Jason Witten says he loves Dez Bryant on Sundays


Even though it might not have been what it first appeared, and other teammates have said it was a heated exchange, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said he had no problems with Dez Bryant.

Witten was shouting at Bryant late in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, trying to get him focused on the remaining 12 seconds, and Bryant fired back at him with equal vigor.

There’s nobody I love playing with more on Sundays than Dez,” Witten said on KTCK The Ticket (via the Dallas Morning News).

“I was just reminding him there at the end there was still hope, still a chance and that he kind of just needed to let it go and let’s get focused back on these final few seconds.

“Wasn’t about getting [Bryant] the ball, . . . that’s not what kind of guy he is, . . . that’s why we love him.”

Perhaps, and they can always lean back on the fact that brothers often yell at each other. But while the visual of Bryant’s rant might have drawn a different reaction than his words, it was still at least a distraction for a team that didn’t need it at the moment.

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  1. 2-time All-Pro/8-time Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten:

    7 seasons with 900 yards or more (11 seasons)

    ZERO-TIME All-Pro/ZERO-TIME Pro Bowl annoying nuisance Dez Bryant:

    2 seasons with 900 yards or more (4 seasons)

  2. So the camera DOES lie then, Jason?

    Because I clearly saw you giving Bryant the GTFO of here gesture.

  3. The Cowboy’s most valuable player since Jerry Jones has been the owner is Herschel Walker. They traded him for several players and draft picks to the Vikings – after which they won three Super Bowls. Since all the players they received from that transaction have departed, the “Boys” haven’t come close to another Super Bowl. This will continue to be the case as long as Jerry Jones is running the show – his giant ego won’t allow for any future success. He “found one acorn” when he lucked into that trade several years ago – there won’t be another such lucky finding.

  4. You can clearly see Witten pointing at the clock.

    He and Dez know what was said as does Ware, what difference is it to the rest of us?

  5. It’s always the wide receivers… Sometimes corners but almost always wide receivers… What’s the matter with wide receivers???

  6. I don’t know why people are so afraid to just call this guy unstable and I don’t buy the comparisons to Tom Brady. We are talking about a guy who was arrested for assaulting his MOTHER. Remember that? I do.

  7. Bryant played well and both of his TDs were great plays. One was an amazing catch. The other just made fools of the Lions DBs and showed his blazing speed.

    He’s got some things to learn for sure, but the Cowboys need all of their players to want to win as badly as Bryant does.

  8. A distraction with twelve seconds left and down by one lolling to at least cover 65 yards for a shot at a win. Get over it nobody in that Dallas locker room cares wether any media or fan member thinks it was a distraction it wasn’t. Maybe someone should have gotten the return guys head in the game as he wasted 6 seconds running the ball out of bounds on the kickoff instead of downing the ball. Hmm

  9. Funny how the media refuses to vindicate Dez even though the audio has. The guy is not a cancer. I’m glad he’s on my team. The Cowboys need fire. They need Dez Bryant.

  10. The media seriously just likes to hype things out of proportion. Bryant never said that he was better the Johnson. He was just confident in his WR capabilities that he could do some of the things Johson does. (like out jump a CB on a deep ball). The Cowboys offense got complacent at the end and Bryant was upset that they werent aggressive and because of that, another game just slipped away. So he expresses his frustration about another loss getting chalked up but Witten is there getting in his face and yelling about this game not being over with 12 seconds left on the board but with so many similar games like this Bryant knew the game was gone. If anything Witten and Ware were in his face saying its not over until the last second is off the clock and use that emotion for the last play of the game that the Cowboys may need Bryant for. And lastly, all NFL WR’s are divas. Yes even Mr. Johson. He may not be protrayed as throwing a tantrum here or there on the sidelines but the man has vanity just like any other WR or just player in this league

  11. The so called “leaders” of Garrett, Jerry Jones and Romo never seem to get upset with these types of losses. Like they set the stage for mediocrity to be ok in Dallas. I don’t particularly have a problem with him going off at the end of the game…they earned that and SOMEONE needs to light a fire and hold them accountable.

  12. I compare Dez to Desean Jackson in Philly. Both are headcases that maybe the team would rather not have to deal with, but both teams desperately need these guys, and the teams would be a lot worse without them.

  13. Des is nothing more then a showboating wanta be CJ! His confidence and talent go together like oil and water. He has a big mouth and nothing to show for it! Unlike CJ who lets his play do his talking!

  14. DEZ has matured tenfold since coming into the league….the guy has had a target on his head since the beginning and only so because the media knows they can make $$ by using him in a negative way.
    It’s almost as though people WANT to see him fail…that makes me shake my head. I’m very proud how DEZ has grown as a WR and I look forward to seeing him DOMINATE for years to come!!!


  15. dez bryant is T.O-gonna-be in terms of attitude, not talent. so he did what he did. childish, self-centered act. that is all.

  16. There is a lack of leadership on Dallas.Period.Demarcus Ware made sure the camera’s were on him when he was ‘chewing out’Bryant.Witten is too close to Romo to ever be taken seriously.The Cowboys had a chance a couple years back to get Ray Lewis who was the type,love em or hate em,who put the team on his back.There is NO ONE on this team to look for.I hope Sean Lee can be that guy one day.Young guys on the team should watch and learn when he is out there.

  17. The ONLY person who is benefiting from this is Monte Kiffin!!! Can we turn the focus on the fact that our Defense SUCKS right now! While I didnt like that Large blowhard he is doing something with the Saints. Monte, get this defense in order or you will wind up like your son, out of a job!

  18. Seriously, I assum half of you commentors can’t read, so I really don’t know how you’re posting comments.

    The man’s name is Jason Witten. Not: Witton, Whitten, Whittin, Whitton, or Whitt. Its not like its Wierzbowski, or some name with all consonants.

  19. I don’t know if Dez is like T.O. Dez seems like he has more potential to actually assault a teammate. T.O. did get mouthy and caused drama, but I never thought of T.O. as the violent type. Dez looks like he has potential to punch someone on the sidelines. It looks like Dez has it in him to pull a Michael Westbrook and assault a teammate.

  20. @normaneinstein7 TO actually fought hough Douglass in the eagles locker room. I wish people had a clue about what they say. Dez has never assaulted anyone. He allegedly hit his mom with a baseball cap but nothing came of it. He’s never been called out for wanting the ball and has never ever shut down because he wasn’t getting targets further more TO did nothing but drop passes you had to target him 20 times to get 7 catches. Dez is a hard worker a passionate player who is tired ( like many cowboy fans are ) of seeing loses like this. He wasn’t a distraction at any point of the game even if he were blasting them about getting the ball well is he wrong 2 out of three catches were scoring catches instead romo threw to covered lesser wideouts while dez had steps on his man. People who never saw the game or ever competed in sports should just shut up

  21. Grulks says:
    Oct 30, 2013 1:59 PM
    Seriously, I assum half of you commentors can’t read, so I really don’t know how you’re posting comments.

    The man’s name is Jason Witten. Not: Witton, Whitten, Whittin, Whitton, or Whitt. Its not like its Wierzbowski, or some name with all consonants.


    And I “assume” that if you are going to correct others on their spelling then you should not leave out the “e”. You know the letter that is in Witten…

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