Dolphins looked at four wideouts on Tuesday

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With receiver Brandon Gibson placed on injured reserve after tearing a knee ligament against the Patriots, the Dolphins have needs at the position.

On Tuesday, they look a look at four guys who could help them in that regard.

Per a league source, Mohamed Massaquoi, Ben Obamanu (pictured), Mike Thomas, and Matt Willis had tryouts with the Dolphins.  None of them has been signed, yet.

The team currently has only three receivers on the active roster:  Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, and Rishard Matthews.  Armon Binns previously was placed on injured reserve.

Nathan Palmer and Ryan Spadola are on the team’s practice squad.

Whatever the Dolphins do, they need to do it quickly.  Miami hosts Cincinnati on Thursday night.

17 responses to “Dolphins looked at four wideouts on Tuesday

  1. You Steelers have nothing to say really, you are 2/5 that’s worse than the Dolphins. Tannehill is the problem, he is not on the same page as Wallace, and when he is sacked he fumbles. He has lost the last 2 games for us, and it’s getting boring now. We have seen this chapter too many times in the past.
    bigbenownsthenfl owns nothing this season, good luck “righting your ship”, it’s pretty bad.

  2. While Wallace is sort of a one trick pony, his contributions are lacking for two major reasons. First, the offensive line is simply not good enough to block for deep routes to develop. Second, he doesn’t have a running game or decent underneath receiving threat to pull safety coverage away from him for Tannehill to chuck it deep and hope he runs to it.

    Fixing up that offensive line a little and maybe some creative play calling to get Tannehill moving around to buy time would go a long way towards making that contract worthwhile.

  3. Never understood why teams kept guys on the practice squad and then didn’t promote them when they had a big need at that position. Why keep them there if you’re not gonna use them?

  4. “Steelers may be 2-5. But at least we had enough sense not to sign Wallace. Like we said before dolphin fans. He’s a cancer not the answer! You guys never listen”

    love how steeler fans act like thier team did not want wallace back, they offered him $10 mil a year so it was pretty obvious they wanted him back but could not afford him.

    and tannehill is not the problem, he is the only reason they have 3 wins, anyone who watches the games can clearly see that the o line and play calling is bad. just like big ben, when the qb has no time to go through his reads it makes it hard to get the ball to the right guy or even get the ball out at all.

    rishard mathews is a good player, good hands, not as fast as gibson but he will fill in nicely.

  5. Gotta love all the Fins haters coming out in force today.
    Just keep in mind that if you’re team doesn’t win the championship , you’re ultimately no better than us.

  6. It doesn’t matter who the Fins get for receiver if they don’t do something to help shore up the revolving door Oline.

  7. smarterfootball:

    All those guys are veterans for the most part, in other words, they cost MORE to sign than a guy you’re paying anyway. And a roster spot? You’re trying to fill the roster spot… so why are you worried about it?

  8. I think they are bringing Spadola along, but for Cincy you will see a lot of 2TE sets with the ground game. This recipe is not only what is needed to control The quick scoring Bengals aerial attack, but pretty much the only option we have in 4 days prep. And yes, that Jets fan is right… spadola has a bright future. What shame we never had Binns a Keller. I guess it is all a moot point with Old Man Sherman and a weak OLine.

  9. I think Miami made a mistake in NOT trading for Fred Davis who would help in pass catching, hopefully for Miami’s sake Wallace matures and they sign a decent number 3, I hope its Massaquoi.

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