Eagles confirm Nick Foles is this week’s starter


Nick Foles is once again the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly confirmed today that Foles will start Sunday’s game against the Raiders. Foles missed last week’s game with a concussion, but he was cleared to practice on Tuesday.

Foles has been an efficient passer this season, completing 52 of 90 passes for 622 yards, with six touchdowns, no interceptions and no fumbles. But he struggled in his last start, Week Seven against the Cowboys, and the Eagles will need him to make some big plays against the Raiders.

Matt Barkley is expected to back Foles up, and Michael Vick is expected to be inactive with a hamstring injury.

32 responses to “Eagles confirm Nick Foles is this week’s starter

  1. Raiders are 5th in total defense. 5 sacks and 2 picks on Big Ben this past sunday. All signs point to Foles having a long painful day.

  2. Tough being an Eagles fan right now. We don’t have a QB and don’t seem to have the talent to run Chip’s offense. Good news is the D is getting better and building. We also have McCoy and Jackson. My biggest disappointment is that I thought they’d be more fun to watch even if they lost more than they won. Hopefully the 2nd half of the season is at least more entertaining.

  3. Hopefully this team can get a franchise qb this offseason an cut Vick day 1 of the offseason

    They don’t have to cut him considering his contract is up after this year.

  4. Eagles play well on the road. If Foles can get the ball out in under 3 seconds he’ll be fine. Eagles O-line will punk those gothic chumps in Oak.

  5. So if Nick Foles is getting beaten up this Sunday, what will the score be?

    As bad as this Raiders offense is, might be a 15-10 ball game..

    I mean you cant honestly tell me Pryor is going to run circles around Philly like he did the Steelers…Raiders have no one outside DMC

  6. If Foles is healthy, he’ll perform well. He was most definitely not healthy against the Cowboys. He was missing guys 6 yards in front of him. Thats not Foles’ game. Whether it was the ‘undisclosed groin injury’ or some were speculating that he was concussed on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game, we’ll never know. However you don’t go from hitting guys in stride in essentially every other game you’ve been in to missing guys that are wide open like that without a reason.

  7. Hey, if I were a Raider fan I would be excited too. I mean when was the last season that the Raiders had 3 wins thru the first 8 wks of the season?

    Hey RaiderNation, its time to get hype!!!

  8. Chip needs to say who is starter is…this ‘week to week’ crap just causes instability and divides the locker room into Vick vs. Nick players. How can either of them show leadership of the offense if they have no status…name a starter, Chip!!

  9. dku5 says: Oct 30, 2013 1:25 PM

    I don’t consider a QB who has an average of 124 yds per game in competing only 57% of the passes is efficient.
    Not sure where you pulled those numbers from…he played 9 quarters so far this season so is averaging 276 yards/game, and in Peyton Manning’s first full season he had a 56.1% completion rate. Foles’ passer rating in the two games he played this season were 133.3 and in three quarters against Dallas had a rating of 46.2 while Brady in his first two starts replacing Bledsoe were 79.6 and 58.7.

  10. eaglesfanalways, it’s hard to name a starter when everyone is injured!
    vick could start if not inuured
    nick would start if not injured
    bark will start if everyone else is injured

    since nicks healthy enough now, he’ll start.

    fairly simple, huh?

  11. eaglesfanalways says:
    Oct 30, 2013 1:31 PM
    Chip needs to say who is starter is…this ‘week to week’ crap just causes instability and divides the locker room into Vick vs. Nick players. How can either of them show leadership of the offense if they have no status…name a starter, Chip!!———————————————————————————–Chip named a starter but unfortunately the guy he chose is unable to stay on the field. it looks like he will have to play the healthiest option going forward. if it was as easy as naming a starter, i’m guessing he would name Manning or Brees or Rodgers…….

  12. Wow, Ohio States ex QB runs 93 yards, has a decent game yet it doesn’t change the fact that he had major poor judgement issues at OSU and still does with the Raiders. He still shows poor judgement in way too many instances. He doesn’t go to the bench and look over plays to see where he can improve like the better QBs do. The QB coach should be showing him that. Pryor goes and sits on the bench and stares off into space. So much undeveloped talent. Will it be developed? Time will tell. I hope so. I like him as a player. He is exciting when he is on.

    I look for a steady Nick Foles to outplay Pryor by a mile regardless of Oakland’s defense. Finally Oakland appears to have something to cheer about. I have faith they will crash and burn in the next 5 games. You just can’t get past mediocrity.

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