Matt Ryan may have had the worst 300-yard game ever

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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan did something unprecedented on Sunday. And not in a good way.

Ryan completed 34 of 61 passes for 301 yards in a loss to the Cardinals, an average of 4.9 yards per pass attempt. According to Pro Football Reference, that marked the first time in NFL history that a quarterback passed for more than 300 yards while averaging less than 5.0 yards per attempt.

Throw in the fact that Ryan also threw four interceptions and his team lost 27-13 in a game that wasn’t even as close as that score indicates, and Ryan may very well have had the worst 300-yard game in NFL history.

There are other candidates for the crown of “worst 300-yard game ever.” Just last year Drew Brees turned in a 28-for-50, 341-yard, no-touchdown, five-interception game in a 23-13 loss to the Falcons. In 2009 Jay Cutler had 307 yards on 29-of-52 passing, with no touchdowns and five interceptions, in a 10-6 loss to the 49ers. Drew Bledsoe once threw for 331 yards while completing just 23 of 49 passes, with no touchdowns and four interceptions in a 24-9 loss to the Eagles. In 1983 Browns quarterback Brian Sipe completed 27 of 49 passes for 310 yards, with no touchdowns and six interceptions in a 44-17 loss to the Steelers.

But none of those quarterbacks reached 300 yards without even averaging five yards a pass. Ryan had a 300-yard game like no other quarterback before him.

26 responses to “Matt Ryan may have had the worst 300-yard game ever

  1. The sun in Arizona was too bright and even through the stadium and his helmet Ryan’s forehead reflects so much light it actually for once was a disadvantage as all Cardinal defenders were wearing reflective polarized glasses. All other teams will begin to do the same and Ryan will be a unemployed by this time next year.

  2. Andy Dalton only played THREE QUARTERS on Sunday.

    Dalton finished with 7 less yards than Brees (4 quarters)

    Dalton finished with 29 less yards than Peyton Manning (4 quarters and 1 less touchdown and 3 interception more than Dalton)


  3. Wow quick to knock his game this week but zero praise last week. Lol and yes it was a bad game but you are dumb if you think it’s the worst ever. I much rather take a 1td 4int loss over a 0td and 5int game anytime. Yes either way its a loss but its obvious which one is worse the only reason you say that is because its Matt Ryan and not drew Brees. Where were you last year when brees did that?

    Or the guy that had 0td 6int and lost in a blow out is MUCH worse than Ryan’s performance on Sunday.

  4. He was missing his top 2 guys though. Kevin Cone, Drew Davis… cmon really?! That defense is banged up too. Can’t really blame him for the loss entirely. INTs and incompletions will happen… you have to stay competitive.

    Look at what is happening to Brady in New England right now. They are winning but he is having his worst year statistically without his weapons from last year.

  5. Even great players stink up the joint every once in a while.. nothing to see here folks.. Now, i would rather have weapons around me than no weapons to throw to. Ask Tom Brady how that is working for him this season.

  6. I much rather take a 1td 4int loss over a 0td and 5int game anytime

    Typical. I would much rather get a win regardless of stats. Oh well, Matty can sit home in January counting all that cash he extorted from the Falcons.

  7. Matt Ryan and Matt Flynn both did a bang up job on fleecing teams for far more than what they’re worth. At least Flynn didn’t have to take all those hits so I guess he’s the smarter one.

  8. Ahaha keep hating on Matt. Who you really should be hating on is Dimitroff and Mike Smith two guys who have arguably assembled the worst offensive line in NFL history. 21 carries for 27 yards vs Arizona, 4 sacks and 12 hits on Matt Ryan. No QB would ever prosper behind that line. Not to mention the D made Palmer look competent. Outside of Ryan, Julio, Roddy, Gonzo, this roster is so bad it rivals the jaguars team.

  9. Kurt Warner holds the record for the worst 300 yard game. 34 of 54 for 342, one touchdown, one interception, SIX fumbles. Maybe that doesn’t qualify since fumbles aren’t a passing statistic but you can’t tell me Matt Ryan’s game was worse than that.

  10. 61 pass attempts because they were playing from behind. Cardinals were basically playing prevent D the entire second half, so ATL took what they gave them all the way down the field before eventually turning it over.

    The result was a lot of yards through the air with very little to show for it.

  11. 504in860 says:
    Oct 31, 2013 12:18 AM
    I much rather take a 1td 4int loss over a 0td and 5int game anytime

    Typical. I would much rather get a win regardless of stats. Oh well, Matty can sit home in January counting all that cash he extorted from the Falcons

    Funny how you chose to take out the fact that I said it was a loss regardless. Drew brees also lost that 0td 5 int game dummy.

  12. Aww Roddytorock…

    kind of testy aren’t we? I would be too if my “Super Bowl contending” team was a MAJOR flop this season. Poor Tony G.

  13. Funny how some want to make excuses for Ryan in Atlanta. Other QBs don’t have their weapons but find a way to win…

    Face it, Ryan is a QB that has to have EVERYTHING perfect around him.

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