Jeff Fisher doesn’t have much to say about facing the Titans


It’s another reunion week in the NFL.  After Peyton Manning went back to Indy in Week Seven and Mike Shanahan returned to Denver in Week Eight, long-time Oilers/Titans coach Jeff Fisher welcomes his former team to St. Louis on Sunday.

Not surprisingly, Fisher didn’t have much to say about it on Tuesday.

“I’m not playing, and I think there’s 16 players on the roster that were there when I was there,” Fisher told reporters.  “So, it’s a different football team, so I’m excited for our guys.  We’ll get them back and have them ready to go.”

Fisher overlooked the fact that he’ll be squaring off with some coaches he knows fairly well, including Titans head coach Mike Munchak, who worked with Fisher from 1994 through 2010, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, who worked with Fisher from 2006 through 2010, and senior defensive assistant Gregg Williams, who worked with Fisher from 1990 through 2000 in Houston/Tennessee and who Fisher hired last year before the Saints bounty scandal forced Williams out of the NFL for a year and out of St. Louis before he worked even a single game.

Coaching will be at more of a premium in this one, given that Fisher and his new staff have to prepare in six days while the Titans had 14.

“The schedule makers felt like we could overcome these things and we will,” Fisher said. “Often times, when you have so much time off, the timing’s off, so we’ll see.”

Beyond the connection between Fisher and the Titans, the game is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIV. It’s also the first game played by Tennessee since the passing of Bud Adams, who founded the team in 1960.

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  1. He will probably have this game in the bag, then that superb play calling will come into play…….

  2. Coach Fisher, while I hope Jake Locker & Co. knock you guys off this weekend, I’m still not over your departure. … I’m very aware of the fact that from the day the Oilers became the Titans (1999) until your departure (2010), only three teams went to the playoffs more than we did–the Colts, Eagles and Patriots.

    Thanks for all the great memories,
    Fan Since Memphis

  3. @Bechillin – I’m sure Fisher is trembling. Sorry but after facing the San Frans and Seattle’s of the NFL, this game is what they call the schedule getting easier.

  4. bechillin says:
    Oct 30, 2013 8:30 AM
    Titans are coming for you. Thanks for a decade of mediocrity and conservatism

    Amen. Not a Titans fan, but I am so sick of hearing what a wonderful coach this guy is. His actual record is astoundingly mediocre. And he scuttled a brilliant effort by his defense by calling two of most predictable plays at the end of the game to lose Monday night.

    And he thought the answer to his QB problem was to call Brett Favre. Seriously.

    Classic Fisher.

  5. As a titans fan, this is a game that I circled at the beiginning of the season hahah. Bunch of ex titans from coaching staff and players that I would like to see the titans beat. This game is huge For the titans because it could make or break their season. Either win and bring some momentum on a favorable part of the season for the titans, or lose and reeavualte where they stand as a team. This is gonna be a great game and I expect the titans to come out on top (plus I’m taking the -3 heavy lol).

  6. It’s a shame Fisher got stuck with VY those last few years. (Thanks Bud) That took a lot out of him.

    It says a lot about Fisher that he got as much out of VY as he did. He also made CJ2K and went 13-3 with Collins as QB.

  7. I liked Fisher & thought his last 4-5 years in Nashville were sabotaged with VY being forced on him. But he has not done much in STL with a ton of picks & some real talent. His old school ways are just not effective anymore.

  8. Sorry @drsummeroff, but after 3 straight weeks of KC, Seattle and San Fran, Kellen Clemens and the Rams are what we as Titans fans call, the schedule getting easier.

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