Oneida Indian Nation asks NFL to sanction Snyder for Redskins name

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The ongoing debate regarding the Redskins name has been turned up a notch.

In a letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell that Oneida Indian Nation released to the media after its Wednesday meeting with the NFL, Nation Representative Ray Halbritter asked Goodell to “refer Washington team owner Dan Snyder to the league Executive Committee for possible sanctions” in connection with the ongoing use of the Redskins name.

Halbritter explained that the NFL’s bylaws authorize Goodell to take action “against any owner who is ‘guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football.'”  Halbritter also points out that Goodell has enforced that rule for situations “far less egregious than the use of a racial epithet as a team’s name.”

“The actions you and the NFL Executive Committee can take against an offending franchise include ‘cancellation or forfeiture of the franchise in the league’ and ‘requir[ing] the sale of any stock or interest in a member club,'” Halbritter wrote.

Halbritter made reference to the request during a press conference that followed the meeting, suggesting that the request actually was made during the meeting.  Per a source with knowledge of the meeting, however, the topic wasn’t raised during the meeting itself.  The letter to Goodell was not read by NFL representatives until the meeting ended.

While this implies the NFL would have provided a response to the request during the meeting, chances are the league would have told Halbritter and the other representatives that the request would be reviewed with Goodell for an appropriate reply.

Halbritter letter also invited Goodell to schedule a meeting with league owners for Super Bowl week in New York, and that Goodell and Snyder personally visit the Oneida Indian Nation homelands.

The league has not yet responded to any of these requests.  Individually and collectively, they possibly will form the basis of additional issues on which the league and the Oneida Indian Nation will agree to continue to disagree.

62 responses to “Oneida Indian Nation asks NFL to sanction Snyder for Redskins name

  1. Love it.


    Please check the 2 most recent Steinberg articles. Haynesworth on Cooley will get page views and his opinion on Shanahan sounds spot on.

  2. There are thousands of American Indians in poverty and suffer from alchoholism and depression. Those are real problems that affect American Indians. The fact that a sports team is named the Redskins has absolutely nothing to do with this. Quit focusing all your time and money in this stupid PR motivated cause and do something that will actually HELP your people! Hypothetically if they changed their name tomorrow- this wouldnt change one single aspect of an American Indians life. #completewasteoftimeandmoney

  3. The name’s a-changin. The smart Oneida put the onus on the NFL to do something. Now NFL is caught in catch-22.

  4. I like the idea.

    This is the organizations smallest issue though since it has be mired in mediocrity for 23 years and has an owner who will sign any criminal for $100 mil.

    Id rather be a CFL fan than a hog.

  5. All NFL franchises will henceforth be made to change their names due to Ravens , Dolphins , Jaguars , Lions and etc. being offended.
    We will now simply number each NFL team 1-32.

  6. It should be changed to Washington Piscataways. That’s the original native tribe to the D.C. – Maryland area. That would a name that would honor Native Americans.

  7. Yeah, it’s all Snyder’s fault. When he bought the team, they were the Washington Happy Puppy Kittan Sunshine Rainbows, and he changed the name to the dreaded R-word. It’s fun to pile on Snyder because he’s so loathesome, but this is going way too far.

  8. “cancellation or forfeiture of the franchise in the league” … hilarious.

    It is starting to become obvious that Halbritter is mostly concerned with making himself the story. it is pathetic the lengths to which this guy is going to push this issue which – even should he succeed and the name be changed – does exactly nothing to actually help his people.

    I’m sick of reading about it but it is starting to seem like the name change freaks are running out of steam. they’ve made their point. Snyder does not want to change the name. Good for him. Keep the name. Hail to the Redskins.

  9. You just never know the real reason behind this, this name been around for years. Could it be the illuminati trying to intimidate other owners by using the redskins as an example. These people are very serious about taking over the US. Change a team name you change the money they bring in. NFL told the White House that thy wasn’t getting involve with politics and now this. People need to wake up because our government is involved in witchcraft. Only one way to defeat that, the blood of Christ. Start fasting and praying !

  10. Oh please the name of a team is not determential to league I haven’t heard anyone say OMG I’m not going to a game because Washington’s nick name is the Redskins or anyone refuse to go to a Philly game because they are named the Eagles.

  11. The problem with all of this is that the name “Redskins” isn’t a “racial epithet” and has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the red paint worn by the Indians. Not the color of their skin.

  12. People should really look into Ray Halbritter and his dissolving of the traditional Oneida government. Just ask the Crow Clan.

  13. I actually believe changing the name is the right thing to do.
    it is offensive.
    how long would the “Detroit darkies” or “L.A. wetbacks” be tolerated.
    just because the American Indians have been less vocal about the slurs used in mainstream America.
    their opinions are no less valid.
    they should just change it to the Washington gridlock or something more closely related to the area.

  14. Is there only one Native American group out there or something? Why do we hear so much from just this one group? Do they represent the majority of Native Americans or something – or are they just proclaiming themselves to speak for all Native Americans?

    (By the way, as a mid-complexion black guy, if this name change thing goes through, I’m going to hire a spokesman and go after the Browns. Then our white brethren should go after the Vikings, our southern friends should take on the Cowboys and people over 6′ 5′ protest the Giants. Pretty soon, all the teams will be named after animals and no group will be offended except for PETA).

  15. One tribe doesn’t speak for all native Americans and nor does a few media members obsessed with this.

  16. If you number them 1-32 the numbers 1-32 will be offended and demand they change their names to symbols. The football team formerly known as 12 vs the football team formerly known as 6 play for the title of the Western Hemisphere above Mexico and below Canada conference championship.

  17. Change the name to the “Whiteskins”. Because we’re proud of our heritage and what we’ve done for everybody else in the US, including creating the liberties and freedoms all of us enjoy today.

  18. 1) florio is LOVING this

    2) toes110 – this is not getting ridiculous – it passed ridiculous a few weeks back. This is new territory – somewhere out there there has to be an adjective or maybe a noun that can describe it

    Goodell will probably cave.

  19. Snyder purchased the REDSKINS , an NFL franchise with the name already in place for many years so this feather head is insane for requesting the league take action against Snyder. The name came with the property Snyder bought you gold diggin loser! I can guarantee you that the Dan will not be smokin a peace pipe with you over the Super Bowl in order to get your tribe free media exposure either.

  20. Straight out of the Oxford Dictionary website

    Redskin is first recorded in the late 17th century and was applied to the Algonquian peoples generally, but specifically to the Delaware (who lived in what is now southern New York State and New York City, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania). Redskin referred not to the natural skin color of the Delaware, but to their use of vermilion face paint and body paint. In time, however, through a process that in linguistics is called pejoration, by which a neutral term acquires an unfavorable connotation or denotation, redskin lost its neutral, accurate descriptive sense and became a term of disparagement. Red man is first recorded in the early 17th century and was originally neutral in tone. Red Indian is first recorded in the early 19th century and was used by the British, far more than by Americans, to distinguish the Indians of the subcontinent from the Indians of the Americas. All three terms are dated or offensive. American Indian and Native American are now the standard umbrella terms. Of course, if it is possible or appropriate, one can also use specific tribal names (Cheyenne, Nez Percé, etc.).

    Please read the above definition. Oxford is describing this term as racist. They state that it used to refer to face and body paint, but through Pejoration, it acquired a negative connotation to it.

    Melioration: The linguistic process by which a word over a period of time grows more elevated in meaning or more positive in connotation.

    If the term Redskins, can be reduced to a racist term, then surely it can become a positive and meaningful word. This is why all those polls you hear and read about say that they don’t mind the name!!! Because it has become something Positive!! Personally, Redskin is a word meant as a tribute to the native americans, a term which bestows honor to warriors. Today the only refrence to the word Redskin is for a football team, filled with warriors who honor native America, In the Capital of the United States!

    We need for this debate to stop! Please keep the name! I am sorry Onieda Indian Nation that you feel offended by the Washington Redskins(maybe you guys are all chiefs fans)! Regardless, the name has grown to mean something positive and I implore you to stop this pursuit. HTTR!

    I am a Seahawks fan in case any of you wanted to know 🙂 GO HAWKS!

  21. I never heard of this ass clown Ray….the Chief of all the Indians before.Why is he upset now?
    What…is he 10 years old and he just heard about the Redskins name a few months ago?

  22. Comments in this thread get HUNDREDS of thumbs up and down, yet there are only 13 comments… Sure, NFL teams don’t employ PR firms to police the comment sections of popular blogs…

  23. This is a joke right?????

    I would like to know which rich old white man is behind the scenes on this one.

    Country is a completely joke.

  24. justintuckrule says: Oct 30, 2013 8:23 PM

    The name’s a-changin. The smart Oneida put the onus on the NFL to do something. Now NFL is caught in catch-22.
    I agree : “Halbritter also points out that Goodell has enforced that rule for situations “far less egregious than the use of a racial epithet as a team’s name.”

    Check and Mate

  25. I don’t think Goodell likes being pushed around. Why sanction Snyder? He didn’t name the team. Go away and drink your hand sanitizer jello shots. (Actually seen Canadian natives do it(

  26. If they have to eventually change the name, the new name has to be something that Redskins fans can connect to their history… That being said, why not the Washington Warthogs? For short… THE HOGS!!! eh eh? Watch they start using that now… haha

  27. When the Oneida Indian Nation starts paying the salaries of everyone associated with the Redskins, then they can rename the team to whatever the heck they want.

  28. The Rev. Al Halbritter is going to win this one and have his day in the sun. The pressure from all the media “progressive” talking heads accusing you of being on the wrong side of what they think is the biggest civil rights issue since segregation is almost impossible to withstand.

    They forced the resignation of a sitting president for the offense of trying to cover-up a little two bit burglary they he had known absolutely nothing about in advance. (To be clear, I hated Nixon at the time for the Christmas terror bombings of Hanoi.)
    It’s nothing for the “progressive” media to pressure Goodell into forcing Snyder to change the name.

    Meanwhile, the real issues of concern to Native Americans: poverty, education, and shamefully high unemployment, will get no media attention because that subject is boring to the media and to the public and an article on these issues would get 20 comments instead of 200.

  29. Someone’s always lookin for a cause. I really like eagles and they symbolize America. And philly is makin that majestic bird a laughing stock. Where’s the DNR to petition goodell

  30. Next home game lets let these clowns know that we fans want the name to stay.

    In a Chorus lets blast, “KEEP THE NAME”

    Until it is obvious that this issue is not going anywhere.

  31. I got the answer, hear me out. We release all current Washington Redskin players. We replace them with Native Americans. How can the Oneida Indian Nation be offended now when the team is full of “Redskins”? Then the name Washington Redskins won’t be offensive anymore. Problem solved.

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