to his past form.

  25. I can see the Viking trolls are out in force but the very idea that any team wants Jared Allen at his current contract number PLUS have to give up a draft choice just to overpay him is delusional. Like many other Vikings, his production is nowhere near his pay level but that tends to be true in all 1-6 teams.

    The Vikings are stuck with his fat number for the rest of the season. However, Hennipen County is happy that the road kill pick up will not be necessary with Jared remaining in town.

  26. If he can get a 4th round pick or better for Allen, Spielman is a bigger and better swindler than Zygi is.

  27. The player is as productive as a 10 year old steer and just as valuable.

    Giving up over 7 million for his stats plus a draft pick is a firing offense for any GM. Teams are far better off elevating a practice squad guy.

    I don’t know why the vikings didn’t cut him after last season except that they are the vikings and have only won 20 games in the last 4 seasons.

    Paying over 7 million for the rest of the season just to get a very late draft pick is extremely stupid but I sure hope the vikings don’t fire Spielman.

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