Cordarrelle Patterson wins NFC special teams award

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You can’t make a play longer than the one Cordarrelle Patterson made Sunday night, so it figures he’d get recognized.

The Vikings rookie return man was named NFC special teams player of the week, after his 109-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against the Packers.

Patterson leads the league in kickoff return yards (703) and touchdowns (two), with a ridiculous 39.1 yards per attempt average.

In a more stable quarterback environment, those talents might translate into some offensive fireworks, but that hasn’t happened yet as they’ve bounced through Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman.

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  1. I was impressed with the athletic ability of Patterson. He is a dangerous player, whether he takes that elite step as a receiver i don’t know but Minnesota does have some nice building blocks around whoever they settle with at QB.

  2. Why do I have this terrible feeling the Vikes will end up with the 4th pick in the draft (goodbye teddy, mariota, and clowney). I’d give anything to get a top 2 pick. Why can’t the vikings just for once be bad enough to get a franchise changing player?!

  3. I’m a Vikes fan, but honestly of COURSE he leads the league in return yards. He has more attempts than anyone else with as horrible as our defense has been. That said he’s still clearly a good return man.

  4. Corduroy was the one bit of entertainment I had from attending Sunday’s game — other than the drunk Packer fan two rows in front of me who got booted in the second quarter for puking on the woman in the row front of him (not to worry, she was wearing an old Lord Favre jersey).

  5. Stupid as it sounds, I’m glad the Vikings really suck and aren’t mediocre. Really looking forward to hopefully getting a coaching staff that isn’t completely over matched.If they were middle of the road the Wilf’s seem stupid enough to let it play out another year.

  6. At only 22 years old, now holding a record which will never be broken. Must be an amazing feeling for such a young man. Congrats Cordarrelle.

  7. Vikings coaches still trying to figure out how to get him on the field. Maybe that was their plan, have the defense suck so bad that Patterson is returning 7 or 8 kickoffs per game.
    Reminds me of Childress during AP’s rookie year.
    The knucklehead kept playing Chester Taylor when it was obvious Peterson was the superior talent.

  8. This makes his 39.1 ypa average even more impressive. 6’3″ with that speed and agility is unheard of

  9. .

    Another interesting trade for future evaluation as the Vikings received Patterson while the Patriots acquired LB Jaime Collins, CB Logan Ryan, WR Josh Boyce, and RB Leggett Blount (via TB).

    This one could take years to evaluate.


  10. conormacleod says:Oct 30, 2013 12:39 PM

    And Leslie Frazier has him play about 6 offensive plays a game. Moron.

    Actually, he has 117 offensive snaps this season and they have increased each week. We all knew he was raw as a receiver and would have to be brought along slowly. He probably isn’t a great run blocker and is probably only comfortable with a limited set of plays. Still, he should be playing more now because the experience can only help. If Freeman can get a pass within five yards of him, Patterson will be considered one of the most explosive players in the league by the end of the season.

  11. call me a pessimist, but maybe the award should have gone to the dude who returned a punt for a TD(harder than a kickoff ret) and actually helped his team with the same game. look its great it was 109 yards. his coaches were probably freaked when he brought it out, and you get that many return chances you better get a TD once in a while.

  12. The fact that this guy is sitting on the sideline so much is ridiculous. I know he’s raw but he strikes me as the kind of player that will learn faster on the field than on the bench. It takes multiple guys to tackle him when he gets the ball in his hands and the size/speed/elusiveness combo he has is rare. He showed great awareness in the London game when he turned into a defender instinctively and saved the INT.

    The only thing I can think of that he may need to learn is running routes, but he could learn that while playing. It’s not like he is playing with any accurate passers anyways.

    It’s time to force defenses to gameplan for someone other than AD. That in return would give Jennings some opportunities and open lanes for AD. Less Simpson, more Patterson.

  13. He wanted to put the award in the Vikings trophy case but then realized they don’t have one. It’s also not in the budget to have one in their new dump.

  14. For everyone saying “of course, he gets more opportunities” he has less attempts than #2 and #3 on return yardage list…

  15. some of you guys are idiots.. If you watch any of the vikings games you would know that a majority of the kickoffs go out off bounds or are a directional kick away from patterson! So just because our defense is bad doesnt mean he gets more kickoff return chances then anyone else! and who cares hes averaging 40 yards a return nuff said…

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