Giants had 20-man Gong Show on Tuesday

As the Giants embark on their bye week with two straight wins, they may not be standing pat with the players they have.

Per a league source, a whopping 20 players visited the Giants for tryouts on Tuesday.

They were:  defensive end Kendrick Adams, tight ends Colin Anderson and Bryce Davis, receivers Danny Coale, Reggie Dunn, and Preston Parker, running backs Kendall Gaskins, Miguel Maysonet, Cam White, and Keiland Williams, quarterbacks Jerrod Johnson and B.J. Coleman, center Kevin Kowalski, kickers Brandon McManus and Patrick Murray, guard Eric Olsen, tackle Willie Smith, defensive back Trevin Wade, linebacker Lawrence Wilson, and punter Brad Wing.

The Giants possibly were kicking tires in order to update their “ready list” at various positions, for future reference later in the year.  Or maybe they wanted to remind the current 53 players on a 2-6 team that plenty of other guys are out there who would kill for their jobs.

That saying feels a little weird after the whole Aaron Hernandez thing.