Man accused of killing Peterson’s son is free on bail


Joseph Robert Patterson, charged with multiple accounts related to the death of the two-year-old son of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, has been released from jail on bond.

Earlier this week, the bond requirement was dropped from $750,000, which allowed Patterson to be freed by posting $75,000.

According to the Associated Press, the bond has been posted, and Patterson is free without conditions.

He’s charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery in connection with the death of Tyrese Robert Ruffin.

43 responses to “Man accused of killing Peterson’s son is free on bail

  1. Does show an interesting double standard. A man kills a 2 year old and has basically admitted as such the only technicality is intent, and he is free. Hernandez proclaims his innocence and all evidence is circumstantial yet he remains in jail.

  2. I love how people who proclaim others are destroying the constitution then state how they wish the 8th Amendment to said constitution should be ignored.

  3. Ballboy48, I highly disagree with your blanket statement. BUT when it’s a slam dunk case of killing a child, then you shouldn’t get out. Bail should be so high there is NO way to get it. Tease him with trying to get the money

  4. can someone with more knoweldge in the court systems explain to me how this is possible before I go on a fit of rage about this country…please

  5. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Oct 30, 2013 7:55 AM
    I think society would be better off with this Viking fan behind bars.
    WoW. You know this for sure huh?

  6. can someone with more knoweldge in the court systems explain to me how this is possible before I go on a fit of rage about this country…please


    Uhm, ever heard of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”? Justice will be served in due time.

  7. The question is not if he should be on the street awaiting trial but why would a judge lower the bond so low he could post all states allow posting bond on second degree murder charges.

  8. I heard a rumor on another site that Adrian Peterson bought a round trip ticket up North. Anyone else hear this. Wonder just what he’ll be doing ? AD’s always been a “go getter”.

  9. Part of the problem is that the community that this devil comes from, and will return to, has no input. The people that released this slug did so knowing that their families will not be threatened. This cretin will now be neighbors to somebodys child. Free to go, with NO RESTRICTIONS! Free to live next door to a school or daycare. But the judge knows he wont be near his/her family. Sad.

  10. sknfn4life says: Oct 30, 2013 8:31 AM

    can someone with more knoweldge in the court systems explain to me how this is possible before I go on a fit of rage about this country…please

    Basically, the Supreme Court has held that bail is to be set just high enough to ensure the person appears in court and doesn’t flee. Withholding bail is supposed to be done only in exceptional circumstances. In theory…..

  11. There has got to be more to this story; for instance, what did the DA ask for? why is bail so low? is he a flight risk?

    I would assume he is a flight risk, a Viking fan during a 1-6 season is likely mentally unhinged. Hell, they are mentally unhinged most of the time but more so when the Vikings are losing with regularity

  12. Given the known facts and circumstances, that is a shockingly low bond. The bond is supposed to reflect the nature of the charges, potential danger to the public, ties to the community, risk of flight and, to a lesser extent, the likelihood of conviction and possible punishment if convicted. Also, the bond will typically include conditions like no contact orders, travel restrictions, electronic tether and drug testing. Either the judge thought the case was weak or the judge screwed up assuming the guy couldn’t post the bond. Not too comforting for the victim’s family. The Defendant better be watching his back, too. He might be safer in jail.

  13. Liberalism running rampant in this country, and it’s destroying it. But hey, let’s be sure to ban the “Redskins” name, lest someone be offended.

  14. Isn’t this guy a repeat offender? I thought there was an article about him being in jail previously for child abuse? How does a multiple offender of child abuse get bail in the first place?

  15. I’m shocked this guy could come up with $75,000. But, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the standard bail bond procedure to only put up 10%? That would mean $75K would be the amount needed to cover bail of $750K.

  16. He had his sentence postponed against his ex girlfriend and her 3 year old kid who he abused both of them and now murder of a 2 year old. It is fine he is free and according to our constitution…….karma will catch up with him, or street justice. Either way, justice will be served so relax people. It might be bs but that is our constitution……..

  17. Our justice system is so messed up. Same thing goes for convicted serial killers and people who get and deserve the death penalty, but we keep them around for 15-20 years. It makes zero sense to me. Admitted guilt and walks the streets amongst us.

  18. People like this get out in bail while others obsess over a team nickname. Maybe our priorities are a little messed up.

  19. My thoughts:

    If this were a slam dunk case, he would not be out. The judge probably has some compelling info that he gave a reasonable bond.

    There are probably a lot of facts at play that we honestly don’t know, yet we are quick to condemn him. This happens a lot when the media releases only the facts they feel we need to know.

    In no way am I defending this person or his actions, but giving an objective view of the system we all pay taxes to keep in place.

    All that said, if it was my kid I would be in front if a judge right now asking for a lower bond for myself after doing my “fatherly duty” to this individual about 2 seconds after he walked out of the jail.

  20. The justice system just wants their money! They don’t care about people, money is all they see. Sad! May the little angel R.I.P. God Bless!

  21. First off a $750,000 bail is not low. I hate how people bash this judicial system and now nothing about it . It is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. I love how people say it’s a slam dunk case without seeing ANY evidence. Also I would love to see the people saying there should be no bail or murder cases, get charged with a murder they did not commit and see if they hold true to there high standards of no bail. I doubt it. I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent. I have not seen any of the evidence.

  22. stlunatik says:Oct 30, 2013 8:47 AM

    this country’s judicial system is the biggest joke around

    …except for every other country’s judicial system. Maybe you’d like your hand cut off after being accused of stealing?

  23. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Oct 30, 2013 7:55 AM
    I think society would be better off with this Viking fan behind bars.

    Oh hi Tokyo.

    I don’t recall there ever being a mention of him being a Vikings fan. Nice try in trying to make the Vikings look bad. Keep fighting that fight.

  24. Free to go?


    A little magic is in order. I’m thinking disappearing act. Performed at the hands if Guido and Vinny.

    ‘We got your freedom right here”

  25. None of us knows what happened.

    None of us should want to live in a country where the government can lock you up for long periods on an accusation.

    It’s easy to hysterically cry for someone else’s head, but if it were you, you’d want the Constitution followed.

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